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Tony Robbins has come a long way. He has not only acquired a big sum of money but also inspired others to achieve theirs by giving motivational speeches and strategies on a variety of things. Meanwhile Tony Robbins height matches his stature.

tony robbins height
Tony Robbins height is 6 feet 7 inches.
Image Source: CNBC

Everything started for Robbins from an early age. Thus, learned many ideas and gained strategies to conquer the mind from Jim Rohn.

He is like a godfather to him, also both of them share the same profession as well. In this article, we will talk about Tony Robbins height, personal life and many more briefly.

Quick facts: Tony Robbins

Full Name Anthony J. Mahavoric
Famous as Motivational Speaker
Nick Name Tony Robbins
Birth Date 29th February 1960
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 63 years old
Father’s Name John Mohorovic
Mother’s Name Nikki Robbins
Siblings Marcus Robbins and Tara Robbins
Wife Sage Robbins
Children Jairek Robbins and Jolie Robbins
Education High School
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Height 6 feet 7 inches
Weight 95 kg
Body Measurements Under Review
Shoe Size 16 (US)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Motivational Speaker and Author
Net Worth $600 million
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
Last Update January 2023

How tall is Tony Robbins? Tony Robbins Height, Weight

Tony Robbins height is 6 feet 7 inches. It came this way because he was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, which affects a person’s growth rate.

tony robbins weight
Tony Robbins weighs around 95 kg.
Image Source: Men’s Journal

Thus, after being affected by it, Tonny Robbins was seen growing ten inches in height in no time. Likewise, he weighs around 95 kg.

Looking at his body stats, Robbins is huge. Even so, he got a gentleman’s charms. His black eyes and black hair have added more attractiveness to Tony’s face.

Being born in the year 1960, this massive gentleman is 63 years old. He was born in Los Vegas and thus is a citizen of America.

Who is Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker and author. He has inspired many with his talks and given many theories regarding self-improvement.

Tony Robbins Family

Robbins was born to an average family. His family concluded with five members. His father John Mohorovic was a parking garage attendant and maintained his family financially quite well.

His mother Nikki Robbins devoted his life to taking care of her children. She gave all his children proper guidance in choosing a better path but Robbins didn’t get any.

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Talking about Tony’s siblings, he got two, Marcus Robbins and Tara Robbins. Among the two, Tony is the eldest son of the family.

Early life

The 6 feet 7 inches tall guy, Tony Robbins was born on 29th February 1960 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He spent his childhood playing with his siblings and taking care of them as he was the eldest.

tony robbins wife
Tony Robbins wife name is Sage Robbins.
Image Source: Twitter

Being born into an average family, Robbins didn’t get everything he wanted. Also, his parents got divorced when Tony was just seven years old. This is why he had to take on many responsibilities and had to understand life soon.

After being raised by a single father, his house became a nightmare for him and his siblings to live in as his father used to abuse his children.

That is why Tony Robbins took a vow to leave his house and never come back again. Robbins left the house at the age of 17.


Talking about his educational background, this celebrity completed his schooling at Glendora High School.

However, after leaving the house permanently, Tony was broke and thus didn’t study further.

Ethnicity and Religion

Tony Robbins was born of couple of White descent, thus his ethnicity remains the same. Also, he has faith in Christianity.

According to Tony’s birthdate, he was born under the sun sign Pisces.


Broke Tony Robbins never hoped for a clear sky in his life. Thus to survive, he started working as a Janitor and this remained the best thing Tony ever did.

Because of working as Janitor, he got to know about Jim Rohn from his landlord. John Rohn is a motivational speaker and author like Robbins.

After knowing about him, Robbins started attending his seminar and started promoting it. In no time, Tony got fond of it and started doing motivational speeches on his own.

In 2014, he came to join an investor group. The group was on the verge of launching a Major League Soccer franchise named Los Angeles Football Club.

In 2016, Tony Robbins purchased an esports team Team Liquid, collaborating with Golden State Warriors.

Currently, we do not have any hold of his new projects. We will update it immediately after we get to know about it.

Tony Robbins Books

Tony Robbins is an author alongside a motivational speaker. He has not only inspired his audience from his speeches but with books as well.

tony robbins net worth
Tony Robbins net worth stands at $600 million.
Image Source: The Washington Note

To date, Robbins has written many books and few of them have been sold in millions. Thus. some of the best-selling books of Tony Robbins are;

  • Awaken the Giant Within
  • Unlimited Power
  • Giant Steps
  • Notes from a Friend
  • Money Master The Game
  • Unshakeable
  • Lessons in Mastery

Criticism and Legal Issues

Being a speaker, Tony tries to cover many current affairs in his talks. That is why he is criticized for talking wrongly about the events.

In 2000, Robbins was sued for using copyrighted terms from the book Wall Street Money Machine by Wade Cook.

Just a year later, he was sued for defaming. In this legal issue, Robbins had to bear $20,000 in the loss.

In 2012 and 2016, many cases of burning came because of the fire walking event which was conducted by Tony Robbins.

In 2019, Tony was accused of sexual harassment and abuse allegations. The case was filed by his fans and staff members.


Tony is married twice. Currently, he is married to Sage Robbins. She is an actor who became a fan of Robbins’ speeches just after listening to them once.

Before coming into Tony’s life, she was married to Lynch but after attending Robbins seminar, she fell for him and came to divorce his husband Lynch.

Then the couple Tony and Sage dated for several years and soon decided to make their love even stronger. Thus on 14th October 2001, the couple tied the knot and is living happily ever since.


The cute couple Tony and Sage doesn’t share any children. However, Tony has three children from his previous marriage, among them two were from the previous marriage of his ex-wife Rebecca Jenkins.

And later became a father biologically, after being blessed with a child with his former girlfriend Liz Acosta.

Two of the children’s names are Jairek Robbins and Jolie Jenkins. Both of them are well-known personalities in their related field.

Where does Tony Robbins net worth stand?

Tony engaged in motivational speaking from the age of 17. He has worked for many years as a motivational speaker and still can be seen doing it.

Likewise, Robbins is an author and does many investments as well. Because of this, he has been blessed with great fortune and a luxurious life.

After accumulating all the assets he has earned to date, Tony Robbins net worth stands at $600 million.

Tony Robbins Instagram

Instagram: 6.4m followers

Facebook: 6.1m followers

Twitter: 3.1m followers

Youtube: 1.54 million subscribers

Interesting facts about Tony Robbins

  • The motivational speaker left his house at the age of 17 because of not tolerance behavior of his father.
  • Robbins started his career by promoting the motivational speech of Jim Rohn.
  • He doesn’t bear any children with his current wife Sage Robbins.
  • Tony was seven years old when his parent got divorced.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tony Robbins

Is Tony Robbins a billionaire?

As of 2023, Tony Robbins net worth stands at $600 million, thus he is not a billionaire.

What does Tony Robbins teach?

Tony Robbins speaks on a variety of topics, but mostly he is seen talking about physiology, state of mind, and human perspective on things.

How did Tony Robbins grow so fast?

Tony was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor because of this his growth hormone was affected and he got a boost in height.

What is the best Tony Robbins course?

Some of the best Tony Robbins courses are; The Time of Your Life, Ultimate Edge, and Personal Power.

What is Tony Robbins height?

Tony Robbins height is 6ft 7 inches.

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