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Clancy Brown is an American actor and is equally active in movies as well as tv-series. He has been working in Hollywood for around four decades now. 

The actor has a staggering number of works and won several awards. Brown is one of the rare actors who has worked both in the DC Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has mostly worked as a voice actor in DC and MCU.

Brown’s rise has been exponential since its initiation. The actor came to the limelight during the 80s with praiseworthy work in Bad Boys and Highlander. 

Clancy Brown young
Handsome actor Clancy Brown when he was young

He has since then worked on a staggering number of cinema projects. According to his IMDb page, Brown has more than 300 acting credits in his career. 

Although he started working in show business relatively later than many actors, he has been able to work in a record number of movies and tv-series in a short span of time. 

Let’s learn some quick facts about Clancy Brown:

Some Quick Facts

Name Clancy Brown
Full Name Clarence John Brown III
Date of Birth January 5, 1959
Birth Place Ohio
Age 63 years old
Father’s Name Clarence J. Bud Brown JR
Mother’s Name Joyce Helen
Siblings  one
Height 6 ft 3 inches
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Occupation Actor and Model
Eye Color Brown Eyes
Hair Color White Hair
Marital Status Married
Wife Jeanne Johnson
Net Worth $3 million
Instagram @therealclancybrown
Twitter @RealClancyBrown

Clancy Brown Parents, Siblings, and Early Life

Brown was born in Urbana, Ohio, to Joyce Helen and Clarence J. Bud Brown. His mother, Joyce Helen, worked as a conductor as well as a concert pianist. 

Talking about his father, Clarence Brown Jr was a journalist and a newspaper publisher. He managed a publishing company named Brown Publishing Company.

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His father inherited the publishing company from his grandfather Clarence J Brown, a congressman. His father, too, worked as a congressman from the same seat as his grandfather. 

Brown completed his early studies at St. Albans School. He later enrolled at Northwestern University where he completed his higher studies. 

Clancy Brown Young, Age, and Height

Born on the 5th of January in the year 1959, Clancy is 63 years of age as of 2022. He began his acting career in 1983 with his work in the popular movie Bad Boys.

Although the actor became much more popular through his later work, he did make a mark through his early works. Brown stands at a 6ft 3 inches height and weighs around 200 pounds.

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 He is quite conscious about his health and has a great body even in his sixties. Brown has white hair and smoky brown eyes.

Clance Brown TV Shows and Movies

  • Brown’s debut work was of a character named Viking Lofgren in Bad Boys in 1983
  • During the 80s, Clancy also worked in smaller roles in a few other movies like Thunder Alley, The Bride, Highlander, The Room Upstairs, Extreme Prejudice, The Who Broke 1000 Chains, et cetera. 
  • After his role in the cult classic movie The Shawshank Redemption, Brown’s career took a sharp turn. He played the role of a character named Captain Hadley. 
  • Brown also starred in Snow White in 2001 in ‘The Granter of wishes.’ He has also worked in several independent movies that won several awards.
  • One of his popular voice works is Long Feng’s character in tv-series Avatar: The Last Airbender. He has also worked as a voice actor in other animated works like The Goon, Spongebob Squarepants, Super Robot, Megas XLR, et cetera.

Clancy Brown Contribution in MCU and DC Universe

This 63 year old actor is one of the few actors who has had the privilege of working both in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Universe. Brown is known for voicing DCU villain Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. He has also voiced Lex Luthor in a couple of video games.

Brown has voiced other characters in the DC Universe like Mr. Freeze and bane, Per Degaton, Parallax, et cetera. Brown’s first work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in the animated project The Incredible Hulk as a Sasquatch. 

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He later went on to voice Ox, Rhino, and George Stacy in The Spectacular Spider-man. Brown also voices Mr. Sinister in series like Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Interestingly, he was the one who voiced the demon named Surtur who goes on to destroy Asgard in the live-action movie Thor: Ragnarok.

Awards and Accolades

This man has won a substantial number of awards he has got in his long career. The actor got his first nomination in his career at the ACCA for his role in the movie The Shawshank Redemption. 

He won the BTVA Television Voice Acting Award in 2017 for his role in Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. He was again nominated for the same award for his work in Tangled: Before Ever After but failed to win. 

The actor was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in 1992 but failed to win. But 19 years later, in 2022, he won the award in the same category for his work in The Mortuary Collection.

Clancy Brown Wife, Kids, and Relationship Status

This actor likes to stay low, so very few things about his personal life are known. However when it comes to his love life, Brown is not the one to stay silent. The actor is married to Jeanne Johnson, whom he met in the early 90s.

Clancy Brown wife
Clancy Brown is married to Jeanne Johnson for 25 years

They started dating and soon married in the year 1993. Since then they have been married for more than 25 years and have been supporting each other. They are considered one of the most adorable and powerful couples in Hollywood.  

Their happiness knew no bound when they were gifted with their children. According to the sources, the two of them have a son and a daughter. It appears that both of them ha different interest and has not been involved in acting or anything related to the entertainment industry.  

Clancy Brown Net Worth, Earning and Salary

As per online reports, Clancy has an estimated net worth of around $3 million. Most of his wealth is thanks to his work in tv-series and movies. 

Clancy Brown net worth
Clancy Brown has a net worth of $3 million in 2022

As the actor avoids unwanted media attention, not much information about his investments is currently known to the public. 

Instagram and Twitter

Brown is active on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He mostly uses the sites to interact with his fans as well as followers.

He can often be seen on Twitter giving short stories and insights of his time in movies and tv-series.

Instagram: @therealclancybrown

Twitter: @RealClancyBrown

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Clancy Brown still voice Mr.Krabs in Spongebob Squarepants?

Yes, this amazing actor still voices Mr.Krabs. The actor loves to voice the character and has even gone on to say that he would like to voice Mr.Krabs till the end of time.

  • Is Clancy Brown in Rick and Morty?

The actor is not a regular cast member in Rick and Morty. But he has appeared in the series in two episodes voicing Risotto and Ramamama in the Whirly Dirly Conspiracy and The Phantom of the Opera episodes. 

  • Has Clancy Brown worked as a producer?

Yes, Clancy has indeed worked as a producer. He was an executive producer in three projects, namely The Mortuary Collection, The Perverts, and The Making of Daniel Boone.

  • Has Clancy Brown won an Oscar?

He has neither been able to win an Oscar nor has been nominated for one. He has won several other awards for his work.

  • Is Clancy Brown Rich?

Brown is rich and has an estimated net worth of around $3 million as per online estimates.

Interesting Facts 

  • Although he is today known as an acting star, Brown is a talented discus thrower. He even received a scholarship at Northwestern University as a sports player. 
  • This actor took over the job of Chairman at the publishing company that was started by his grandfather in 1920.
  • In his initial years in acting, Brown was hospitalized as he became sick because of make-up he was wearing for his role in The Bride.
  • Clancy is an avid reader and likes to spend his valuable free time reading the works of Frank Herbert.
  • One interesting trivia about his career is that he has played prison officers several times in his career in different movies.
  • Brown actually auditioned for voicing Superman in Superman: The Animated Series but ended up voicing Superman nemesis Lex Luthor. Nevertheless, his work as Lex Luthor is regarded to be one of the best.
  • Brown’s first encounter with acting was during his school play named “The Mouse That Roared”. 
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