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When you once dated Nicki Minaj, the spotlight will always be on you. Safaree Samuels is one such personality. His solo career as a musician and rapper has also taken a giant leap. As a result of that, Safaree Samuels net worth is pretty good.

Safaree Samuels age
Safaree Samuels age is 42 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

Samuels started his career in the field of singing. With plenty of hard work along with good fortune, he is rated as one of the best modern-day rappers with ease. His career started alongside Nicki Minaj and has grown.

A lot of the time, the controversies and relationships of Safaree Samuels get talked about. But there is more to the man than just being the man of discussion. Safaree Samuels net worth, his career graph along with family, will be talked in this article.

Safaree Samuels: Quick Facts

Full Name Safaree Lloyd Samuels
Net worth $3 million
Date of birth 4th July 1981
Birthplace Brooklyn, U.S.A.
Age 42 years
Sun sign Cancer
Siblings Samantha, Shamika
Mothers’ Name Shirley
Height 6’1″
Weight 81 kgs
Body Measurement Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Rapper, Musician, T.V. Personality
Partner Erica
Children Two daughters
Marital Status Divorced
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last update on February 2023

Safaree Samuels Net Worth 2023 and Income

Safaree has been active in the field of music and rapping for more than five years now. His immaculate contributions in the field of music have been pretty good to talk about. Meanwhile, he has amassed a good income and also net worth.

Many dedicated fans of the rapper might not know, but he has also been part of T.V. shows, which helps. As of 2023, Safaree Samuels net worth is $3 million. His musical career is just getting up and starting. This throws in the factor that the net worth will only increase.

Safaree Samuels House

Safaree is someone who loves to live a luxurious life. His luxury starts with the houses he lives in. The talented musician purchased a lavish home in Georgia with his loved one. Safaree added this valuable asset to the list, which is pretty big.

Safaree Samuels net worth
Safaree Samuels net worth is $3 million.
Image Source: Instagram

It has got a golf course alongside it. But this $1.3 million mansion has been sold to the T.V. executive. This facility had a pool, master bedroom, balcony, lounge space, and many more. Things went out of hand with the house sale as the divorce came in.

Safaree Samuels Cars

This talented rapper is someone who can make people envious of his collections. He is pretty good at collecting superbikes and cars with ease. Riding fast is what characterizes what Safaree Samuels tends to do. Safaree Samuels net worth is used for the same.

He has seven cars with various brands associated with them. His most loved car is the Rolls Royce. Likewise, other brands of cars include TVR, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, etc. The cheapest one is the Audi, the most expensive being TVR V8-S.

Brand Endorsements and Charity

Although there is a huge spike in Safaree Samuels net worth, he loves to give it back to society. First of all, the rapper is known to be the brand endorser for Stunt Gang.

Along with that he also signed the deal with the luxury distributors, DCHE along with CBD. Not only that the rapper is dedicated to promoting the vegan-based lubricant, gummies, and massage oil.

safaree samuels daughter
Safaree Samuels with his daughter.
Image Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, the rapper is known to do charity work too. He has done charity work in collaboration with Cyn Santana, Yandy, and Jonathan Fernandez.

In like manner, Samuels was able to donate computers to the kids of Jamaican schools who weren’t able to study well. Surely a man with a big heart.

Best Safaree Samuels Songs

The increase in Safaree Samuels net worth is due to his brilliant songs.

  • Hater
  • Bad Man Strait
  • The Most Fun
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Fool
  • Shaderoom
  • Lifeline
  • Can’t Lie
  • Love the Most
  • Forehead


After falling in love on two occasions, he found the perfect match. Yes, we are talking about Erica Mena. She is a well-known model, TV host, and actress. Both of the love birds met in 2017 during a reality show.

They found their love, and soon after, the good news started to come through one after another. The marriage of Safaree and Erica was shown on live T.V., which made good headlines. A year later, at Christmas, Safaree bent on his knee.

Samuels proposed to her, and the answer came out yes. Soon after, they married on 7th October 2019 at Legacy Castle of New Jersey. This musician presented the lady with $175,000 worth of engagement ring during the engagement proposal.

It had 14 carats induced in it which he designed. Their marriage was a pretty sacred event with the family, and the closest friends were being called to attend the event. Without a doubt, the wedding event was a success.


If you are in the field of rapping, controversies are your friend. There are plenty of people who tend to bring you down.

In 2014 the first controversy hit the rapper. It was about the unpaid royalties related to Minaj. Not only that, but Safaree also tried to sue Nicki in 2016 for that.

Safaree Ex Wife
Safaree Samuels with his ex-partner Nicki Minaj.
Image Source: US Weekly

One after the other, this rapper went to file a defamation suit against Nicki Minaj. What’s worse is that he accused Nicki of obstinately stabbing him. Nicki fired back with the claim that he used to steal credit cards to pay for prostitution.

Nicki also blamed the leakage of her nude photographs had a huge role to be played by Safaree himself, which is the key to things. But Samuels went on to dismiss the claim entirely.

Divorce Alimony

Things can go haywire in any relationship if one of the two is not loyal. With everything going perfectly for Erica and Safaree, the lady has gone on to file for divorce. One of the biggest reasons is the affair of Safaree.

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Mena claimed that Safaree is dating the Instagram personality, Kimbella Matos. There is no hard proof of the two being attached, but the divorce filing has gone through.

According to T.M.Z., Erica filed for divorce on 25th May 2021. Things aren’t going very well for the talented rapper. The divorce did hurt Safaree Samuels net worth.

According to the court, he is bound to pay $4,305 every month as alimony for the children’s support. In order to meet the alimony, he had to sell his Georgia mansion too.

Leaked Video on Twitter

When we talk about controversies related to Safaree Samuels, they don’t stop. In the recent turn of events, he is trending on Twitter. The main reason is the leaked intimate video of the rapper.

If you are still wondering abyss who the lady is, she is Kimbella Matos. Kimbella is a well-known Instagram model.  One of the Twitter accounts displayed some seconds of the video, which was pretty absurd.

Kimbella Matos has not commented on the video nor the buzz it has created. However, it is more about Safaree, who said he would take some serious legal action against the page that shared the video.

safaree samuels height
Safaree Samuels height is 6 ft 1 inch.
Image Source: Instagram

The particular video came out to the world on 11th August and immediately caught fire. Frequent sharing and reposting of the video meant that it had some spice. It is very unclear how the video went to the world, but surely some news might break out soon.

Safaree Samuels Instagram

Instagram: 3.5 million followers

Twitter: 273k followers

Interesting Facts

  • Safaree earned a good amount of money from his leaked nude in 2018.
  • Samuels is a good T.V. personality as well.
  • Safaree and Erica are heading toward divorce.
  • His second daughter was born in May 2021.
  • Safaree has an immense love for cars and a sports bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Safaree and Erica still married?

Safaree and Erica might be married for now, but the wife has filed in for a divorce.

What is Safaree real name?

The full name of Safaree is Safaree Lloyd Samuels.

Where does Safaree get his money from?

Safaree tends to earn his money from the mix tapes released along with appearing on television.

What is Safaree Samuels net worth?

Safaree Samuels net worth in 2023 is $3 million.

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