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Tommy Lee is an American musician and one of the biggest names in the heavy metal music scene. He has been actively working in the music industry for more than five decades now.

tommy lee age
Tommy Lee age is 61 years old.
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Tommy Lee was a drummer for the band he helped found. Lee has also written songs for many singers as well as for his own band. The musician has been able to work for popular music labels like Leathur, Elektra, MCA, mau5trap, and many others.

Lee along with his friends found a band named Motley Crue in 1981 which was a big hit. It quickly amassed a dedicated fanbase which helped him gain nationwide fame. 

Tommy Lee: Quick Facts

Name Tommy Lee
Full Name Tommy Lee Bass
Date of Birth October 3, 1962
Nick Name T-Bone
Birth Place Greece
Age 61 years
Father’s Name David Lee Thomas Bass
Mother’s Name Vassiliki Voula Papadimitriou
Siblings  One
Height 6 ft 2 inches
Nationality American
Sexuality Male
Ethnicity Greek, European
Occupation Drummer and Musician
Eye Color Hazel 
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Single
Wife Brittany Furlan
Net Worth $70 million
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Update on February 2023

Tommy Lee Age and Height| How Old Is Tommy Lee?

Tommy Lee age is 61 years old as of 2023. The musician was born on the 3rd of October in the year 1962. His interest in music began growing from a young age.

tommy lee showing tattoos
Tommy Lee has tattoos all around his body.
Image Source: British GQ

Lee had started listening to rock and heavy metal music in his early teenage years. He was a particular fan of legendary drummers like Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen, etc. 

Tommy Lee stands at a height of 6 ft 2 inches and weighs around 78 kg. The musician has hazel-colored eyes and dons long black hair. The tattoos on his arms and neck complement his overall look. 

There is hardly any information relating to the shoe and dress size. The most distinctive feature of Tommy Lee is the inking he performed in the overall body.

Early Life

Tommy Lee was born in Greece to an American father and Greek mother. His father David Lee Thomas Bass was a sergeant in the US Army. Lee’s mother Vassiliki Voula Papadimitriou was a model.

She participated in the 1957 Miss Greece Beauty Contest. Lee has a younger sister. Although he was born in Greece, Lee along with his family members came back to California, United States where he spent most of his childhood and early life.

Lee received drumsticks as a gift on an occasion when he was four years old. He began learning to play drums and got his first drum kit in his teenage years.

Lee started taking music more seriously and finally dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music. He along with his friends founded a band named Suite 19 and performed mostly in local clubs.

His influences in music include Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Sweek, Led Zeppelin, et cetera.

Tommy Lee Tattoos

When we talk about this brilliant musician, he is a big fan of tattoos. There have been multiple tattoos on his body which can be seen and admired with ease. No matter your hands or legs, Tommy Lee tattoos have played a big part.

In total there are 24 tattoos on the body of this singer. One might find it tough to get inked but not Tommy Lee. The list of his tattoos are:

  • Star tattoo on the side of his left eye.
  • Woman tattoo on the right side of the neck.
  • Lipstick tattoo on the left side of the neck.
  • Lion tattoo on both sides of his chest.
  • Mayhem Tattoo on his stomach.
  • Om and Lotus tattoo on the belly.
  • Tribal tattoo on his back.
  • Boy and girl tattoo on his right arm tattoo.
  • Cheetah tattoo on his right upper arm.
  • Leaves and Vines tattoo on his right bicep.
  • Skeleton tattoo on the lower side of the right arm.
  • Flower, bolt, and Chinese tattoo on his left arm.
  • Fish tattoo on his upper left arm.
  • Rock and flower tattoo on his inner left arm.
  • Name tattoo on the upper side of his both wrists.
  • Star tattoo on both hands near the thumb.
  • Swirl tattoo on his right index finger.
  • Diamond tattoo on his left-hand index finger.
  • Lines tattoo on the upper side of his left hand.
  • Flamingo tattoo on his right hand.
  • Band tattoo on his left thigh.
  • Girl tattoo on the outer side of the left leg.
  • Floral pattern tattoo on his left leg.
  • Eagle tattoo on the outer side of his right thigh.

Career at Motley Crue

With his passion for music, Lee ventured into the world of music forming a band named Suite 19 along with friends in the early 1970s. He met other musicians early in the journey who went on to become his lifelong friends.

During this period, he performed along with other bands like Van Halen and Quiet Riot in the Sunset Strip Club circuit. Lee soon left the band to find another.

In 1981, Lee along with Mick Mars, Nicki Sixx, and his high school friend Vince Neil founded Motley Crue which helped him get international success.

Motley Crue went on to become a wildly successful band and has sold over 100 million albums to date. After amassing a strong fan base, Motley Crue released their first album titled Too Fast for Love.

The album was initially released under their own label but was later signed by Elektra Records. Tommy Lee was known for his flamboyant attitude in concerts. He often mooned during concerts. He left the band in 1999 citing personal reasons. 

Later Career

After leaving Motley Crue, Lee formed his own band named Methods of Mayhem and released their first album. He collaborated with many other artists like Stuart Hamm, Rob Zombie, et cetera.

In recent times, Lee has toured with his fellow member DJ Aero as well as Methods of Mayhem. The music star has also appeared in tv shows like Tommy Lee Goes to College, Battleground Earth, etc.

Tommy Lee Girlfriend

Tommy Lee has had a total of four marriages to date. His first marriage was with Elaine Starchuk in 1984 but ended in divorce just a year later.

tommy lee with brittany furlan
Tommy Lee with girlfriend Brittany Furlan in Netflix premiere.
Image Source: People

He later married actress Heather Locklear in 1986. It also ended in divorce after seven years in 1993.

Tommy Lee met Pamela Anderson in 1995. He felt an instant connection with her and married after four days of their initial meeting.

He has two children from his relationship with Pamela Anderson. They divorced in 1998 for personal reasons. Similarly Pamela Anderson worth is $20 million. 

After his relationship with Pamela Anderson, Lee dated several personalities like Mayte Garcia, Sofia Toufa, et cetera. He is currently married to Brittany Furlan.

Tommy Lee’s Wife Brittany Furlan

Lee began dating Brittany Furlan in the early months of 2017. The couple revealed that they were engaged in 2018 and subsequently tied in the knot in February of 2019.

Born to Italian American parents, Furlan is a popular internet celebrity and actress. She went viral with the rise of the short video app Vine. The actress was on the 2015 list of influential personalities on the Internet. 

Both of them have been doing a pretty good job together. Be it Tommy or Brittany they are pretty hooked up on their careers. With no information on extramarital affairs, it is pretty settled between the pairs. Interestingly both of them bore no children to this point in time.

Tommy Lee Net Worth 2023

According to celebritynetworth Tommy Lee net worth in 2023 is $70 million. The musician has amassed wealth thanks to his work in several albums as a solo artist as well as a band member of Motley Crue.

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For the musical career that Lee has celebrated, earnings are never an issue. Tommy is a fun-loving personality who likes to talk a lot. But the information regarding the cars and mansions is not available in detail.

His musical career is still on the rise. This means that the net worth of the singer is bound to rise through the ranks. With his band doing the best of things, the net worth will only go one way and that’s up.

Tommy Lee House

When you have served the music industry for so long, earning a good net worth isn’t a problem. Tommy Lee has used most of that in his lifestyle which isn’t a surprise at. It is present in LA and it is called Home Sweet Home.

tommy lee motley crue
Tommy Lee with Motley Crue in world tour event 2023.
Image Source: Instagram

With the mansion being the massive buy it is worth $4.15 million which is pretty good. The living facility spans an area of 4266 sq ft along with four bedrooms. Added to that 3 and a half bathrooms provide the touch.

A pool, and a fireplace along with the open spaces in the house make it look absolutely glorious. There is the presence of rare architecture which allows you to enjoy the masterpiece in the living property.

Tommy Lee Instagram

Tommy Lee is active in almost all of the major social media sites and has a massive follower base. He particularly uses his Twitter account to interact with his fans and Instagram to share pictures of his daily life. Lee is also present on Facebook.

Instagram: 1.7m followers

Twitter: 797k followers

Frequently Asked Questions About Tommy Lee

Is Tommy Lee still rich?

Yes, Tommy Lee is still indeed quite rich. He has an estimated net worth of around $70 million as of writing thanks to his successful music career.

How many wives has Tommy Lee had?

As of 2021, Tommy Lee has been married a total of four times. The music star is currently married to celebrity and actress Brittany Furlan.

Who is Tommy Lee’s son?

Tommy Lee has two sons and both are from his relationship with Pamela Anderson. His elder son Brandon Thomas Lee was born in 1996 and his younger son Dylan Jagger Lee was born in 1997.

How old is Tommy Lee in 2023?

As of 2023, Tommy Lee age is

How did Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson meet?

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson met at a club. During the time of the meeting, Anderson was a Playboy Playmate Model and had even worked as an actor in several movies.

What does Tommy Lee do now?

Tommy Lee currently enjoys his life in semi-retirement with his wife in LA. He also owns a recording studio as well as manages a farm with some animals.

Interesting Facts About Tommy Lee

  • Tommy Lee got the nickname T-Bone while he was a member of Suite 19. The reason for such a nickname was the fact that he was quite slender and tall.
  • Apart from being a professional drummer, Lee is also an able DJ. He often performs in clubs across America.
  • Tommy Lee got involved in a sex tape controversy when a video of his intimate moment was stolen in 1995. It was later found out the sex tape was stolen by a porn star named Rand Gauthier. 
  • Lee has been in his fair share of controversies. He spent six months in jail after being convicted of violence against his ex-wife Pamela Anderson while they were in a relationship.
  • Although Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson broke up in 1998, the couple got back together after a few years which also ended in a short time.
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