Karlee Steel Age, Height, Boyfriend, Career, Tumor, Net Worth, TikTok

Karlee Steel is a popular YouTuber and social media personality. Steel is primarily famous for her YouTube channel and her other social media. Karlee posts videos related to beauty products, unboxing, funny challenges, and pranks.

Steel collaborates with many other famous YouTubers, making her videos get millions of views. Despite being very young, Karlee is very popular and already extremely rich.

Karlee Steel age
Karlee Steel is a 24-year-old Youtuber

She is one of the most-watched, and most followed YouTubers of her time, with over a million subscribers. Apart from YouTube, Karle Steel is also famous for other social media platforms.

Steel is popular on Instagram and TikTok, with millions of followers. If you like Karlee and are also a fan of the talented YouTuber, then please engage with the article below.

Let’s begin with quick facts about Karlee Steel.

Some Quick Facts

Birth Name Karlee Ann Steel
Nick Name Under Review
Age 24 years old
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Libra
Birth Place Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Date of Birth September 25, 1998
Nationality Canadian
Mother’s Name Under Review
Father’s Name Under Review
Sibling Leah, Kassidy, and Mya Steel
Height 5 ft.7 inches or 170 cm tall
Weight 55 kgs or 121 lbs
Body Measurement 36-25-34 inches
Race / Ethnicity White
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe Size 7 US
College/University W.F. Herman Secondary School
Educational Qualification High School
Profession YouTuber and Model
Fiance (former) Josh Bisschops
Children Under Review
Net Worth (Approx.) $700,000
Last Update October 2022

Karlee Steel Early Life, Parents, and Siblings

Karlee Steel was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Steel’s father’s and mother’s name are not known; however, she has three siblings. All of them are sisters, and their names are Leah SteelKassidy Steel, and Mya Steel. There is little to no information about their whereabouts as well. 

Karlee was very active in her younger days. She used to pose in front of the camera and mirror like a model. Regarding her education, Steel went to W.F. Herman Secondary School.

It is still unclear whether or not Karlee went to high school because her modeling career started immediately after her high school days.

Karlee did not have a YouTube channel or a popular social media platform. However, Karlee’s fame rose from Twitter when she posted a random video on the forum.

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After gaining followers on Twitter, Karlee started her YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Karlee eventually began uploading videos and got lots of interaction and popularity.

 There is not much information on the childhood of Karlee Steele, as she has kept it entirely private.

However, it is clear that Karlee was raised in a decent family with lots of love.

Karlee Steel Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Karlee Steel is currently 24 years old as she was born on September 25th, 1998. Steel stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm.

Similarly, Karlee weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs. Steel has an hourglass body, whereas her body measurement is 36-25-34 inches, and she wears a shoe size of 7 US.

Karlee Steel has brown eyes, and her hair color is dark brown. Steel’s zodiac sign is Libra which means her female personality is beautiful, charming, and very friendly.

Generally, these people have lots of friends and plenty of loved ones in their life. Karlee Steel is American regarding nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Steel is Christian regarding her religion. There is not much information on Karlee’s hobbies and interests. However, Steel always had a knack for singing and dancing since she was young. 


  • Karlee Steel started her career as a social media personality in 2010. However, Karlee did not even think her one dance video would go viral.
  • Steel uploaded her lip-syncing and dancing videos of Musical.ly on Twitter.
  • After going viral on other social media platforms, Karlee made her own YouTube account in 2013. At the time, Karlee was just 14 but was already famous on Twitter and Musical.ly
  • Karlee immediately started getting tons of subscribers on her YouTube video. At first, Karlee started posting dancing and singing videos, which attracted many teens to her channel.
  • Karlee started posting challenge and prank videos and got her YouTube channel to over 500k subscribers within no time.
  • Karlee’s one prank video titled ” Song Prank with My Boyfriend” became viral on YouTube and other social media. The video got over 2.7 million on it, and it rapidly increased the popularity of Karlee.
  • At the time, Karlee was dating another YouTuber, Connor, so she created another YouTube channel, Karlee and Connor.
  • The said channel also got over 100,000 subscribers; however, when the couple broke up, they deleted the channel completely.


  • Karlee Started to Podcast with her boyfriend at the beginning of 2021. The podcast’s name was Glass Up Podcast which she hosts alongside her boyfriend Josh and some random guests every day.
  • Most of their subject or contents are the latest happenings worldwide and on social media. They categorize the podcast as a comedy but sometimes they talk about serious matters.


  • Karlee Steel has also dipped her feet in music. Steel has a fantastic voice and has released her songs on Spotify and other streaming platforms.
  • Till now, Karlee has released up to four songs which are “Give and Take,” “We’ll Be Fine,” “Text You First,” and “If It Ain’t You.”

Awards and Accolades

Karlee Steel is a popular YouTuber and social media personality. Despite her young age, she has managed to be nominated as one of the most influential social media personalities of 2020. 

Thanks to her influence in social media, the 24 years old Steele won the golden play button from YouTube. It was after she crossed over a million subscribers on her channel.

Other than being an influencer on social media, Karlee also has an aspiration to b an actress in the future.

So her fans and we will surely keep an eye on her if she becomes one of the best actresses in the world. If she does, then there is no doubt that Karlee will receive many prestigious awards in the future.


Karlee Steele is a young and promising YouTuber who has fairly remained away from any controversy. However, she did get mixed into some unpleasant news when Karlee revealed she was at the party and was offered Heroin.

Karlee once stated she visited a friend’s party where people were doing drugs. And the shocking part is that Karlee was offered Heroin by someone, which she refused.

However, the story did not stop many other social media influencers from making remarks and commenting. Many believed Karlee was also among the ones taking drugs.

Before this incident, Karlee had revealed she used to sell weed when she was very young. Karlee even used to take weed to school before realizing that the plant was weed.

This rumor made many people criticize her; however, Karlee has revealed she doesn’t do any drugs and has not taken any drugs.

Recently, Karlee has been staying away from any rumors and controversies. Hence we hope the situation stays this way and Karlee is not mixed up in controversial scenes.

Karlee Steel Boyfriend and Children

Since Karlee is a public figure now, there are a lot of fans who want to know everything there is to know about her; especially when it comes to her personal and dating life.

Karlee Steel was dating and used to be engaged to Josh Bisschops, a famous Instagrammer. Bisschop is also a very popular Viner and also has a YouTube channel. The couple often streams together and makes videos as well as a podcast.

Likewise, Steel confirmed their relationship ended on June 5 of 2021 through a YouTube video.

Karlee and Josh started dating in 2019 but only made the relationship public a year later. Before Connor, Karlee dated Conner Bobay. They broke up when Connor abused and assaulted a girl who called him ugly.

Karlee Steel boyfriend
Karlee Steel is dating Josh

Currently, Karlee is living happily with her fiancee. Karlee does not have any children presently as she is very young.

Steel is also at a peak in her career and is getting lots of exposure, so she is more focused on that rather than having a baby.

Why did Karlee Steel and Josh Bisschops break up?

As we know, Karlee Steel and Josh Bisschops are no longer together. The young influencer went into YouTube and explained why the two broke apart.

It all started when Josh, a former Instagrammer himself decided to quit his job and focus on his music career full-time. Like every supportive girlfriend, Karlee agreed to support him and Josh to her.

However, things did not go smoothly as planned as Karlee became distant and this created a rift between the two. Not to mention, their financial state fueled the argument even more.

Karlee Steel boyfriend
Karlee and Josh used to be engaged.
Source: Legit.ng

Karlee Steel stated,

“One of the biggest issues had in our relationships was lack of communication and me always thinking about our future while he was busy thinking about his relationship.”

Following this, the couple was slammed with cheating rumors which did not go well with Steel. Hence, she went to Twitter and vented how it was Josh.

“It took you about 30 minutes to follow and message the girls you talked sh*t after two years…but yet I’m the cheater. Seems like you wanted a way out.”

Karlee Steel Tumor

Karlee Steel became viral on Twitter when she revealed she had a tumor in her liver. At first, the tumor used to hurt, and her stomach used to ache a lot. Karlee even admitted that the first doctor could not tell her what caused her stomach to ache.

 The tumor was only revealed after the ultrasound. Some fans were very concerned that she might have Cancer, but Karlee assured her that was not the case.

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Ms. Steele has regularly been in contact with the doctor, and they have reassured her it is not Cancer and can be treated.

Karlee Steel Instagram 

Karlee Steel is a very popular YouTuber and social media personality with tons of social media followers.

Steel posts consistently on her Instagram and Twitter. Karlee is less active on her YouTube channel; however, she regularly does a Glass Up Podcast.

Steele is also very popular on her TikTok, where she posts lots of music clips and dancing videos.

Let’s breakdown number of social media followers of Karlee Steele below:

Twitter98.9k followers

Instagram349k followers

TikTok1 million followers

YouTube1.18 million subscribers

Karlee Steel Net Worth

As of 2022, Karlee Steel has a net worth of approximately $700,000. Steel primarily earns so much from her YouTube and other social media.

As per Social Blade, the young influencer makes from $35 to $564 every month which roughly amounts to $423-$6.8k per year. The numbers are from back in 2016 and since the subscribers have increased, and the channel has grown in number, her income is also bound to increase.

Not to mention, the income might be somewhere from $10k to $100k per month.

Karlee Steel net worth
Karlee Steel has a net worth of $700,000 in 2022

Karlee also earns from lots of brands and endorsements. Karlee’s brands that she collaborates with are “FashioNova and Champions merch.” Karlee also has a personal Patreon where members can get exclusive content for some extra premium.

Despite her being a public figure, Karlee has yet to reveal information on her assets including cars, houses, and so on.

We will update the information once we get some details on the report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the fiance of Karlee Steel?

Karlee Steel was dating and engaged to another YouTuber Josh Bisschop. The couple has been dating since 2019 and even have their podcast together.

  • Does Karlee Steel have pets?

Yes, Karlee has pets, and they are her beloved cats. Their names are Luna, Looney, and Kapa. 

  • What is Karlee Steel’s net worth?

Karlee Steel is a popular YouTuber and Instagrammer. Steel has a net worth of approximately $700,000 as of 2022. Karlee earns most of her money from the ads on her YouTube and many brand deals. Steel also makes money from her music.


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