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Jose Manuel Poga bio

Jose Manuel Poga might not be a more popular name, but everyone is in awe when Gandia from  Money Heist comes through. The character from Money Heist is a well-known Spanish actor who has done a brilliant job in his acting career.

How many of you knew that he started as a comedian, though. There are a lot of interesting facts that come through about Jose Manuel Poga. 

Jose Manuel Poga height
Jose Manuel stands at the height of 6 ft
Source: Instagram

One of the most enticing is that it is not his original name either. Such is the disguise of the man. Be it in Money Heist as the trained security militant of the Bank of Spain or in his work in movies and series.

Jose is more known to play the role of an underrated workforce. His career in acting started in 2007, but what’s more likable is his script selection from him. 

There are a lot of unraveled truths about the man which is left to unfold. Please stick with us till the very end to know the details.

Some Quick Facts

Full name Jose Manuel Riviera
Nickname Jose Manuel Poga
Father Under Review
Mother Under Review
Religion Christianity
Famous For Money Heist
Date Of Birth January 1, 1980
Age 42 years
Nationality Spanish
Height 6 ft
Weight 78 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Relationship Single
Net worth $450k
Sun sign Capricorn
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last Updated July 2022

Wiki Bio

His real name is Jose Manuel Riviera, and he was born on 1st January 1980 in Jerez De La Frontera, Spain. As his character in the movies turns out, he is a silent man. 

Being born in January, his sun sign falls under Capricorn. People born under these traits are more thoughtful but aggressive at the same time.

What’s more likable about them is their calmness and poise—indeed, fans like what they see of Jose Manuel Poga.

Jose Manuel Poga Height and Age

A good-looking body, along with a calculative personality, is Jose Poga. The tall heightened individual is 42 years old as of 2022.

He might not look the same. It is due to the accurate body weight and the regular workout that provides the case.

Talking about his height, Manuel stands at the height of 6 ft. However, looking at his movies and TV works, he seems to be taller.

Jose Manuel Poga age
Jose Manuel is 42 years old as of 2022
Source: Instagram

It is due to the muscular build of the man. In like manner, Jose also weights 78 kgs. For a heightened good man, such weight is the perfect blend.

His waist is more than 32 inches measurement which looks good on him. With a chest of 42 inches, he has a biceps of 17

This suggests that gym work is the base of his killer looks. Moving along, Jose has shiny green eyes along with flawless dark brown hair as well. Similarly, his religion falls under Christianity.

Early Life and Education

Jose Manuel Poga might have crashed through the audience’s heart with his acting, but things are different. He is more known for playing good movies. 

He is a silent trotter who likes to do the job. Interestingly some sources suggest that Poga was not into acting from a very young age.

His career started way late in a private school that shifted. He was a shy guy who remained silent and never participated in the school plays.

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Putting light into his education, Jose Manuel Poga has done his schooling from IES Fernando Savater. Furthermore, his college education came though from Universidad De Sevilla. 

His accurate course of study in Public Administration and Management. But after he left the course, his start aligned with acting.

Movie Career

It won’t be a blunder to depict that Jose Manuel Poga is one of the better actors underestimated. However, did you know that he started as a comedian and a clown in his acting spree? 

Well, things have changed big times after that for the man. His career has gone from one strength to another.

  • The debut for Poga came in 2011 when he was part of the movie, A Square world. Her role was of doctor and termed to be extra.
  • Poga’s successful work began with The Light With Time Inside. This movie was released in 2015. He played the role of Rafael Alberti and was the lead protagonist.
  • His underrated works include palm trees in snow, Bull, Gold, etc. These movies came in 2015 and 2016.
  • His most recent work in movies was the 2019 movie Taxi to Gibraltar. Manuel was known to play the role of Manchester and the lead protagonist.

TV Show Career

  • Poga’s debut TV series is Victor Ros in the year 2015. He played the role of The Steepe in the series.
  • Another year followed his brilliant work in the series Under suspicion, where he played the role of Marcos Lara.
  • In total, he has been part of eight TV series. Out of them, the most famous is Money Heist, where he plays the role of Gandia.
  • Manuel’s new series is on the way, named Sky Red. The character played by him in the series is Fermin, and he is part of Episode eight.

Jose Manuel Poga Money Heist

Jose Manuel might have been part of the acting industry for a decade, but his most significant role has come in Money Heist. He plays the character Ceaser Gandia. 

Talking in detail about his role, he is a bank security member of the Bank of Spain. During the heist, he tends to get captured.

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Being a trained militant, he fights out the gang and can be out of the bank by season five-volume one. He has been working with Sagasta and the army to hit back on the gang, Professor.

It will be mind-boggling to see if he succeeds in taking revenge with the gang.

What Was Wrong with Gandia In Money Heist Season 4?

No matter how flawless the writers are, fans will always question how things are developing the season. If it’s Money Heist, they become spies, and more dangerous for the FBI to point out the abnormalities. 

Well, when Money Heist Season 4 arrived, the show cast deadly assassin Gandia, who will get things done no matter what. In the series, the actor was handcuffed and put at the corner of the table.

Being an assassin, fans were expecting him to break free in no time. However, he took help from Palermo, aka Rodrigo de la Serna, to break free. 

Jose Manuel Poga Money Heist
Jose Manuel with his cast from Money Heist
Source: Instagram

When seeing this, fans started to question the capabilities of Gandia. One fan elaborated on the fact that he ould not get out of the handcuffs although he is a professional assassin. 

Another fan also pointed out that while the rest of the hostages were tied in zip ties, he was the only one in handcuffs. Despite the fact Gandia was more threat to Palerm, the ally was tied in the bulk of chains and the main villain in cuffs. 

In addition to this, Gandia was standing in the middle of the hallway for more than a minute. However, none of the Money heist crew could hurt him even slightly.

As a matter of fact, the crew was all geared up with bombs and bullets. 

Jose Manuel Poga Wife

If you have come this far, you must have recognized that Jose Manuel Poga is a silent individual. The aggressive-looking character from the series loves to play silently in sharing information.

Henceforth we can term the fact that he is single at the moment. Besides his work in movies and series, nothing about the man’s life is known about drawing a fine line between his work and personal information.

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Not only that, Jose is seen with his friends and other co-stars in the events and programs. It might be a lie if we say he is not dating anyone. 

Any lady would love to fall for her by his looks and personality. But the lack of assurance from Jose Manuel Poga has made it hard for the fans to know. 

One thing can be said that he is neither married nor engaged until now. If something fruitful comes up, readers will be made aware.

Jose Manuel Poga Net Worth

Net worth is the result of the number of movies and series you do. When we see the career graph of Jose Manuel, it is more of the starting phase. 

Other than selective movies and series, he has not done a whole lot of work. Henceforth his net worth reads at $450k. Understandably so, his earnings are more from acting.

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But at times, he is also seen doing brand promotions and endorsements. Even though the precise information on that front is challenging, he has class written all over him.

He will receive a lot of work as time passes, and his net worth is bound to flow. Although the factual information on the net worth is available, anything on the assets owned is hidden. 

Meanwhile, the cars and mansions of man are also tricky to find and relocate. Surely with more time, things might come out into the public eye.

Social Media Presence

Social media is an important platform not only for imagery but also for fame. The stars of the show tend to get here for extra publicity. 

But by the look of things, Jose is new to this. He doesn’t have many followers on social media. As time goes by, the graph might change for the man. You can follow the actor on

Instagram– 332k followers

Interesting Facts

  • Poga is the stage name for his comedic role, while Riviera is his real name.
  • Jose was never interested in doing the acting in the first place.
  • Jose Manuel Poga is known to play comedy characters more than serious ones.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How Tall Is Jose Manuel Poga?

Jose Manuel stands at the height of 6′.

  • Is Jose Manuel Poga married?

According to the available sources, Jose is single and not married.

  • How Is Fran Morcillo related to Jose Manuel Poga?

Both of them were part of the Money Heist series. Fran Morcillo played the role of Pablo in the series Money Heist.

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