Who are Kartiki Gonsalves Parents? Everything We Know About Celebrity Parents

Many of you are familiar with the Academy Awards or Oscars. It is a prestigious award show in the film industry.

So, today’s article is about the Academy Award winner Kartiki Gonsalves parents.

Kartiki Gonsalves is an Indian documentary filmmaker, photographer, and producer. She is well known for directing the documentary short film The Elephant Whisperers.

For this, Kartiki Gonsalves won the first Academy Awards at the 95th Academy Awards. It is the first Oscar award won by Indian cinema.

Kartiki-Gonsalves is the first oscar winner from India
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Furthermore, Kartika also specializes in nature and wildlife photography and has been recognized by Sony as an Artisan of Imagery in India.

In a short period of time, Kartiki has been a worldwide phenomenon and is well-known for making Indian cinema proud.

So, most of the viewers are curious about Kartiki Gonsalves background and roots.

Well, Kartiki comes from a very educated family background as she is the daughter of none other than Timothy A. Gonsalves and Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves.

Hence, without any delay let’s dive into the Kartiki Gonsalves history.

Kartiki Gonsalves Parents

Kartiki Gonsalves Father

Kartiki Gonsalves father name is Timothy Aloysius Gonsalves. He is a very respected and admirable figure in Indian education.

Timothy Gonsalves is a renowned computer scientist and professor.

During his academic career, he has been the founder/cofounder of several institutions and companies.

Some of the most notable companies founded by Timothy Aloysius are Nilgiri Networks, NMSWorks Software, TeNeT Group, IIT Madras, and IIT Mandi.

kartiki gonsalves father
Kartiki Gonsalves father Timothy A.Gonasalves is a computer scientist and professor
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As of now, Timothy Aloysius is working as a professor at IIT Mandi. Academic interest in which Timothy specializes is Engineering, Computer Networks, Telcom Software, etc.

Talking about the early life of Kartiki Gonsalves father, he was born on 20 June 1954 in Ooty, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India.

Timothy grew up in a Goan Catholic (Indian Christian) family. He is a graduate of Breeks Memorial School and B. Tech in Electronics Engineering.

While, for further education, Timothy also has a master’s degree graduation from Rice University, Huston in 1979, and Stanford University in 1986.

Kartiki Gonsalves Mother

Kartiki Gonsalves mother’s name is Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves. She is a history teacher and a social entrepreneur.

Priscilla was born on 27 September 1950 in Binghamton, New York, USA. She spent most of her career, volunteering for others.

As Priscilla was a volunteer teacher in Afghanistan for two years where she taught English to native afghan girls.

kartiki gonsalves mother
Kartiki Gonsalves mother Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves is a history teacher and social entrepreneur
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Meanwhile, Priscilla is currently working at the NGO EWOK which she founded herself to help the victims and indigenous community.

The goal of Priscilla is to make local women of India independent and employed all over India through her NGO.

Talking about the family background of Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves, her mother Clair T. Hopkins was also a passionate naturalist and birder who was vocal about wildlife animals.

Relationship Between Timothy Gonsalves and Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves

Kartiki Gonsalves parents met each other for the first time in the USA. Back then, Timothy went to the United States to get a Master’s degree in Engineering.

Soon after their first meeting, the pair fell in love with each other and got married.

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As of now, they are parents to two daughters, Danica Gonsalves, and Kartiki Gonsalves.

Both Timothy and Priscilla have a very good relationship with their daughters as they are outstanding in their respective fields.

FAQs About Kartiki Gonsalves Parents

Who is Kartiki Gonsalves father?

Kartiki Gonsalves father name is Timothy Gonsalves.

What field does Timothy Gonsalves work in?

Timothy Gonsalves is a computer scientist and professor.

Who is the director of The Elephant Whisperers?

Kartiki Gonsalves is the director of The Elephant Whisperers. It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Flim at the 95th Oscars.

When was Kartiki Gonsalves born?

Kartiki Gonsalves born on 2 November 1986 in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India.

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