Angel Di Maria Wife (Jorgelina Cardoso) Age, Height, Children, Net Worth, Ig

Angel Di Maria wife, Jorgelina Cardoso is a homemaker. She is with Angel from high school and hasn’t left the side of Di Maria since then.

Thus, they have bounded with each other perfectly. They know each other every cons and pros. Even they have celebrated 12 years of togetherness.

jorgelina cardoso along with her husband angel di maria and two daughter mia di maria and pia di maria kissing the fifa 2022 world cup trophy
The Maria family kissing the FIFA 2022 World Cup trophy.
Image Source: Instagram

The fact they are together since high school shows how immense is their love. Thus, the couple has been blessed with two children.

If it was not for Maria we could have barely known Jorgelina. In this article, we will learn about Jorgelina Cardoso. Also some other aspects of our life.

Jorgelina Cardoso: Biography

Full Name Jorgelina Cardoso
Net worth $500,000
Date of birth 11th July 1982
Birthplace Rosario, Argentina
Age 40 years
Sun sign Cancer
Father Name Papito Lindo
Mother Name Under View
Religion Christianity
Body Type Fit & Strong
Nationality Argentina
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Hair Color 58 kg
Eye color Black
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Home Maker
Spouse Angel Di Maria
Children Two
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last update on March 2023

Who is Angel Di Maria Wife?

Jorgelina Cardoso is the wife of Angel Di Maria. She came to rise in fame after marrying Angel Di Maria. Jorgelina doesn’t work as she is a homemaker.

Jorgelina Cardoso Parents and Siblings

Jorgelina Cardoso was born into an average family. Her father’s name is Papito Lindo but the information about her mother is not known.

Her father was born on 15th January 1948 and is 72 years. The information about her siblings is not known. This section will be updated as soon as there is information available about it.

How Old is Di Maria Wife?

Angel Di Maria wife, Jorgelina Cardoso is 37 years old. She was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Jorgelina is a citizen of Argentina.

jorgelina with her two children pia di maria and mia di maria on desert
Jorgelina along with her two children Pia Di Maria and Mia Di Maria having fun in the desert.
Image Source: Instagram

Jorgelina’s height is 5 feet 4 inches. She rarely does work out. Cardoso is only involved in homework. Yet her weight is 58 kg.

Talking about her facial attributes, she has a pair of black eyes and brown hair. Because of these attributes, Jorgelina looks stunning.

Early life and Education

Angel Di Maria wife, Jorgelina Cardoso was born on 11th July 1982. She spent her whole childhood in Argentina. There is not much information about her early phase of life.

Yet looking at her lifestyle, she might have had a wonderful lifestyle during her early phase of life.

Talking about her educational qualification, she graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. There is no other information about her educational qualification.

Ethnicity and Religion

Angel Di Maria wife, Jorgelina belongs to the white ethnicity. Since Cardoso was born in a Christian family. She has faith in Christianity.

According to her birth date, She was born under the sun sign cancer. Her sexual orientation is straight.


There is no information about her career because she never had a job before. We will update this section if she ever comes to do a job.

Who is Angel Di Mario?

Angel di Mario is an Argentina professional football player. He is playing for the club Juventus. Maria was born on 14th February 1988 in Rosario Santa Fe, Argentina.

angel di maria age
Angel Di Maria age is 35 years.
Image Source: Instagram

Like his wife, Angel was also born into an average family. Maria’s parents’ names are Mughal di Maria and Diana Hernandez. There are altogether five members in the family.

Talking about his physical attributes, Maria’s height is 5 feet 10 inches, and weighs around 75 kg. Maria has a pair of brown eyes and brown hair.

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On 14th December 2005, Angel D Maria entered professional football. It has become 18 years of playing football. He is playing for an international team and for his own country. He has played for FIFA World Cup.

Di Maria wears jersey number 22 while playing for Juventus and 11 for his own country.

In those 18 years of his career, Angel has a lot of fans following and money. Summing up all his assets, Angeli Maria net worth is $18 million.

Jorgelina and Angel Relationship Timeline

The Coppola Jorgelina Cardoso and Angel meet in the high school, as both of them share the same high school. It was not their love at first sight, but they became close friends.

Slowly they grow feeling for a certain and became couples. They dated for a long time before marrying each other.

Jorgelina and Angel Wedding

In 2011, the couple Angel Di Maria and Joselina Cardoso tied the knot. Ever since they are together.

They did see a lot of ups and downs but never left each other side. The age difference between the couple is two years. Surprisingly, Di Maria is the one who is two years younger than his wife Jorgelina Cardoso.

Jorgelina and Angel children

The couple Angel di Maria and Jorgelina Cardoso have been blessed with two children. They welcomed their first child, Mia Di Maria in 2013.

the couple jorgelina and angel two children pia di maria and mia di maria
Jorgelina and Angel’s children Pia Di Maria and Mia Di Maria posing for the picture.
Image Source: Instagram

Their second child Pia Di Maria was born on November 2017. The couple is very cautious towards their children and cares for them very well.

Jorgelina Cardoso Net Worth

According to some sources, Jorgelina Cardoso net worth is 450K. But since she never did work, this might be false information.

Yet, her husband earns a lot. He can sustain his family’s lives for many years. Also, on some events and occasions, Maria has gifted some luxurious items to Jorgelina Cardoso.

Jorgelina Cardoso Instagram

Angel Di Maria wife, Jorgelina Cardoso is available on Instagram and Facebook. She uploads pictures and videos on her Instagram and Facebook frequently.

Instagram: 1.4m followers

Facebook: 6.2k followers

Interesting facts about Jorgelina Cardoso

  • The couple Jorgelina and Angel have been blessed with two children named Mia De Maria and Pia Di Maira.
  • Angel Di Maria wife, Jorgelina is a homemaker.
  • The couple has celebrated 12 years of togetherness.
  • Jorgelina’s age is 37 years and is two years older than Angel Di Maria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Angel Di Maria married?

Yes, Angel Di Maria is married to Jorgelina Cardoso.

How old is Angel Di Maria?

Angel Di Maria was born on 14th February 1988 and is 35 years old.

How much does Angel Di Maria get paid?

Angel di Maria on 7.69 million euros annually.

What language does Angel de Maria speak?

Angel di Maria generally speaks Spanish and Italian.

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