Demon Slayer Season 1 Review, Cast, What to Expect and Watch Next?

 Would you accept the only member of your family, even if it is a demon? Is it weird, or do you agree that accepting any living being, let it be a demon or alien, makes you human? Demon Slayer Season 1 will burn the fire, which will blaze higher in further seasons.

Many anime depicts the typical story of human beings slicing the demons, but barely any show a sympathetic side of the demons who thrive on human blood. 

Demon Slayer Season 1
The theme poster of Demon Slayer Season 1
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If you are intrigued by now, then Demon Slayer Season 1 is what you should watch next. It has everything from a loving family, a reliable friend, and an ideal Sensei (teacher) who will go to any extent to beat your capability. 

Demon Slayer Basic Information

Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Martial Arts

Written By: Koyoharu Gotouge

Directed By: Haruo Sotozaki

Studio: Ufotable

Number of Episodes: 26 (24 minutes each)

Synopsis of Demon Slayer Season 1

As soon as you hit the play button, the story will wreck your mind within three minutes as the, story progresses. Yes, we are not bluffing. A young boy named Tanjiro ventures out to the market, and while he is away from home, the demon clan destroys his entire family. 

The scene where the snowy background with the red blood of his family shivers the heart of not only Tanjiro but the audience too. Luckily, his one family member makes it out alive and is on the verge of transferring into the demon. 

Will Tanjiro run away from his only family survivor as it has turned into a demon, or hug them as he is glad that one of them could make it? 

After facing the tragedy, Tanjiro, furious with anger and a little hope, abandons his home to hunt for demons. As you might have anticipated, he wants to take revenge and help his sister, who has just turned from a demon into a human. 

Demon Slayer Season 1
Demon Slayer Season 1 is the most-watched anime series of 2019

Without any power, guidance, or experience, Tanjiro travels in the middle of the woods with the expectation of saving his demon sister. On the way, he faces many demons whose peculiar power and expertise shake Tanjiro’s confidence. 

Things get interesting when the bo founds out that the demons were once a human. So the question remains will Tanjiro start killing the demons despite the fact that they are normal humans just like him? 

Why Should You Watch Demon Slayer Season 1?

The Back Story of Each Character

If you are an Otaku, then Back story is what we thrive on. The tragic story of each individual has shaped the man or demon they are today. 

Yes, we placed demon in the sentence above because Demons Slayer elaborates not only on the main character’s back story but also on the demons. The mangaka of this anime has taken all the time to get deep into the character and poured their heart out to emphasize the story. 

You will not only love the good characters of the anime but sympathize and may even relate to the evil side. So get your tissues ready to wipe all those tears. 

Top-notch Animation 

All hail to Utofable for creating the most impressive animations of the year. If you have read the manga, you might be well aware that the drawing could not do justice to the sword fight of the characters. 

But the animation of Demon Slayer was able to create a perfect battle, but the powers of each character were highlighted significantly. The animations are the crucial part of why Demon Slayer could do out stand in the business. 

The way the water flowed in the anime and how the five-element (air, water, earth, air, fire) and other elements circulated each character to depict the main feature of the character are commendable. 

If we further praise the animation, it would be a spoiler for your guys, which we do not want. So, do not forget to binge the show. 

Opening Theme Song

Japanese or non-Japanese, we are Otaku by heart. Therefore, we Otaku do not need to understand the song to feel the opening Theme song of Demon Slayer Season 1. 

The song is titled Gurenge and sung by the famous Lisa. The song alone created a lot of turmoil in 2019 and became people’s favorite. 

The song’s cover was sung by people worldwide, ranging from Nepalese, Indonesians, Indians, Americans, Taiwanese, and many more. The song literally brought people from all over the world together, and this anime is all about togetherness. 

What Is There To Not Like About This Anime?

To be honest, we want to look at Nezuko more. She is cute, small, and the most adorable character in anime history. 

Her funny, dorky side is what we love about her. However, in Demon Slayer Season 1, there was not enough story for Nezuko. She was in the box all the time, speaking “hmm” “umm,” nodding her head and running fast in her Kimono. 

We accept that Nezuko did not have enough part in the show, but the heart wants what it wants. And yes, we want to see Nezuko showing her funny side. 

Main Characters of Demon Slayer Season 1

A Kind-Hearted Boy Who Loves His Family

Tanjiro Kamado is a young boy who loves his family and is doing everything in his power to raise the family. This character will make you fall in love with the check-colored green and black apparel. 

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He is an optimistic, kind-hearted, diligent boy who never sees the bad side of others, even if they are a demon. Tanjiro will keep you going on, even if the road ahead is impossible. 

His love for his sister and trust for his friends will make you be like him. Let’s not forget about his earring; they are one of a kind. 

A Girl Who Protects Humans as a Demon

The cute demons who will make you choose the side of the demon. Nezuko Kamado is Tanjiro’s sister. Yes, she comes with fangs and the scry thing that every demon will acquire, but her simplicity will make you think otherwise. 

She sleeps all the time (and I mean it), but whenever she smells her brother’s life in danger, Nezuko will be your worst nightmare. 

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Thi young girl will not even care about your life and beat the crap out of you. Good thing we are on Tanjiro’s side. 

One Strike One Kill Swordsman

A shy, scared boy, Zenitsu Agatsuma, will cry his heart out even if he is a boy. Demons are a farthing; this boy is intimidated by the human. 

That’s what he is all the time, but once he sleeps, God saves any demons standing in his way. Because Zenitsu has a history of killing anything with one strike with his sword.

Everything name story needs a sword, but Agatsuma is on a whole new level. Despite being a sleeping killer, he has a small bird that follows him. So adorable.

The One Who Wild Boars raised

Yes, Inosuke Hashibira was raised by a boar. He is this annoying character that talks too loud (might even compel you to take off your headphones) and pronounces very people’s names wrong.

He is a well-determined, diligent personality with god-level stamina and loves killing demons. On the other hand, Inosuke is scared of nothing and is always challenging Tanjiro. 

Hashibira always wears a boar mask to hide his face because his face and body structure do not coincide. (Spoiler: He is beautiful).

What To Watch Next After Demon Slayer Season 1

Go for the Mugen Train movie as soon as you finish watching Demon Slayer Season 1. The story of season 1 continues from the film.

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Mugen Train or Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train is 1 hour and 57 minutes long and is available in all countries and regions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Demon Slayer have a season 1?

Yes, the first Demon Slayer season concludes the first seven volumes, i.e., chapters 1 to 54 of the manga. 

  • Is Demon Slayer getting a season 2?

Fans were delighted to know that Demons Slayer was having a season 2. The second season was aired on December 5, 2021.

  • How many episodes are there in Demon Slayer Season 1?

There are 26 episodes in season 1, which last 24 minutes each.

  • How old is Tanjior and Nezuko?

According to the anime, Tanjiro is 13 years old while his sister Nezuko is still 12. However, as demons do not age, she seems to be being 12 forever. 


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