Lindsay Shookus Net Worth, Age, Height, Ben Affleck, Daughter, IG

Did you watch or hear about Saturday Night Live? If the answer is yes, Lindsay Shookus is someone you would know. She is the talent expert and also the producer of the show. Lindsay Shookus net worth after working on Saturday Night Live for over two decades has gone up.

Not only in Saturday Night Live, but the lady has done her work more in the show biz world. At times she has been known for her affairs with celebrities. Along with that, her achievements and career have also been very high.

Lindsay Shookus age
Lindsay Shookus is 42 years old.
Image Source: The Famous People

Lindsay is more known for her work in booking the hosts, musical guests, and also cast members. Her leaving Saturday Night live might create a big hole for the show, which could be tough to fill. Today though, we will talk about Lindsay Shookus net worth, her personal life, and everything in between.

Lindsay Shookus: Quick Facts

Full Name Lindsay Ann Shookus
Net worth $5 million
Date of birth 18th June 1980
Birthplace Williamsville, U.S.A.
Age 42 years
Sun sign Cancer
Father name Richard Pontius
Mothers’ Name Mary Allen Pontius
Height 5’11″
Weight 69 kgs
Body Measurement 35-25-35
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Producer
Partner Single
Children Madeline (Daughter)
Marital Status Divorced
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last update on August 2022

Lindsay Shookus Net Worth

Lindsay Shookus has done her bit when we talk about a career. From being nominated for the Emmy Awards nine times, she has even won three of them. However, her net worth hasn’t shot up to the sky when you look into it.

Shookus net worth, with the help of S.N.L. and her other career options, has been great. As of 2022, Lindsay Shookus net worth reads at $5 million, which isn’t too bad. The producer also has some severe investments, which help the case.

Lindsay Shookus net worth in various currencies

Name of Currencies Value of Net Worth
Kuwaiti Dinars 154, 049. 982 KWD
US Dollars $5 000, 00
Euros 497, 904.75 €
Pound Sterling 422, 672. 81 £
Indian Currency 39, 961, 103. 06 INR

Lindsay Shookus House

Lindsay Shookus became famous when she was in a relationship with Ben Affleck. The pair made some severe headlines at that point. It was at the same point Lindsay Shookus house came into question too.

The lovely couple went house hunting with great passion. In the end, they were able to finalize a masterpiece in L.A. It is a mansion worth $18 million which shows that it is pretty good.

Lindsay Shookus net worth
Lindsay Shookus net worth is $5 million.
Image Source: The Squander

Spread around an area of 9.422 sq ft, it is a two-story home with an open-air design. The presence of a 1000-bottle wine cellar, a movie theatre, gym, two guest suites, a pool, and adjoining kitchen, along with the pool cabana and fireplace, makes up for what it’s worth.


Lindsay Ann Shookus was born on 18th June 1980 in Williamsville, USA. The name of her parents is Robert and Christine. Along with her parents, she had two siblings. Sara is the name of her more minor sister, while the brother’s name is Jeff.

Lindsay grew up in a middle-class family, with her father in the manufacturing representative business. Along with that, her mother worked more as a pharmaceutical sales representative. She is pretty close to her parents.

Age and Body Measurements

Lindsay, born in 1980, is 42 years old as of now. A smiling assassin, a positive attitude, and perfection define Lindsay perfectly. With a tall height, Shookus stands at height of 5’11” with a body weight of 69 kgs.

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Her enduring personality is what determines her success in life. With the body measurements of 35-25-35, one can say that she is the perfect body shape for any woman. Lindsay was born in the States and held American nationality.

Along with that, her ethnicity is white. Shookus tends to follow the Christian religion. The sparkling blue eyes, along with the flawless blonde hair, tend to glorify her overall outlook. Shookus also has a shoe size of 9.

Early Life and Education

Lindsay Shookus grew up in a well-to-do family. With both her parents working, Lindsay had a pretty disciplined childhood. From a very early age, Shookus knew what career she would choose, and things started to happen for the diva.

In the case of academics, Lindsay was an academically brilliant student. In the case of high school, the diva was part of Williamsville South High school. Later Shookus went on to study at the North Carolina at Chapell Hill.

Lindsay Height
Shookus stands at a height of 5’11”.
Image Source: Instagram

Not to the surprise of many, she was a journalism student. The diva’s graduation came in 2002, and since then, she has been focused on making an impact with her performance in the showbiz world.


Like all great personalities start low, the same is true with Shookus. She began to work as the assistant to Marci Klein. What’s interesting is to see the loyalty of the diva. Lindsay joined the S.N.L. members in 2002 and has been there along the way.

Lindsay might have started as an assistant, but her understanding and skillset were better to lead right through. It took her six years to become the associate producer on the show and produced credits in 45 episodes.

One day at a time, achievements of Lindsay got higher and higher. Between 2008 and 2010, her credits went to tear up well. In 2012, Shookus was the producer of S.N.L., meaning it took a decade to make an impact.

Recently she has been the head of the talent department and tends to select the cast members who can take the legacy forward. With these achievements, she was named one of Billboard’s 50 most influential music executives in 2015 and 2016.

More than being in S.N.L., she also helps women in every way possible. Along with the friend Kristin O’Keeffe Merrick they host an annual Women Work Fucking Hard networking event in New York. It moreover helps female entrepreneurs and allows them to succeed in the business.

Linsday Shookus Leaves S.N.L.

Lindsay Shookus was quite the backbone of Saturday Night Live. But the diva has decided that she will give up now. This brought shock around the camp of S.N.L. with ease. In the recent turn of events, there are lots of people who have left the show.

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Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon are the two premier names. One can say that S.N.L. is falling pretty quickly. With the renewed contract coming to Lindsay, she decided it was time to move on with a pretty exciting life.

Shookus was quite emotional delivering the news. She said she was just a baby when she came to the show. After 20 years and 215 live shows on SNL, she wants to trade this wild late-night life and move in with life. More of her responsibilities ought to be followed.

Lindsay Shookus Boyfriend

The love story of Lindsay Shookus has been something to talk about. One has to say that she has been living in an on-and-off relationship more than once in her life. The first love relationship for the producer started with Kevin Miller.

Kevin is a well-known T.V. producer, and the bonding between the two producers is considered more substantial. They both met during the year 2002 at a field of work. It took them eight years to decide that they were getting married.

Lindsay Shookus boyfriend
Lindsay Shookus with her ex-partner Ben Affleck.
Image Source: US Weekly

The good news for the fans came in 2010 when the pair walked down the aisle. It was a close event with the family and friends being called into it. After being married for four years, their bond didn’t work. In the end, they decided to separate.

After the relationship bubble burst, there was Ben Affleck to hold her. Ben is a well-known actor in the industry. They started to date in 2017, and their bond continued for a year. To make matters more precise, they were in a romantic jig.

After being together and dating for a year, they decided to separate. Interestingly, they chose to come close again after six months together. As of now, Lindsay is single, and Ben is in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

Lindsay Shookus and John Hamm Dating

Lindsay Shookus is one of the well-known producers in the T.V. industry. After separating from Ben Affleck, a new rumor has hit the town regarding this diva. She is expected to be dating John Hamm, who has quite the age gap with her.

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John Hamm and Lindsay Shookus were seen watching a play together. The play was termed to be from the Broadway play. Both sat alongside each other and discussed the play intimately during the interval.

Lindsay was not ready to share any thoughts on this topic. However, the likes of John Hamm had a fair smile and went on to pose for the cameras. Something fruitful might just appear from the couple.

Lindsay Shookus Daughter

Lindsay might have had issues finding the right love, but Shookus has not been unlucky in the case of kids. Her love for Kevin Miller was something to boast of. In that relationship, they shared a kid.

Madeline was born in the year 2013, which added love to the couple. Sadly they decided to depart their ways and also make amends with life. In recent times the main reason for Lindsay Shookus to leave S.N.L. is to take care of her daughter.

Social Media Presence

Someone who loves to connect with the audience and find their talents in them, Shookus is a fan of social media. She has a good fan following on the internet and loves to connect to her well-wishers. Readers can follow her on:

Instagram36.1k followers

Interesting Facts about Lindsay Shookus

  • She started to work in S.N.L. in 2002 as an assistant.
  • Lindsay was able to take a naked guy audition who stepped out in the case of choosing the talent.
  • Shookus was involved in politics when she supported Hillary Clinton in 2016.
  • Lindsay is also a part of 30 Rock, another successful show.
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