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Bruce Lansbury was an Irish-American television producer, screenwriter, and scriptwriter who was born in the United Kingdom. He was a multitalented professional in the light and camera industry.

Bruce Lansbury height
Bruce Lansbury stood at the height of 5’8″

Bruce began his career in his early twenties. His career extended over 30 years, from the 1960s to the 1990s, and included work on several American television shows such as The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible, Knight Rider, Murder, She Wrote.

Full Name William Bruce Mageean Lansbury
Nickname Bruce Lansbury
Date of Birth January 12, 1930
Birth Place London, England
Age Dead, age of 87
Sun Sign Aquarius
Father’s Name Edgar Lansbury,
Mother’s Name Moyna Macgill
Siblings 2
Family Angela Lansbury (sister) , Edgar Lansbury Jr. (twin brother) ,George Lansbury (grandfather) ,Tamara Ustinov (niece) , John Postgate (cousin) , Oliver Postgate (cousin) ,Coral Lansbury (cousin)
Height 1.78 m ( 5 ft. 8 in )
Weight 86 kg
Nationality British and American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Irish
Occupation Television producer and writer, screenwriter
Eye Color Under review
Hair Color Black white
Shoe Size Under review
Education Under Review
Died On 13 February 2017(2017-02-13) (aged 87)\nLa Quinta, California
Cause of death Alzheimer’s disease
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $7 million
Social Media Presence Not Available

Bruce Lansbury Bio | Early Life, Family

Bruce Lansbury’s full name is William Bruce Mageean Lansbury. The celebrity was born on January 12, 1930, in London.

Lansbury was the son of Belfast-born actress Moyna Macgill and British politician and businessman Edgar Lansbury. Bruce was also the grandson of George Lansbury, the future leader of the Labour Party.

Bruce was raised with his sister, actress Angela Lansbury, and his twin brother, director of theater, film, and television producer Edgar Lansbury. Yes, Angela Lansbury is related to Bruce Lansbury. They are siblings.

Bruce Lansbury sister
Bruce Lansbury with her sister Angela Lansbury

Angela was the one who had to financially support her brothers and mother when her father died when she was just 19 years old.

In 1954, both brothers, Bruce and Edgar, became citizens of the United States. Lansbury received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA.

Age and Height 

Bruce Lansbury was a talented television writer and screenwriter. Bruce played an important role in making the career of his sister Angela Lansbury. He passed away in 2017, at the age of 87.

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The old and new pictures show how handsome man Bruce was. He stood at the height of 5 feet 8 inches tall or 1.78m. He weighed 85 kg. He was a handsome and muscular man. During his prime, Bruce was more of a fitness freak who loved to have a good body and be in shape.

Although the information on the height and weight is available for the fans to see, some information is under the radar. Anything on the shoe and body size is tough to find. He has done his bit to keep that information under the radar. Since the untimely demise of the writer, it is hard to know what these measurements were.


  • Lansbury produced 69 episodes of The Wild Wild West between 1966 and 1969; the Wild Wild West is a four-season American TV series featuring Western, espionage, and science fiction, from September 17, 1965, to April 11, 1969, on the CBS television network. Two Secret Service Agents, James West, and Artemus Gordo James West’s character are portrayed by Robert Conrad, Artemus Gordon played by Ross Martin.
  • Bruce also produced 38 episodes of Mission: Impossible between 1969 and 1972. Mission: The Impossible is an American television show that depicts the exploits of a small team known as the Impossible Missions Force, which has been used to conduct covert missions to hostile Iron Curtain governments, dictators of the third world, evil organizations, and, later, the lords of crimes. From September 1966 until March 1973, it was shown on CBS.
  • Lansbury worked as a producer on Wonder Woman, Knight Rider and as an executive producer on the science fiction series The Fantastic Journey, among other things.
  • Because he was the Vice President of Creative Affairs at Paramount Television in the late 1960s, Bruce’s name appears in the credits of successful shows such as The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, and The Odd Couple.
  • Murder, She Wrote was produced by Bruce Lansbury. Angela’s famous TV program, Murder, She wrote for which she received 12 straight Emmy nominations, was a family affair. Bruce joined the show’s ninth season as a producer and ended up authoring 15 episodes.


  • Murder, She Wrote is an American television drama, with Angela Lansbury as an amateur and mystery writer. The character Jessica Fletcher is portrayed by Angela Lansbury.  The series was shown on the CBS network from 1984 to 1996 for 12 seasons with 264 Four TV movies followed. It has averaged over 30 million viewers a week among the longest-range and most popular TV series in history (often over 40 million people). It has been a key element in the CBS Sunday night’s program for a decade. The series remains very successful worldwide in syndication.
  • Bruce, in addition to writing for Murder, She Wrote, also contributed to series such as Zorro and The Magician. So, while his sister worked in front of the camera, Bruce had a very successful career in the background.

Who is the wife of Bruce Lansbury? | Relationship

Fortunately, it was quite stable when it came to Bruce’s personal life. The brilliant TV writer, producer, and screenwriter was married twice in his lifetime.  In 1951, Bruce married his first wife, Mary Hassalevris. The couple had two kids and were married until Mary died in 1996. There is not much information about the name of the children and what their professions are.

Bruce Lansbury wife
The grave of Bruce Lansbury’s first wife Mary Hassalevris

Since the death of his first wife, Lansbury was more of a silent mover. He seemed lost quite a number of times and there were reports that he felt lonely. It was a tough couple of years for the writer that he had to live alone. But after a couple of years, his cupid struck again and the greenery in his life came through.

Following the death of his first wife, Bruce married again. He married Gail England in 1998. They remained married until the death of Bruce at the age of 87 in 2017. There is not much information about his wife on the internet. We will update our readers once we get further information.

When did Bruce Lansbury die? Cause of Death

Bruce Lansbury passed away on February 13, 2017, at the age of 87, in La Quinta, California. The cause of his death was Alzheimer’s disease and his old age. He was going through a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

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The loss of Bruce was a huge setback for the overall entertainment industry. His expertise and the experience that was gained over the period could hardly be used by the younger generation.

What is the net worth of Bruce Lansbury?

Bruce Lansbury was a well-known Irish American producer and screenwriter with a fortune of $7 Million. Bruce is one of the most renowned producers and TV writers best known for producing:  The Wild Wild West, Mission: Impossible, Knight Rider, Murder, and She Wrote.

From the production and scripting of the show, he made an enormous amount of money. The related series was a great smash and won several prizes and honors.

Interestingly there is no information available about the annual income of the producer cum scriptwriter. The talented individual was always silent on his annual income. Not only that the assets owned along with the cars and houses were hard to find. If someday a piece of genuine information comes up readers will be updated.

Does Bruce Lansbury have Social Media? Social Media Presence

Many celebrities create social media for cinema promotion, brand support, and fan engagements for various reasons. Some celebrity of them continues to work, while others sometimes resist and publish.

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Bruce’s Instagram account, however, we don’t believe that it is a verified one. He died on February 13, 2017, in 87 years. Thus the great screenwriter and producer social media profiles are no longer active.


  • Bruce Lansbury and Angela Lansbury are brother and sister.
  • In addition to Bruce Lansbury’s death was due to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Bruce was the grandson of the leader of the labor party George Lansbury.
  • Bruce Lansbury was multitalented, being a producer, screenwriter for the same TV series.

Some Frequently Asked Question about Bruce Lansbury.

  • Is Bruce Lansbury Angela Lansbury’s son?

No. Bruce Lansbury and Angela Lansbury are related to each other. They are brother and sister.

  •  When did Bruce Lansbury die?

Bruce Lansbury died on February 13, 2017, at the age of 87. His death cause was his long battle against Alzheimer’s disease.


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