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Beverley Allitt, often dubbed an Angel of Death, is a child serial killer who killed at least four infants under her care. She worked as a nurse at Granthan Hospital in Lincolnshire, where she committed heinous crimes and harmed babies.

Her crime was operated on over a period of 59 days. Within this time, she had already killed four children, attempted to murder three others, and caused grievous bodily harm to six.

Although the hospital recruited her as a caretaker of the children, she did the exact opposite.

Beverley Allitt
Beverley Allitt, aka Angel of Death

The victim’s parents were devastated to know this fact, and several questions about the hospital faculty were raised. In this article, we will let you know everything about Beverley Allitt. Here are some quick facts to begin with.

Some Quick Facts

Full Name Beverley Gail Allitt
Nickname Angel of Death
Date of Birth 4th October 1968
Birth Place Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
Age 55 years old
Sun Sign Libra
Father’s Name Richard
Mother’s Name Lilian
Siblings Two sisters and one brother
Height Updating Soon
Weight Updating Soon
Nationality English
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Body Measurements Updating Soon
Eye Color Updating Soon
Hair Color Updating Soon
Shoe Size Updating Soon
Education Charles Read Secondary Modern School
Body Type Average
Marital Status Married
Net Worth Updating Soon
Last Updated On March 2023

Who Is Beverley Allitt? How Was Her Behaviour as a kid?

Born in the village of Corby Glen, near the town of Grantham, Beverley was raised by her father, Richard. No one could imagine a place surrounded by woods and fields and noticeable for its peacefulness could create such danger.

Her father used to work in an off-license whereas her mother, Lilian, was a school cleaner. She is blessed to have two sisters and a brother.

Growing up, she showed no sign of peculiar behavior, which hinted at the cruelty of some in her behavior. In fact, she was the exact opposite. Beverley’s neighbor recalls the time when she used to volunteer for a babysitting job in her hometown.

She used to hug babies and often dreamt of pursuing her career as a caretaker. Although Allitt was decent in her home. she turned up with several injuries in her school.

As a matter of fact, she was her teacher’s favorite student. However, some of her friends used to accuse her of inventing injuries. Beverley enrolled at Charles Read Secondary Modern School.

Later on, she went to study at Kesteven and Grantham Girls School. At 18, she left her school and took a short nursing course at Grantham College.

When Was Beverley Allitt Born? Did She Have Any Mental Illness?

This young nurse was born Beverley Gail Allitt on 4 October 1968. In 2023 she is 55 years old. Despite showing no criminal signs as a child, things were different when she grew up.

As she often had many injuries, it is hard to tell whether they were self-inflicted or caused by accident. However, one thing is sure she suffered from Munchausen’s syndrome, which Richard Asher identified in 1951.

The major feature of this syndrome is its apparent senselessness. Their falsehoods make a little point, and they lie for the sake of lying.

Beverley Allitt age
Beverley Allitt confessed to four murders.
Source: The Sun

It was reported that Alitt was doing all this to herself to get attention or be at the center of attraction. Apart from this, it was also concluded that she might have a grudge against doctors and hospitals. Her crime was to satisfy herself by deceiving or frustrating them.

This nurse inflicted harm on young and helpless babies and would make heroic efforts on their behalf. On the other hand, she used to save money by babysitting and would help her family do chores and others.

How Did She Become A Nurse? Who Are Her Victims?

At the tender age of 16, she left her school with an O level in food and nutrition. She also had a CSE in English, Biology, French, and Maths.

Later on, she went to Grantham College to take a pre-nursing course. Slowly, she developed a preference for the company of female students.

Eventually, she started telling lies to people. Beverley once claimed that a poltergeist stuck a carving knife into a pillow and set the bathroom curtains on fire.

The police also entered the scene to investigate the refrigerator’s kitchen fire and human feces. In 1990 she applied for a job as a nurse in the Grantham hospital.

However, she was turned down immediately. Also, she was the only one in her batch who was not hired, saying she lacked experience. Surprisingly there was a severe staff shortage in the children’s ward in the hospital.

Henceforth Allitt begged for her an opportunity to have further training. Fortunately, she received a six-month contract, and her parents were very happy upon hearing this.

She was given a chance to work in Ward four in a week, where Liam Taylor became her first victim. Liam, a seven weeks old kid, was admitted with a chest infection.

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His health was improving with the consumption of antibiotics, and their parents went home to rest. Although he was hooked up to the alarms to monitor his breathing and oxygen levels, only Beverley awarded the doctor about his situation.

Taylor was on life support but could not make it and died of a heart attack in his mother’s arm a day later. Allitt’s second victim was an 11 years old kid with cerebral palsy.

Unfortunately, he was murdered on March 5, 1991. On April 1 of the same year, Becky was admitted to the ward for gastroenteritis.

Later Exploits

Beverley overdosed on insulin and died at home after a couple of days. She had a twin sister, and the doctor was curious that she may share the same fate.

Therefore, she was also admitted to the Grantham hospital. Beverley tried to kill Katie four times by injecting her with potassium and insulin.

Moreover, she even tried to suffocate the victim. Later on, Katie was transferred to Queen’s Medical Center. On 1991 April 22, young 15-month-old Claire Peck was admitted after she suffered an asthma attack; she was ventilated and was left in Beverley’s care. Eventually, she died of cardiac arrest.

Although several victims died on the spot, some babies could make it to this world. Kayley Desmond was on the verge of death after Allitt injected air into her blood vessels. Currently, she is 26 years old and living in fear of Beverley, who might come to her and kill her.

In addition, some of her other victims include five months old Paul Crampton, five-year-old Bradley Gibson, six years old Michael Davidson, two years old Yik Hung Chan, and two months old Katie Philips.

How Was She Caught? Where Is Beverley Allitt Now? Is She Alive?

After several suspicious murders in Ward four, the medical staff knew the scenario. Fiallypolice were called on April 30, and detectives were in action.

They examined the nursing timesheet for all the death events, and only one name appeared every time. It was Beverley, and she was suspended from her duties instantly.

They started looking at each case; among them, the Paul Crampton case stood out. Surprisingly Pail had 43,147 milliunits of insulin in his blood. It is the highest amount of insulin found in the body.

Later on, Police found out that a whole adult syringe of insulin was injected into his body. However, the pages for Paul’s admission log were nowhere to be seen.

Eventually, the police raided Beverley’s house and found missing pages from the ward allocation book in her drawer. Several experts were consulted to prove that the kid’s death was not natural to put her behind bars.

Beverley Allitt murder
Beverley Allitt confessed to four murders.
Source: all that’s interesting

Despite all this, she pleaded no guilty in her first trial. Finally, on May 28, 1993, she was given 13 life sentences with a minimum of 30 years. Beverley was convicted of four counts of murder, six counts of GBH, and three attempted murders over 59 days.

After a week in prison, she denied eating or drinking, which led her to move to Rampton Secure Hospital. Jeremy Cold(forensic psychologist) and Elizabeth Yardley (criminologist) examined Beverley’s mental health.

Later they claimed that she was not mentally ill and should be in prison. It appeared that she schemed the whole theme to avoid her time in prison. In contrast, Allitt’s motive behind her crimes is still in the dark.

Who Is Beverley Allitt Husband? Does She Have Kids?

As a teenager, Beverley never enjoyed the companionship of a boyfriend. Moreover, she was bulky, unstylish, and became 16 years old without a boyfriend.

However, not long before, she bumped into a guy named Stephen Biggs 1987. A tall, nave road worker, Stephen was one year junior to her.

He was unsure about making Allitt his girl, but she more or less demanded to be his girl. Eventually, he bought a ring and asked her for marriage.

Despite all this, Beverley declined his proposal. Their relationship was not extravagant as she used to hold his hand in public and had intercourse once a month.

This couple used to have a lot of violent fights, and one time, she kicked Stephen in his groin, and he fell on his knee. The reason behind her furious behavior was that his ex-boyfriend raped her. As you might have guessed, they parted their ways.

As a matter of fact, this child killer has already walked down the aisle. At the age of 31, she somehow developed feeling for Mark Heggie, 34 at that time.

If you do not know Mark, he was once convicted of attacking 63 years old lady Alison Da Costa in Golders Green. After beating her, he drank her blood and earned the name of vampire.

As a matter of fact, both of them met each other at Rampton Hospital. Soon, Beverley dreamt of marrying him in a white bridal gown and a wedding cake.

The lovey-dovey couple applied permission from the hospital’s chief to walk down the aisle and are married now.

Beverley Allitt Net Worth 2023

The Angel of Death spent half her youth caring for the baby he intended to kill. She earned money from an early age by taking care of her neighbor’s baby.

Although she worked hard, Beverley could barely support herself, let alone her family. Although everything went pretty well in her life, she murdered one kid after another and was finally caught.

Not to mention she was put behind bars at the age of 23, and literally, her life was over. Therefore, nothing can be said regarding Beverley’s net worth.

However, we can assure you that this criminal net worth is not counted in millions; it should be in thousands. Also, her family was not wealthy, and there is no property under her name until now.

Social Media Presence

As mentioned above, this lady is still patrolling in jail, and there is a slim chance of her getting out. In 2023 she is not active on any social media platforms.

Also, we believe that she is deprived of using the internet or any technology on the prison premises.

Interesting Facts about Beverley Allitt

  • Beverley is famous as the Angel of Death.
  • Additionally, she was convicted of murdering four children, six counts of GBH, and three attempted murders over 59 days.
  • This lady always dreamt of being a nurse and caring for babies.
  • Murder on Ward Four is the book inspired by this lady and was written by Nick Davis.
  • In 2005, Angel of Death was based on Allitt, and actress Charlie Brooks portrayed her role.
  • The rock band Black Sabbath created a song titled The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, which is based on Alitt. The vocalist and lyricist Tony martin revealed it to the media.
  • Some of her stories were depicted in the true crime documentaries Crimes That Shook Great Britain, Deadly Women, Born to Kill?, Britain’s Most Evil Killers and Nurses Who Kill, and Evil Up close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Angle of Death?

Beverley Gail Allitt is often known as the Angle of death for murdering four children and attempting to kill five children. 

How was Beverley convicted?

The Angel of Death was under suspicion after the death f young Becky Philips. The staff of the hospital realized that there were a number of victims dying from cardiac arrest and all of them were under the surveillance of Alitt. 

What is Beverley Hills’ punishment?

The famous serial killer has been confined in prison for 30 years. 

Where is Beverley Hills now?

This famous killer is still in prison. It appears that she won’t be out anytime soon. 

How old is Beverley Hills?

Beverley Hills age is 55 years.

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