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Dave Portnoy or many might recognize him as David Scott Portnoy, built himself from being a blogger, and internet celebrity to the founder of the famous pop-culture blog Barstool Sports. Now, he has become rich, and Dave Portnoy net worth is more than you had anticipated.

A man with elegance and style, Portnoy has amassed millions of followers because of his exquisite work and impeccable writing. Although he is a famous and inspiring individual, he recently got into a controversy that put more emphasis on his sex life.

Dave Portnoy age
Dave Portnoy is 45 years old internet entrepreneur
Source: Instagram

If you were unaware of this fact, then there might be several things that you did not know about this man. If yes, then this article is just for you. Today Tvshowstars will be covering the interesting and spicy life of Dave.

The discussion will include Dave Portnoy net worth, personal life, career, and his hot relationship with some of the renowned personalities on the internet. Before we begin, why do not we get started with some quick facts;

Some Quick Facts

Full Name David Scott Portnoy
Nickname Dave Portnoy
Date of Birth March 22, 1977
Birth Place Swampscott, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States
Age 45 years old
Sun Sign Aries
Father’s Name Michael Portnoy
Mother’s Name Linda Portnoy
Siblings Under Review
Height 5 ft 10 in or 178 cm
Weight 72 kg or 158.5 lbs
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Body Measurements Updating Soon
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Shoe Size Updating Soon
Education Swampscott High School, University of Michigan
Body Type Slim
Marital Status Divorced
Net Worth $80 million
Social Media Presence Twitter, Instagram
Last Updated June 2022

What Is The Dave Portnoy Net Worth?- Earning, Stocks

This internet entrepreneur makes a hefty amount of money from his work and accolades. According to reliable sources, Dave Portnoy’s net worth in 2022 is $80 million.

Dave Portnoy net worth
Dave Portnoy net worth in 2022 is $80 million.
Source: Instagram

In addition to this, this handsome man sold a huge amount of stake to The Chernin Group in 2016. Similarly, in January 2020, Penn Gaming was able to take a 36% stake from the founders for about $163 million. 

Who Is Dave Portnoy? Who Is His Sister?

As mentioned above, dave is an American man who has established himself as a blogger, internet celebrity, and the founder of the sports and pop culture blog named Barstool Sports.

His real name is David Portnoy, but some fans and people all over the globe recognize him as dave. This handsome man was born and raised in the wonderful place of Swampscott, Massachusetts.

His father’s name is Michael Portnoy, while his mother’s is Linda Portnoy. Unfortunately, there is no proper information about her profession. Similar is the case with his siblings.

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There are no details on whether he has a sister or not. Talking about education, David has been to the Swampscott High School. Portnoy befriends future football analyst and commentator Todd McShay during his time there.

Moving, this man enrolled at the University of Michigan to gain further knowledge and complete his degree in education. Finally, in 1995, David graduated from the university and pursued his career.

How Old Is Dave Portnoy?- Age, Height, and Body Measurement

This dandy man was born in the year 1977, and in 2022, he is just 45 years old. Recently Dave celebrated his birthday on the 22nd day of March. Therefore he falls under the sun sign of Aries.

According to this sign, Dave is talented and loves talking as well as interacting with people. This famous blogger stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, covering 178 cm in general.

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Many might not be well aware of this, but Dave is very concerned about how he represents himself. That might be the reason why this man hits the gym more often than not.

To elaborate, Portnoy has a body weighing about 158.5 pounds, which converts to 72 kg. The most distinctive feature of David is his sports, a rugged beard, side-parted wavy hair, and a mildly stocky frame.

In addition, this man has short light brown hair and a pair of blue eyes that make him look amazing. Not to mention this man strictly follows Judaism.

Who Is Dave Portnoy Wife? How Did They Meet?

Renee Portnoy and Dave Portnoy have been friends since college. When Portnoy was set to graduate in 2005, they ran into each other for the first time.

Similarly, David was a member of the Yanke Group in Boston. They gradually became acquainted, and they were quickly drawn to each other. Soon after this, they started dating.

Their affection for one another became stronger as the years passed. After three years of dating, this lovey-dovey couple decided to take their romance to the next level, which was marriage.

In front of their friends and relatives, they exchanged rings in 2008. After that, they walked down the aisle and started a family a year later.

David was fortunate enough to be the creator of Barstool Sports within a few years of their marriage. Renee monitored Dave’s actions from his shadow, despite being the company’s face.

Renee appears to have been content to have a low profile in the media. Not to mention the fact that they never had a child throughout their time together.

How Did Dave Get Divorced With His Wife?

These sweethearts have been together for more than eight years during their undergraduate years. During these years, they spend their time together joyfully.

On the other hand, a story about their divorce was circulating on the internet, which eventually turned out to be real. In the year 2016, Dave was suspected to be having an affair with a lady who was ultimately identified as Jordyn Hamilton.

They were seen drinking cocktails at a nearby pub. Surprisingly, David admitted that their marriage was about to end. Renee and David eventually divorced, and it was finalized in 2017.

Jordyn, meanwhile, abandoned him after their departure. According to Renee’s ex-husband. Jordyn was allegedly defrauding Renee’s ex-husband with Soulcycle Instructor.

Silvana Mojica Is David Portnoy’s Current Girlfriend.

David began dating Jordyn shortly after divorcing Renee. However, because his last relationship was equally unsuitable, he fell in love with Silvana Mojica.

Surprisingly, this Columbian model is half the age of David. Dave is 45 years old, while she is said to be in her twenties. This pair was observed having a wonderful trip and partying together. Mojica, despite her youth, did not hesitate to express her affection for Portnoy on her official Instagram account.

Dave Portnoy girlfriend
Dave Portnoy with Silvana Mojica
Source: Instagram

According to other reports, they also have similar tattoos. Despite this, none of them has acknowledged their genuine connection with the media.

Not to add that he is frequently seen with various groups of women. It’s difficult to argue that this individual is not dating anyone at the moment.

Dave Portnoy Sex Tape Controversy

David has undoubtedly been the subject of rumors since he rose to prominence. He’s been involved in a number of issues, but none as significant as the sex tape that was released.

A videotape of David and an unnamed lady having sexual intercourse was included in his 8-second screen recording. His reaction was predictable, and he attempted to distort the reality by claiming that he was not the one in the video.

According to Team Portnoy, the anonymous man in the video was not Dave. In the press release, the team even complimented the individual on his superb health and athletic physique.

They went on to say that releasing such films was both unlawful and a violation of people’s privacy.

What Was The Name of the Woman In the Video?

Furthermore, the woman in the video, who was unnamed, was none other than Sydney Raines. She was spotted with a leash around her neck and a collar around her neck.

Surprisingly, it was widely circulated on the internet. The girl worked as a nanny, according to reports.

Her companion questioned whether she knew Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy after the video was posted. One of her colleagues later texted her the footage and inquired whether she was all right.

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The video was reportedly filmed in July 2020 while she was meeting David in Nantucket, Massachusetts. David phoned her several times after the video went viral to see if she was okay.

Raines did something unexpected after receiving bad feedback from the general public. Sydney responded with an uncompromising statement instead of crying and pleading for forgiveness.

Barstool Sports

  • As soon as David accomplished his study, he migrated to Boston in order to work with the Yankee Group. 
  • Later in 2003, he created his blog Barstool Sports and left his job. Within a decade, he expanded his blog, and one American businessman cum investor named Peter Chenin bought a stake in his site. 
  • Luckily in 2016, this man was able to increase the branch of his company to New York City, and the rest is history.

Dave Portnoy Sued Insider for Sexual Assault Claims

The founder of Barstool Sports sued the digital new outlet’s Insider when the publication created two stories that claimed him of sexual assault and misconduct.

Insider reporter Julia Black mentioned that there were three women who were assaulted by Dave, which turned into frightening and humiliating experiences. The woman also claimed that the star choked and filmed them without their permission.

In contrast to this, dave has denied the accusation and claimed that he had not filmed anyone without their consent. After the story, Portnoy waged a rhetorical war against the Insider.

As a matter of fact, Insider is owned by German Media Azel Springer, which was initially known as Business Insider. Later this man accused the website, its top editor, the company’s chief executive, and its two correspondents of willful and unlawful defamation and privacy rights violations.”

In contrast to this, the global editor-in-chief Nicholas Carlson defended the news by saying,

“When a rich, famous, and influential person uses their power in a way that is harmful to others, it is newsworthy. When such a person faces accusations from credible sources and denies them, and more accusers make new, credible accusations that corroborate and add detail to the alleged pattern of behavior, it is newsworthy.”

The news itself harmed the star’s personal and professional propaganda.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 3.9 million followers

Twitter: 2.7 million followers

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How did Dave Portnoy get rich?

Dave became rich when he became the founder of the digital sports website Barstool Sports.

  • What companies does Dave Portnoy own?

Dave owns Barstool Sports.

  • What is Dave Portnoy net worth?

Dave Portnoy net worth in 2022 is $80 million.

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