James Robison Net Worth 2023, House, Cars, Books, Charity, Wife, Facebook

James Robison is a well-known televangelist. He is famous around the people for his work as an evangelist. Since he has a good knowledge of bibble, people have a lot of respect for him.

james robison age
James Robison age is 79 years
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Robison is active in this field for a very long time. In all those times, he has worked with all his heart and made people aware of spirituality.

In this article, we will learn about James Robison net worth. We also learn about other assets he has earned. So lets get going.

James Robison: Quick Facts

Full Name James Robison
Nickname James
Date of Birth 9th October 1943
Birth Place Pasadena, Texas, United States
Age 79 years
Sun Sign Libra
Father Name Joe Robison
Mother Name Myra Robison
Siblings Semaj and Chaya
Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 82 kg
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Occupation Pastor, Televangelist, Theologian, and Authur
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Gray
Shoe Size Under Review
Wife Betty Freeman (married. 1963)
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Presence Instagram. Twitter, and Facebook
Last Updated April 2023

James Robison Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, James Robison net worth is $5 million. Robison gained this impressive net worth from his hard work and dedication.

He also published around six books to date. Being an author has also made him earn good. Thus, it has also helped him to grow his net worth more.

james robison net worth
As of 2023, James Robison net worth is $5 million
Image Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Robison is also a pastor, televangelist, and theologian. Because of this, he has more followers and gets is respected all around the globe.

He not only earned good money but also ranked honor out of it. Therefore, it is safe to say Robison has acquired both money and fame.

James Robison House

James Robison lives with his wife Betty on a beautiful ranch that spans over 2,000 acres in Texas. The house they reside in, however, is nothing short of grandeur.

It has multiple rooms and bathrooms along with spacious living areas that provide ample space for hosting gatherings with loved ones.

The house features luxurious amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, a basketball court, and tennis courts, along with stables for horses and livestock that reside on their property.

Moreover, it features breathtaking scenery backed by natural wildlife that surrounds the residence – making it truly magnificent.

James Robison Cars

When it comes to transportation, James Robison favors reliability over luxury or indulgence. However, he doesn’t like to drive expensive cars. It is because he prefers using his own personal aircraft.

This helps James to get from point A to B much quicker when traveling long distances across America ministering and spreading God’s message.

james robison books
James Robison has written six books
Image Source: IMDb

James drives more practical vehicles like pickup trucks such as Toyota Tundras instead of fancy sports cars or exotic vehicles. In fact, he says “I do not need any fancy car since a truck can always serve me well”.

The fact is how content Robison is not despite his modest but still impressive wealth status amongst ministers. Yet, this doesn’t make up all part about someone’s credibility within religious circles unless you promote prosperity theology views.

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So yes, James Robison does indeed have some nice motors however these are less pronounced outside religious members’ interest groups, unlike other celebrities. The fans may know so little about what transport mode passes him between obligations!

Moreover, James’s selflessness seems to be the reason behind the choice to pick pragmatic vehicles, and spotting flashy ones is probably difficult as he has doctrinal perspectives on such behavior.

James Robison Books

James Robison has published six books now. All his book has divine and spiritual things. Even though, some of his books are sold in millions.

The name of James Robison’s books are;

  • Living Amazed: How Divine Encounters Can Change Your Life
  • The Absolutes
  • True Prosperity
  • Stream: Refreshing Hearts and Minds, Renewing Freedom’s Blessing
  • A Dad’s Blessing: Sometimes in Words, Sometimes Through Touch, Always by Example
  • Recollections of Rev. Samuel Clawson

James Robison Charity and Social Works

In 1974, James Robin Evangelistic Association acquired a lodge near Hawkins. They developed it into a Christian retreat center. Anyone who feels insecure and doesn’t have a place to live can have a place there.

The place was under control by various associations over the years. Still, the camp is run by some group of people. It has helped not one but various people to have someplace to live for a while.

Who is James Robison Wife?

Betty Freeman is the wife of James Robison. They are together since their high school days. At that moment, Freeman was at Pasadena High School.

Eventually, the two became close to each other soon. There were some times when James and Betty had to go through a lot but they did tackle it together.

james robison with his wife betty freeman during their wedding
James Robison and Betty Fremman got married when they were 19
Image Source: Instagram

The couple then didn’t wait long and got married. When the couple was at the age of 19, they got married. It was on 23rd February 1963 when James and Betty tied the knot.

Now it has become more than 60 years since them living together. It shows how truly they are in love with each other.

Talking about Robison’s children, he has got three. Out of which one child’s name is known. His name is Robin Rochelle Robison Turner.

James Robison Facebook

Instagram: 1.1k followers

Facebook: 52k followers

Twitter: 21.8k followers


Where is James Robison now?

James Robison is residing in Fort Worth.

How long have James and Betty Robison been married?

James and Betty Robison are together for more than 50 years now.

How old is James Robison LIFE Today?

Robison is 79 years old.

What religion is James Robison?

James Robison believes in Christianity.

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