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Abraham Himmelbrand, born in the year 1900, May 25, is a very popular American entertainer who spent most of his life performing in Great Britain. Abraham’s stage name is Teddy Brown.

The first time Teddy played was in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, but later on, he moved to the field of popular music during the 1910s.

Teddy worked as a percussionist for a specific time with Julius Lenzberg‘s Riverside Theatre Orchestra. Some of Brown’s earliest recordings were from the xylophone solos. Brown often collaborated with the amazing Lenzberg’s band on Edison Records in 1919 and 1920.

Teddy Brown profession
The famous singer Teddy Brown
Source: Youtube

Brown was more noticeable for his important and plump appearance. Brown was approaching over 400 pounds which is 180 kg. Teddy was often compared to one of the great yet rotund band leaders named Paul Whiteman.

Brown was naturally very talented on every musical instrument. Teddy played many other devices other than percussion and a lovely saxophone. Teddy also used to whistle while playing percussion.

If you are also a fan of talented musician Teddy, you must read this article below. So, let’s begin with the quick facts about Teddy Brown.

Teddy Brown: Quick Facts

Birth Name Abraham Himmelbrand
Nick Name Teddy Brown
Age During Death 46 years
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birth Place New York City, USA
Date of Birth May 25, 1900
Died On April 29, 1946
Nationality American
Mother’s Name Under Review
Father’s Name Under Review
Sibling Under Review
Height Under Review
Weight 180 kg or 396 lbs.
Body Measurement Under Review
Race / Ethnicity Mixed
Hair Color Under Review
Eye Color Under Review
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe Size Under Review
College/University Under Review
Educational Qualification Under Review
Profession Musician
Wife Sophie Inselberg
Children Under Review
Net Worth (Approx.) $1 million
Last Update April 2023

Teddy Brown Early Life and Parents

Brown’s birthplace is New York City. Brown was just nine years old when he went on the variety stage.

From 1917 to 1919, he used to play drums and was a drummer and a xylophonist. Brown was also with the Orchestra named Earl Fuller’s Rector Novelty Orchestra and then recorded and performed on Broadway.

Also, in the year 1924, he became a member of Joseph C. Smith‘s band at the New York City hotel Plaza. Teddy, along with them, also toured England in the year 1925.

Besides this, we don’t have any information regarding Teddy Brown’s parents, family, or educational background. We will update you about Teddy’s personal information if we find any new detail regarding his biography.

Teddy Brown Age and Height

Teddy Brown was just 46 years old when he died. Brown was very young and was living life and enjoying his life due to an unfortunate mishap.

Brown weight is 180 kg or 396 lbs, but his height and other details are still unknown.

Teddy’s nationality was American, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. This explains his personality to be creative and passionate about innovation. Most of them are very creative and have a sense of ideas, which makes them kind of lazy.

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Brown was very passionate about music and musical instruments from the start of his career; however, there is not much about his hobbies and interests.

Besides this, there is not much new information about the legend Teddy.


In 1926, Brown arrived in London, and in the following year, he formed his Orchestra by playing at the Cafe de Paris.

Teddy also used to play in various nightclubs in both London and Paris, including the club named KitKat club. One of the custom-made Besson xylophones he played had a five-octave range which was one more than the normal.

Also, in the year 1927, The United Kingdom division of Lee de Forest’s Phonofilm made a short film of Brown playing the instrument.

Because of his excellent percussive skills got spread in the United Kingdom, he gained more fame and also appeared in an early sound feature-length movie in the year 1930, which was also co-directed by a young Alfred Hitchcock and the film was titled Elstree Calling.

It was also a musical variety review that answered Paul Whitman‘s music review feature film of the same year, and the film was named King of Jazz, as both movies also featured early color sequences.

Elstree was one of the movie and radio studio complexes where many other famous films and radio shows got produced in the early days of British Media Entertainment.

A variety of impressive older musical and comedic vaudeville acts and new talent got featured in one of the two films.

Big Breakthrough and Movies

Teddy’s appearances in the movie Elstree Calling also won favorable audience reviews at that particular time.

Although his third appearance in the movie was pretty impressive, he played the xylophone with tremendous and incredibly fast precision, using only one of his hands and sometimes behind his back.

Brown’s rapid-fire style was imposing and an early influence of percussionist, and bandleader Spike Jones who also launched his high-energy career later a decade.

From 1931, Teddy played on the radio and in various movies, and on the variety stage played his xylophone.

Teddy’s appearance was terrific as he also often danced around while playing the xylophone. Teddy became very popular in an instant among the audiences because of his talent.

Brown also appeared in the Royal Variety Performance in 1931. Brown has an association with The Crazy Gang and mainly was the subject of their jokes.

However, his unique musical journey came to a halt in 1946. Teddy died of a heart attack living his fans of him and his music in deep sorrow and grief.

Awards and Achievements

He has not won any awards for his music and concerts. Despite not winning any recognizable awards, Teddy was still one of the loved musicians.

Brown’s most outstanding achievement was the love and respect of the people towards him because of his fantastic talent as a musician during the time he lived.

Brown still has many fans and supporters who remember him despite his death.

Even though he has passed over for a long time, Brown’s music and melody have become an art to cherish for eternity.

Cause of Death

Brown died in the year 1946 at the very young age of forty-five after he appeared in a concert at The Wolverhampton Hippodrome.

Teddy Brown death
Teddy Brown died at the age of 46 due to a heart attack
Source: Youtube

 According to the report at the time, Teddy died of a heart attack. However, the cause of the heart attack could not be known and still is a mystery to date.

Who is Teddy Brown’s Wife?

This man married a beautiful woman Sophie Inselberg. The lovely couple remained in the marriage till the death of Brown.

There is not much information about how Teddy and Sophie met for the first time and how long Teddy and Sophie were together before getting married.

According to some of our sources, Brown had two children with his wife, but besides this, there is no information regarding his children or his wife.

Teddy Brown Net worth 2023

As of 2023, Teddy Brown net worth is $1 million. This impressive net worth is the result of his dedication to music.

Teddy Brown net worth
As of 2023, Teddy Brown net worth is $1 million
Source: Youtube

Brown was a musician, so most of his earnings have come from his music shows, performances, and record sales. There is not much detailed information on how precisely Teddy earned from his every show and record.

Not only does Teddy earn lots of money, but he also has earned lots of fame and respect from the people globally.

Teddy Brown Instagram

There are no social media accounts of his name but few fans accounts to honor and respect this talented legend. Brown has many social media fan pages on his name on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Teddy Brown?

Teddy Brown is a famous American entertainer who spent most of his life performing in Great Britain.

Who is the wife of Teddy Brown?

Brown’s wife’s name is Sophie Inselberg.

At what age did Teddy Brown die?

Teddy died at the early age of forty-five due to a heart attack leaving all his fans in shock. His wife, Sophie, was with him during his last breath.

When was Teddy Brown born?

Teddy Brown was born on 25th May 1900


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