Tyrus Net Worth 2023, House, Cars, WWE Earnings, Wife, Twitter

One of the famous wrestler of his prime, Tyrus has made a name both professionally and controversially. Today in this article, we will be talking about Tyrus net worth. Right before that, let’s know who is Tyrus.

tyrus net worth
As of 2023, Tyrus net worth is $2 million.
Image Source: eBay

Tyrus is a well-known personality who debuted his career in WWE in 2006. Since then he is unstoppable.

He has achieved numerous acknowledgments to date. Not only that but own quite expensive items as well.

So, to know more about Tyrus and all his assets, let’s dive into the article.

Quicks facts: Tyrus

Full Name George Murdoch
Famous as Wrestler
Nick Name Tyrus
Birth Date 21st February 1973
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Age 50 years old
Father’s Name Under Review
Mother’s Name Under Review
Siblings 1
Spouse Ingrid Rinck
Children 3
Education Graduate
Religion Christendom
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Straight
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Marital Status Engaged
Height 6 feet 7 inches
Weight 170 Kg
Body Measurements Under Review
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Wrestler and Actor
Net Worth $2 million
Social Media Presence Instagram and Twitter
Last Update March 2023

Tyrus Net Worth 2023

After accumulating all the assets owned by this giant. Tyrus net worth is $2 million. For this gentleman, everything started with wrestling. From a boy who was struggling to live to a man who is loved and liked by many.

tyrus wife name
Tyrus’s wife’s name is Ingrid Rinck.
Image Source: GhBase

Tyrus is who is inspiring many and Tyrus net worth could make you say wow. This man has come very far. He has also done various jobs but wrestling is considered one of the life-changing parts of his life.

Today, he owns many luxurious items and has been investing in many businesses as well. This is why Tyrus net worth is growing rapidly.

Tyrus House

Tyrus has a huge body which might give you the image that he is living in a big house. But scattering your imagination, Tyrus is not.

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This big man is living near New Orleans and might not be shifting anywhere soon. But we like to break your people’s hearts as we cannot retrieve more data regarding his house.

We will update it, as soon as we get all the data regarding his house.

Tyrus Cars

Tyrus net worth is considerably high. Also, having this massive net worth makes you buy some expensive items.

tyrus weight
Tyrus weighs around 170 Kg.
Image Source: Webofbio

Among all the expensive items, the car is one of them. However, there is less detail about the cars Tyrus owns. We will update it as soon as possible.

Tyrus Business Venture

Tyrus is a well-known personality, even having this much popularity, there is not much information regarding him.

And one the information which is less about him is about his business venture. This might be because he doesn’t want to showcase his investments.

But looking at him, George Murdoch must be investing in many businesses out there, as Tyrus net worth is massively high.

WWE Earnings of Tyrus

If we talk about Tyrus, WWE is the first thing that will come to mind. This is because everything started for this giant from WWE.

Also, his primary source of income is from it. He has almost spent 18 years as a wrestler and is not stopping any time soon.

According to some sources, he has been under several contracts with WWE. In some contracts, he has been paid around $465K annually. This shows how enormously he earns per year.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Looking at Tyrus’s body, he might seem too massive but don’t let it fool you. In 2012, he was awarded Best Dancer of the Year.

Also, he has won several awards such as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Television Championship, PPW Heavyweight Championship, and many more.

George Murdoch aka Tyrus ranked 74 out of the top 500 single wrestlers in 2012 and 2013. This shows how immensely he is loved by his fans.

Tyrus Merchandise

Tyrus has not owned any websites which sell his merchandise but many websites are selling merchandise by printing his name.

However, it is mentioned on that website that the merchandise is owned by the wrestler Tyrus. So, it can be concluded that the income from the merchandise might be going to him.

Who is Tyrus Wife?

Tyrus not only struggled in life but also didnt get much of the love life he wanted. He divorced his first due to some complications between them.

But it didnt stop him from trusting another person. Today, he is engaged with Ingrid Rinck and wanted to start his love life again.

So, who is Ingrid Rinck? Simply, she is the CEO of Sensible Meals and also a trained professional in her field.

tyrus height
Tyrus stands at 6 feet 7 inches.
Image Source: Wrestling Headlines

Also, she is considered one of the most well-known entrepreneurs out there. However, Rinck came to the limelight after she was engaged to Tyrus.

She founded her company Sensible Meals in 2014, there Rinck provided various meal information for trainers and several well-known personalities.

Also, the company looks after their customer day to day eating habit and provide a calculated meal plan for a healthy lifestyle.

Tyrus Twitter

An average boy whose childhood was full of struggle ends up being a superstar. Today, this gentleman is known around the world.

He has done an amazing job tackling all the obstacles. Also, he has a massive fan following around the world and people love watching him wrestle.

Instagram: 223k followers

Twitter: 584k followers

Interesting facts about Tyrus

  • Tyrus was 15 years old when he left the foster house and completed his education after that.
  • Once he was even called by Snoopdog to be his guard and yes, Tyrus was under contract with him for several years.
  • The real name of the legend who has come so far by himself is George Murdoch, Tyrus is just his stage name.
  • Tyrus was never interested in wrestling, he wanted to be a footballer, but due to some complication in his leg. He has to go through surgery and he was never seen playing football again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ethnicity is Tyrus?

Tyrus’s father is black however, his mother is white. So, he belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

How did Tyrus meet Greg Gutfeld?

Tyrus met Greg Gutfeld in the show The Greg Gutfeld Show. This was the first time they saw each other.

What is Tyrus net worth?

As of 2023, Tyrus net worth is $2 million.

Was Tyrus in the military?

Yes, he served his country for 11 years and finally retired.

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