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If you know the basics of comedy, you will never die hungry. Jo Koy net worth is a prime example of this fact. He is one of the most celebrated comedians in modern times.

jo koy age
Jo Koy age is 52 years old.
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Jo Koy is an American-Filipino standup comedian who is more known for his specials along with touring comedy shows. Today we will be focusing more on Jo Koy net worth in detail.

Jo Koy: Quick Facts

Full Name Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr.
Net worth $5 million
Date of birth 2nd June, 1971
Birthplace Washington, USA
Age 52 years
Sun sign Gemini
Father name John C Herbert
Mothers’ Name Josie Herbert
Height 5 ft 11 inches
Weight 72 kgs
Body Measurement Not Known
Nationality American-Filipino
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Bald
Profession Comedian, Actor, Celebrity
Partner Single
Children Joseph
Marital Status Divorced
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last update on February 2023

Who is Jo Koy?

Jo Koy is an American-born standup comedian. He rose to fame from his work in Catch a Rising Star at the MGM Grand.

Jo Koy Net Worth 2023 and Salary

Jo Koy net worth in 2023 is $5 million. All of this is the result of his work in comedy shows around the world.

jo koy net worth
Jo Koy net worth in 2023 is $5 million.
Image Source: Instagram

Jo Koy is a regular panelist for various comedy shows around the world. The actual salary for Jo Koy is $40k per month. This comes through from his tours and standup comedy gigs.

Jo Koy House

No matter what is Jo Koy net worth, he loves to spend the calculative ounce on his living facilities. Jo Koy lives in a well-to-do house in LA.

The comedian has a lavish Studio city hilltop home. Jo Koy went on to purchase the house in 2013.

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His house is a single-story modern home with two bedrooms, a main house, a two-bedroom guest house along with a huge garage for his car parking.

Jo Koy is planning to extend his one-story home into a two-story with the master suite at the top.


A man with a love for cars, Jo Koy loves to ride some of the luxury vehicles. More than the trend that comes along, Jo Koy is more about the vintage car collections.

Therefore Jo Koy net worth is used to purchase some high-end expensive cars. The list includes:

  • Volkswagen Rabbit
  • 4th Generation Honda Prelude
  • 4th Generation BMW 5 Series
  • Porsche Panamera


Being a comedian is a tough task. In order to show how tough things can be, Jo Koy has written an autobiography as well.

What’s important to know is that Jo Koy net worth through this autobiography isn’t massive. His autobiography is called Mixed Plate: Chronicles of an All-American Combo.

The book talks more about the struggle of the man to be a comedian. Not only that it also has some of the jokes from Jo Koy to talk about.

Merchandise and Youtube Earnings

Similar to a lot of comedians, Jo Koy net worth is added to some extent due to his brand endorsement works.

The comedian is known to sell the products through his online shop which is called the Mabuhay.

From the likes of hoodies to t-shirts and also the pillows, Jo Koy is known to deliver some of the finest products to its customers.

On the other hand, Jo Koy net worth is aided by his Youtube earnings. Although their earnings aren’t on the higher side, he is quite famous. According to Socialblade, Jo Koy earns between $200-$2k per month through Youtube.

Jo Koy Movies and TV Shows

If you are wondering, Jo Koy has been part of movies and TV shows or not, well he has. There has been a handful of brilliant works from Jo Koy in the acting industry.

  • Josep
  • Easter Sunday
  • Ananstasia
  • Wake
  • Family Tools
  • Virginia
  • Laffapalooza

Charity Works

Not only does add huge amounts of money to the accounts but Jo Koy is also known to give it back to society as well. Most of the time, the comedian is seen doing the donation work.

Jo Koy along with Dan Lin went on to donate $75k to SIPA which is a non-profit organization. SIPA is known to assist in building small and micro businesses in LA and also help low-income immigrants.

Along with that Jo Koy was able to able $40k to the non-profit organization Mowelfund. Mowelfund is known to do welfare for the workers in the Philippine film industry. As and when the opportunity presents itself, Jo Koy does help people.

Jo Koy Podcast

The success and the huge amount of Jo Koy net worth have helped the man to focus on his passion too.

Jo Koy is known to run his own podcast where the bigger celebrities are called to have their opinion. His podcast is called The Michael Yo and Jo Koy Show.

On the single front, Koy was also approached to host the podcast show called The Koy Pond. He singlehandedly hosted the show and made good progress.


Comedy is a tough art and comedians tend to cross lines at times which creates controversy. In the case of Jo Koy, the controversy came to light pretty quickly.

jo koy height
Jo Koy height is 5 ft 11 inches.
Image Source: Instagram

He stated the role on Easter Sunday was close to him. However, fans said that they could relate to the theme and his role in the story.

Another controversy that popped out for Jo was related to his separation. Chelsea Handler had offered Jo Koy a part in the Netflix comedy but he said no to the offer.

To that Jo Koy was highly offended. Fans even stated that Jo Koy was being cursed by Handler which didn’t sit too well with the fans.

Jo Koy Youtube

It is fair to say that someone with the talent of a comic is always active on Youtube. Similar is the case with Jo Koy.

Jo Koy is positively active in social media handles. Readers can follow him on:

Instagram: 1.9m followers

Youtube: 1.06m subscribers

Twitter: 263k followers

Interesting Facts about Jo Koy

  • Jo Koy net worth in 2023 is $5 million.
  • Joseph Glenn Herbert is the real name of Jo Koy.
  • Jo Koy has his own Jo Koy foundation for kids with medical issues.
  • Jo Koy is proud of being a father.


Are Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler together?

No Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler are not together. They broke up after dating for 11 months.

What is Jo Koy net worth in 2023?

Jo Koy net worth in 2023 is $5 million.

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