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Albert Pirro is a popular American attorney and lawyer who is also famous for being a husband Jeanine Pirro. He also came into the news after divorcing Jeanine Pirro, as it was one of the high-class divorce cases.

It became headline news after it was known that Albert was having a mistress and even had a child. Albert also came into the news after coming into the controversy for his tax evasions and tax allegations.

Albert Pirro height
Albert Pirro height is 5’6″

Pirro has also earned lots of money and has ownership of over 32 companies. He also has Westchester’s top and the biggest law firm of the named “Pirro Buley and the Associates.”

If you loved the political and financial aspect of Lawyer Pirro, then you have come to the right place. So let’s get started with some quick facts about Albert Pirro.

Albert Pirro: Quick Facts

Birth Name Albert Pirro Obituary
Nick Name Albert Pirro
Age Under Review
Net Worth $1.5 million
Birth Place New York, USA
Date of Birth Under Review
Nationality USA
Mother’s Name Under Review
Father’s Name Albert Pirro Sr.
Siblings Anthony Pirro
Height 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm
Weight 70 kg or 154 pounds
Body Measurement Under Review
Race / Ethnicity White
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe Size Under Review
College/University Albany Law School
Educational Qualification Master Degree
Profession Attorney, Lawyer
Wife Jeanine Pirro (Divorced)
Children Christine and Alexandra
Last Updated March 2023

Who was the Wife of Albert Pirro? 

Albert Pirro first met his wife Jeanine Pirro when they were both students in Albany Law School. At the time, they were both looking for their JD degree and pursuing the career of becoming the top attorney of New York.

Albert Pirro wife
Albert Pirro with his wife Jeanine Pirro

They eventually started dating each other after liking each other company and intellect. Albert and Jeanine Pirro married each other in 1975. It was pretty good bonding between the two. The presence of kids did help the relationship to grow.

Albert Pirro and Jessica Hutchinson

The curious case of Albert and Jessica Hutchinson did get the streets warmer. When Albert was married to Jeanine he started to have affair with Jessica Hutchinson.

Jessica and Albert were so deeply in love with each other. What’s fascinating is the fact that there is no information about when the affair did start. In the meantime, Albert and Jessica spent some healthy time in Florida.

To make matters worse, his actual wife Jeanine had no idea about it. Later when she found out that Albert was having an outside affair in his life, they went in for a divorce.

Albert Pirro Kids

Albert Pirro might have had his fair share of issues, but he had some lovely kids. From this first marriage to Jeanine, the businessman had two kids. Christine was born in the year 1985. The next child of the couple Alexandra was also born later in 1989.

When the affair between Albert and Jessica took place, it went a step ahead. Meanwhile, they had a daughter named Jaclyn Marciano. At the end of it all, the businessman has three daughters.

Albert Pirro Family

Albert Pirro was born in White Plains, New York. His father’s name was Albert Pirro Sr. However, her mother’s name is unknown.  There is no information on his parents as Albert has not revealed anything about them on the media.

He also has not revealed how his childhood was and how he was growing up. Despite not knowing his parents, he has a sibling named Anthony G Pirro, who is also a lawyer. Both Albert and Anthony got into a lot of trouble for the tax evasions and tax allegations.


Regarding education, Albert Pirro went to St; Bonaventure University to pursue his career as a lawyer. He graduated from the said University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Jeanine Pirro bio
Jeanine Pirro is a host of Fox News.
Image Source: Instagram

After passing his Bachelor’s degree, he joined State University in New York City for his master’s degree. Albert graduated with his Master’s Degree in 1971 and then moved to Albany Law School and graduated from it in 1974.

Growing up, he was very talented and well educated and was really good at his studies. His father was also an attorney who inspired Albert to pursue a career as an attorney or a lawyer.

Albert Pirro Ethnicity

Lawyer Albert Pirro belongs to white ethnicity and mixed ancestral.

Albert Pirro Age, Height, and Body Measurements

The date of birth for this judge is not known, so his actual age is actually unknown. Pirro stands at the height of 5 ft. 6 inches tall, which converts into 168 cm, whereas he used to weigh about 70 kg which converts into 154 pounds.

Pirro is getting old with his age. When we look at him, he seems to be in his late 60s. With an increase in age, his hair has turned into white-grey color. Similarly, the eye color of the businessman is brown.


  • Albert Pirro started his career as a lawyer in 1975 when he became a certified lawyer. He also became a major lawyer in New York. After tons of years of experience, he became a major lawyer and the most popular attorney in New York. Due to his advanced reputation and name, Albert started his own firm named Pirro Buley and Associates with his law partner.
  • The law firm became the biggest name of the ’90s and handled most of the high-profile cases which made the name of Albert and his partner. They became the VIP of New York City. The company became so successful and popular that Albert and his partner decided to open the firm in 32 different locations, which also doubled his income and revenue.
  • Albert soon became the biggest lawyer in Westchester and even started forming partnerships with top enterprises such as Coco-Cola, Trump Hotel, and Resorts, and also Greater New York Hospital Association. The partnership and the lobbying were so much higher class that they tripled the revenue of Albert and his law firm. His firm Pirro Buley Associates became the no-one real estate firm, and Albert Pirro also became the No 1 lawyer in New York.


Albert Pirro was living a successful life as he was the leading real estate attorney and his firm was also the leading firm in New York. However, his luck turned upside down when he was accused of tax fraud and evasions.

Albert’s and his credibility took a massive hit when he was charged with 34 counts of fraud, tax evasions, and fraud. He was arrested on the 22nd of June, 2000.

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According to the court, In order to evade tax laws, Albert and his firm used to charge large ticket items like Super Cars and most expensive vacation homes as well.

He was presented among the courts, and the Judge calculated his fraud to be over 1 million in 2001. Albert was first sentenced to 29 months in prison, after which he resigned from his every post as a lawyer and a lobbyist.

However, his nightmare was about to take a turn for the worse, and the Judge decided to take his punishment for ten more years; this lawyer was kept in a very tight security federal prison.

Albert Pirro and Donald Trump Controversy

This was one of the most talked about controversies in the world for some time. 45 minutes before Joe Biden was all set to swear in as the president of the US, Donald Trump did the pardon. It was about the pardon he asked Albert Pirro.

The pardon from the former president came through to Pirro who was convicted of tax evasion and fraud charges in the year 2000. In the last hours of Trump’s ruling, he went on to ask for forgiveness and pardon from other people too.

Some of the experts also say that the pardon came for Pirro only due to the fact that he is the ex-husband of Jeanine Pirro. If you are unaware, Jeanine is the Fox News host and also a close media person of Donald Trump.

Albert Pirro Divorce

Pirro and his wife Jeanine were already separate and were living separately. During the time, Jeanine was on the course of running for governor as she had really strong political connections.

Albert Pirro weight
Albert Pirro weight is 70 kgs

However, when the relationship with Albert was surfaced, it impacted her credibility but what severely hurt her running for the governor was the allegation and conviction of Albert in the fraud and tas cases.

Despite living separately for over ten years, Albert and Jeanine officially divorced in 2013. She went to live in White Plains and her children, whereas Pirro also went to New York to live and work in a new firm.

Albert Pirro was given the full pardon by Donald Trump for his tax crimes just before Joe Biden replaced him as the president of the United States.

Jeanine Pirro went to have a successful life after divorce by becoming a prosecutor and also the host of the Fox TV show named Justice with Judge Jeanine.

Albert Pirro Net Worth

This well known personality became the biggest attorney and lawyer from 1980 to 1995, where his firm managed to lobby various multinational companies and government projects. Currently, Albert Pirro has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million.

He earned quite a lot of money at the time, but during his conviction, he also had to lose lots of properties, and his money and assets were frozen. After his release from prison, he continued to work as an attorney in the new firm and earned some decent earnings.

There is no information on how much Albert Pirro earns as a salary monthly and annually. He has not released the latest financial report and his firm on the media, whereas his ex-wife Jeanine allegedly earns over $100,000 monthly due to her prestigious career.


He isn’t someone who loves to connect to his fans through social media. As a result of that, there is no official social media account for the man.

On the other hand, his ex-wife has a good following on Instagram.

Instagram1.1m followers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ex-wife of Albert Pirro?

Albert Pirro was married to the prosecutor, DA, and Judge Jeanine Pirro. The couple had two children. Jeanine divorced Albert after knowing about his mistress and his child. They officially divorced in 2013.

Why was Albert Pirro arrested?

Albert Pirro was arrested for tax fraud, and evasion on 34 counts. He used to fraud taxes on Ferraris and Holiday vacations.

What is the net worth of Albert Pirro?

Albert Pirro net worth as of 2023 is $12 million.

Is Albert Pirro married?

After divorcing Jeanine Pirro, Albert has focused more on his career.


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