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Sam Cassidy is a gunman who killed nine people by shooting in San Jose, California. Cassidy’s real name is Samuel James Cassidy, who used to work in the rail yard.

Sam appeared in the crime location early in the morning on a fateful day, around 6 AM. Cassidy was carrying a huge bag and was determined about who he was going to shoot.

Sam was previously also arrested for assault and misdemeanor, clearly showing he had temper issues. Many people claim Sam has two different behaviors.

sam cassidy age
Sam Cassidy died at 57 years of age.

When neighbors claimed Cassidy was a happy-go-lucky guy, others claimed him as a cold and unfriendly person. This article contains his life and behavior and provides a scenario of what happened during the morning of the event.

So if you like to know more about Sam and what prompted him to commit such a dangerous crime, please read the article below.

Hence let’s begin without any further ado.

Some Quick Facts

Birth Name Sam Cassidy
Nick Name Under Review
Age 57 years old
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Under Review
Birth Place California, USA
Date of Birth July 22, 1964
Nationality American
Mother’s Name Under Review
Father’s Name James Cassidy
Sibling Anne Cassidy
Height Under Review
Weight Under Review
Body Measurement Under Review
Race / Ethnicity White
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe Size Under Review
College/University Under Review
Educational Qualification Under Review
Profession Mechanic
Wife Under Review
Children Under Review
Net Worth (Approx.) Under Review
Last Updated September 2022

Sam Cassidy Early Life and Sister

Sam was born in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California, USA. Cassidy’s father’s name is James; however, there is no information on his mother.

He has a younger sister named Anne Cassidy. But details on her have been swept under the rug as well. There was not much information on the early days of Sam; however, Sam was quite a normal kid.

sam cassidy sister
Sam Cassidy’s sister’s name is Anne Cassidy.
Source: The Mercury News.

Sam did not show anger issues or stress management till he was an adult. There is not much information on the educational background of Cassidy, so it is unknown whether he received good education or not.

When Sam became more mature, he started to become angrier and generated paranoia. It’s like he did a complete 180.

Cassidy often got into altercations and had fights with people around his society, where he became cold and alone.

Sam Cassidy Age, Height, and Weight

Sam was 57 years old when he killed himself after the shooting of nine workers. There is not much information on his height and weight, and not much on his body measurements as well.

He is bald and has some grey hair, and his eyes are brown. Since there is no information on his birthday, there is no information on his zodiac sign.

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Sam is American when it comes to his nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Cassidy follows Christianity as his religion. Hence Cassidy’s personal information is not available as he is not some top celebrity.

According to his father, Sam was very fond of inventions and creativity. He liked to build and repair, so he was fascinated by the mechanic job he received when he was almost twenty years old.

The profession of Sam Cassidy

  • Cassidy’s first-ever job was at the Mazda car dealership as a mechanic. Since he loved the mechanic job, he was good at it.
  • After impressing the bosses, Sam was approached by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority or VTA for the mechanic position.
  • At the VTA light rail hub, Sam first joined in 2012, where he worked for over two years. At the time, he received over $100,000 per annum.
  • After 2014, Sam got a promotion on the job, and his salary increased to over $120,000 per year. Sam then became the sustainer maintainer and worked for more than five decades to earn over $170,000 per year.
  • Despite earning a decent sum, many people, including Sam’s sister, believed Sam was not happy on the job.
  • He was only close to very few crews and often got into an altercation, especially when he drank alcohol.
  • Cassidy was getting agitated in small matters and often felt he was cheated and made fun of at work.

Sam Cassidy’s Wife and Kids

Before things went wrong, Cassidy lived a normal life. He had a wife and a loving family of his own.

Cassidy was first married to Cecilia Nelms. Sadly, there is not much information on Cecila and when they got married.

People around them used to say they were quite in love; however, they divorced in 2005 after ten years of marriage.

Cecilia blamed Sam for the divorce due to his anger issues and temper. She also claimed Sam to have bipolar disorder as he had two sides.

“When he was in a good mood, he was a great guy. When he was made, he was mad.”

Often Sam was happy he was a very good man, and when his mood swung, he used to be very mad and violent.

Divorce and Connie Wang

Only a couple of months after the divorce with Cecile Nelms, he dated another Jingkin “Connie” Wung.

Apparently, the two met on and went forward with their relationship.

sam cassidy wife
Sam Cassidy with his ex-wife.
Source: WGN-TV

They dated for almost six months but ended up separating when Connie rejected Sam’s proposal.

According to Wung, Sam was very volatile and often used to get angry when returning from work.

“I turned him down and he turned totally different. He was angry, screaming (and he stole) my care. He was mean to me.”

Surprisingly, in March 2009, it was Sam who filed a restraining order against her, even accusing her of threatening to get him. Sam went as far as to harass Wang and damaged her roommate’s car.

Following that, Wang accused and filed a complaint against him for rape and sexual assault. She also stated that Sam had major mood swings because of his bipolar disorder and exacerbated after consuming large quantities of alcohol.

He also previously mentioned killing his co-worker a couple of months before the incident.


On May 26, 2021, Sam, who worked on the VTA Railyard for almost nine years, approached the crime scene early in the morning. Around 5:30 am in the morning, he burned his house and went to the VTA San Jose Rail with the intent of killing people.

Many witnessed Sam carrying a duffel bag with guns and ammunition in the bag. Sam approached some people and told them, “I won’t Shoot You,” and then shot other people.

This proves Sam had already made up his mind on who he was going to kill, and they may be some people with whom he was having trouble.

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Around 6:30 Am, the 9-1-1 first received the call of possible arson, but they got the shooting report in the VTA areas a minute later.

When police approached the crime scene and tried to take control of the gunman, Cassidy shot himself in the chin and head to commit suicide.

Around 40 people were affected by the incident, and ten people were killed, including Sam himself. After the incident, the WTA area was closed for some months.

Reactions and Aftermaths

After the devastating shooting, the city of San Jose was devastated and in the mood of mourning.

Various hotlines and numbers were opened for the victims’ family members, and the therapy environment was set up for those who were affected by the incident.

The public memorial of the victims was planned to erect, and VTA also planned to help all the survivors and victims’ families cope with the traumatic event.

Sam Cassidy's ex-wife
Sam Cassidy’s ex-wife speaks out after
Source: KCRA

However, many people were not satisfied with the effort of VTA. They blamed them for not doing for the victims instead of providing aid and treatment to the Amalgamated Transit Union.

The city mayor Sam Liccardo provided his condolences and described the day as horrific. After the devastating incident, many people began voicing their opinion on the gun control legislation in the USA.

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Joe Biden, The president of the USA, and vice president Kamala Harris also urged for prompt gun control laws and rules to be implemented immediately.

In June of the same year, the mayor made some gun law amendments which included two additional policies. The owners of the gun must have liability insurance, and they also must pay the annual fee to carry the weapon.

This was in addition to having a permit and insurance for every gun owner. Different policies and laws were created down the line, as video and audio footage must be recorded for every purchase of firearms.

Sam Cassidy Social Media

Sam does not have any social media.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where did Sam Cassidy live?

Sam resided in San Jose, California, in Santa Clara County.

  • How many victims were found after the shooting?

There were more than 100 people in the VTA building during the shooting. However, Cassidy killed nine people and then committed suicide before police could arrest him.

  • Was Sam Cassidy married?

Cassidy was married to Cecilia Nilmes in 1996. However, after 20 years of marriage, she left Sam due to his anger issues.

  • What did police find in Sam Cassidy’s possession?

Sam had three handguns with ammunition. Along with that, Cassidy also has long-range firearms and semi-automatic guns.


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