Yolandi Visser (Updated March 2023), Age, Songs, Boyfriend, Kids, Net Worth 2023

Yolandi Visser is a South African singer, composer, and actress best known for being the frontwoman of the Zef-Rave-Rapper band ‘Die Antwoord.’Yo-Landi Visser was always passionate about music as a kid, but she couldn’t understand rap and never considered a future in it.

She met and admired a guitarist named Markus after being moved to the town of Pretoria to receive an education. He was a master at using fruity loops to create electronic music.

Yolandi Visser age
Yolandi Visser age is 39 years old
Source: Biographymask

He would frequently capture her voice to include it in his music. She grew interested in making music after hearing those recordings.

However, she always had a lot of questions about how to pursue a music career. She encountered Watkin Tudor Jones, ie. Ninja, when she finished her studies and relocated to Cape Town.

She told him about the songs she’d written with Markus, and he grew intrigued by her voice and offered her to enter his rap group. The two moved on to record many songs and release several albums together.

Yo Landi Visser: Quick Facts

Full Name  Anri du Toit
Nickname  ¥o-Landi Vi$$er

Anica the Snuffling

Date of Birth  1 December 1984
Birth Place Port Alfred, South Africa
Age 39 years old
Sun Sign  Sagittarius
Father’s Name  Ben du Toit
Mother’s Name  Will Update Soon
Siblings  1
Sister/brother name  Leon du Toit
Nationality  South African
Ethnicity  Caucasian
Height  5 feet 2 inches



Weight  53kg


Body Measurements  Bust: 31 inches

Waist: 20 inches

Hips: 32 inches

Eye Color  Blue
Body Type Slim
Hair Color  Blonde
Shoe Size  8.5 US
Education  Lady Grey Arts Academy
Religion  Will Update Soon
Sexuality  Straight
Marital Status  Divorced
Ex-Husband Watkin Tudor Jones
Children 4
Children name Sixteen Jones, Tokkie, Meisie, Jemile
Net Worth  $10 million
Salary Will Update Soon
Social Media Presence  Instagram
Source of Wealth  Rapper
Last Updated March 2023

Early Life

On December 1, 1984, Yo-Landi Visser was conceived in Port Alfred, a tiny town on South Africa’s eastern seaboard, as Anri du Toit. She was adopted and raised by a “lovely little Afrikaans family,” She never knew her biological parents.

Anri’s mom was a housewife, and her dad was a priest. She grew highly aggressive as a kid, often falling into fistfights while growing up in a strict Afrikaans environment.

Yolandi Visser net worth
Yolandi Visser net worth stands at $10 million
Source: Pinterest

The readers who are not aware of it, Yo had a brother named Leon, who was also adopted. Sadly her brother passed away in 2015, which provided her with heartbreak.

Anri was sent to a private school in Pretoria when she turned 16 years old. She relocated to Cape Town after finishing school and encountered Ninja, who assisted her in determining her career aspirations.


She started boarders school in Pretoria when she was 16 years old. She went to St—Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls from periods five to sixteen.

After that, she attended Lady Grey Arts Academy. The vocalist moved to Cape Town after completing her studies. Visser’s academic background is still unknown.

Yolandi Visser Age and Height

The full name of African singer Yolandi Visser is Anri du Toit. Yolandi Visser, is her actual name. Anri age is 39 years old, born on December 1, 1984.

Sagittarius is her zodiac sign. Similarly, the artist is a South African national. This diva is of Dutch ancestry and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. 1.56m is the height of this musician.

Her body mass is 53 kg. Yolandi’s bust measures 31 inches (79 cm), and her waist measures 20 inches (53 cm). Likewise, her hips are 32 inches.  Yo’s bra size is 36A (US), and her cup size is A (US), with a shoe size of 8.5. (US).

Yolandi Visser has multiple tattoos on her fingertips, which give her an odd appearance. She once dabbled with a blonde tint for her haircut. Her eyes are blue in color.

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In addition, in the year 2009, she had Ninja shave off the edges of her head and then dyed her hair and eyebrows white. She accomplished this by conveying her inner thoughts through her outward appearance and proudly asserting herself as an outsider.


  • Visser and Ninja collaborated on The Constructs Corporation, so their only record, ‘The Ziggurat,’ was published in 2003.
  • Visser then went to work with the hip-hop group MaxNormal.TV as Max Normal’s assistant. This rapper changed her name to Yolandi Visser at this time.
  • ‘Tik Tik Tik,’ a song created by the band, is dedicated to her and her formative years. She was born into a vast family and grew up in poverty.
  • Similarly, life provided her with two possibilities. She met a drug dealer through ‘Option A’ with someone she started dealing with and became a drug addict.
  • ‘Option B’ also connected her to a drug trafficker, but she turned him down in favor of working in a café. She can use ‘Option B’ to rent a room and use an opportunity to join MaxNormal TV.
  • Visser is currently a part of Die Antwoord, along with Ninja. She has five studio albums to her credit with the band.
  • Anri has performed in several films in addition to her singing career.
  • She had an appearance on ‘Goeie More Zuid Africa’ in 2008.
  • She also appeared in ‘Tokoloshe’ and ‘Umshimi Wam’ in 2011.
  • Her most recent piece was published in 2015. In the British science film ‘Chappie,’ she played herself.

Who Is Yolandi Visser Boyfriend?

She had a musical boyfriend named Markus when this rapper was in high school. Markus her partner was also talented in the field of electronic music. He would synthesize her voice and use it in his music. Yolandi’s interest in music blossomed as a result of this.

She subsequently dated Ninja regularly. Sixteen, the couple’s first kid, was born on January 5, 2005. Sadly, the couple divorced in 2009. However, they continued to collaborate on music. No surprise her daughter then made her debut in this area at seven. Anri is also a talented singer and songwriter.

Yolandi Visser boyfriend
Yolandi Visser with her ex-partner Ninja
Source: Buzz SouthAfrica

It is very hard that love wouldn’t find a way in her life. In the most latest turn of events, Yo Landi has been dating Watkin Tudor Jr. This love story started to brew in 2022. With the bond and the news in the media, one can say the relationship with go for long.

Even though Visser has a child with Ninja, she has adopted kids. Due to her loving nature, there are three kids in the family. Tokkie, Meisie, and Jemile are the three other adopted kids. The family of five lives happily at the moment.


Because the musician was a part of the well-known band ‘Die Antwoord,’ there were several speculations that the band would break up. Other controversies surrounding Yolandi concern her image. Some followers regard her as a fashion icon and talented musician, while others regard her as a music embarrassment.

Added to that, there was also hype. The conflict erupted in 2019 after a video from 2012 surfaced, depicting du Toit and Tudor Jones accusing openly homosexual musician Andy Butler of sexual assault and hurling homophobic slurs.

They eventually admit that Butler had assaulted them more than once in the weeks prior. He also had pursued du Toit into the women’s restroom and directly harassed her.

Yolandi Visser Net Worth 2023

If you are hardworking and honest at what you do, your net worth or money is never in more little numbers. Yolandi Visser has done the job of rapping with all of her heart. Her honesty has helped the greenery to always be around her.

Surprisingly it has been over 20 years since this musician has been in the musical field. Yolandi Visser net worth as of 2023 is $10 million according to Celebritynetworth. As her music keeps growing, Yolandi will be adding more of the net cost to her kitty.

As she has so much worth behind her back, this rapper loves to live a simple life. She is feeding her kids well and giving them a good life. With no information on her houses and cars, one might say she is someone with a simple living high, thinking mentality. If something pops up, readers will be made aware.

Yo Landi Instagram

Yolandi Visser doesn’t appear to be active on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. She does, however, have millions of Instagram followers.

Instagram: 1.1 million followers

FAQ about Yolandi Visser

Are Ninja and Yolandi together?

No, Ninja and Yolandi are not together at the moment. Although the pair share a kid, she is dating Watkin at the moment.

What is Yolandi’s real name?

Anri du Toit is the real name of Yolandi Visser.

How Old is Yolandi?

Yolandi Visser age is 39 years old as of 2023.

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