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Robbie Knievel is a daredevil from the United States. He has also gone by the alias “Kaptain Robbie Knievel.” Because he is the son of stunt performer Evel Knievel, he learned from the best. His father taught him almost all, if not all, of his stunts.

Robbie Knievel age
Robbie Knievel is 59 years old as of 2021

Robbie holds the record for the most number of motorcycle jumps, including 20 world records. He is famous for jumping over a section of the Grand Canyon. He is also known for daring leaps over rattlesnakes, lions, and rows of buses, among other things.

If you are a fan of stunt racers, you may be familiar with the legend of American daredevil Robbie. In this post, we will look at stunt racer Robbie’s age, height, Net Worth, and relationship information.

Some Quick facts about Robbie Knievel

Full Name Robert Edward Knievel III
Nick Name Robbie
Date of Birth May 7, 1962
Birth Place Butte, Montana
Age 59 years
Sun Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Evel Knievel
Mother’s Name Linda
Sibling Kelly, Alicia,Emma, and Tracy Knievel.
Height 6′ 0″ (182 cm)
Weight 78 Kg (171 lbs.)
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Education Central Catholic High School
Body Measurements Under Review
Shoe Size Under Review
Dress Size Under Review
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Grey
Marital Status Married
Wife Krystal Kennedy-Knievel
Children Kristen and Karmen
Net Worth $12 million
Social Media Presence Under Review

Robbie Knievel  Bio

Robert Еdwаrd Кnіеvеl ІІІ also known as Rоbbіе Кnіеvеl, was born on Мау 7, 1962 сіtу of Butte in Моntаnа. He was born to Evel Knievel and Linda Knievel. His Father, Evel, is a famous stuntman though there is no available information about his mother.

He grew up with three other siblings Kelly Knievel, Alicia Knievel, Emma Knievel, and Tracy Knievel. Robbie grew up loving his father to perform motorcycle stunt work.

He was only two years old ever since he first rode a motorbike in his tiny hometown streets. He usually rode alongside his father, sitting on the handlebars or his father’s lap even when his father performed wheelies.

Early Life and Education

Robbie began jumping his bicycle at the age of four and riding a motorcycle at seven. He managed to perform his show with his father at Madison Square Garden when he was eight years old.

At the age of 12, he was on tour with his father, performing in the pre-jump shows. Between 1975 and 1976, Robbie attended Central Catholic High School in Butte, Montana, but he never graduated. He wanted to increase the length of his jumps, but his father refused.

Robbie Knievel career
Robbie flying over the fire

Evel Knievel’s father-son relationship was strained, with Evel growing increasingly envious of his son’s abilities. At the age of 16 Knievel left his home after his father tried to stop him from constantly trying more difficult stunts.

He spent the next decade steadily advancing his career as a lower-billed performer at lesser-known events, eager to escape his father’s shadow. Robbie and his father later reconciled and remained close until Evel Knievel’s death at 69 in November 2007.

How Tall Is Robbie Knievel?

So, how old is Robbie Knievel in 2021, and what are his height and weight? Robbie Knievel is 59 years of age, having been born on May 7, 1962. He stands 6ft 0in feet or 182 cm in length, and he weighs about 171 lbs. in Pound and 78 kg in Kilograms.

There is no information about his bodily statistics; if we learn anything, we will update this page.

Career and Success

  • His first job was driving an earthmover in a mine. After crashing the enormous vehicle into transmission lines while trying a wheelie with one of the earthmovers, knocking out control over the entire city, Robbie got fired from his job.

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  • Robbie jumped the Caesars Palace fountains in 1989 to honor his father where his father Evel failed to clear the fountains in 1967, so the jump took place 22 years later.
  • Knievel made a safe landing and became the first person to jump the fountains successfully. “That was for you, Dad,” Knievel said after the jump.
  • He was hospitalized in 1968 with a crushed femur and pelvis and multiple other broken bones after trying a dangerous stunt. In 1974, he performed alongside his father at Toronto’s Exposition.
  • He then began traveling extensively with his father and performing some relatively safe stunts while under his father’s supervision.
  • Knievel challenged Eddie Kidd, a British motorcycle stuntman, to a world title ‘jump off‘ competition in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, in 1993.
  • Knievel regarded Kidd as the only jump rider in the world worthy of a challenge.
  • Robbie attempted a record-breaking jump of 231 feet (70 m) over 30 limousines on February 24, 1998.
  • The jump took place at Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel. Evel Knievel, like the Caesars Palace jump, was present to support the jump.
  • Knievel jumped the 130-foot (40-meter) gap between the two 13-story Jockey Club towers in Las Vegas on February 4, 1999.
  • Knievel purposefully crashed his motorcycle into hay bales to avoid falling off the second tower.
  • Knievel’s most famous jump was the Grand Canyon jump on May 20, 1999. The jump was inspired in part by Robbie’s father’s desire to do a Grand Canyon jump, but he ended up doing the rocket-propelled Snake River Canyon jump instead.

Later Career

  • Robbie set a personal record of 228 feet when he jumped his motorcycle on May 20, 1999. On the other hand, Knievel lost control of the bike on landing and broke his leg as a result.
  • Knievel approached the approaching Texas State Railroad locomotive No. 400, which was traveling at 30 mph. Knievel sped up to 80 mph when he arrived at the ramp. The locomotive demolished Knievel’s launch ramp while he was in midair.

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  • On New Year’s Eve, 2008, Knievel planned to jump the volcano at the Mirage Hotel.
  • During the actual 200-foot (60 m) jump, Robbie Knievel gave the impression of jumping the volcano but restricted the stunt to a ramp-to-ramp jump in front of the volcano with fireworks behind him.
  • In 2008 he also jumped over 24 Coca-Cola Zero truck cabs at Ohio.
  • Knievel’s most recent jump occurred on October 29, 2011, at the Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella, California. Knievel made a 150-foot (46-meter) jump over tractor-trailer trucks.

Who Is Robbie Knievel Wife?

Do you want to talk about your wife if stunts are something you are married to? Well, it is very hard. Robbie might be highly expressive with the motorcycle in hand but his personal life is a tough cookie to crack.

Knievel has always been the expressive character whenever the opportunity arrives. But in the case of married life, there is hardly anything to talk about. But with some sheer research, we have found the name of his wife.

Krystal Kennedy-Knievel is the lucky lady who is married to Robbie Knievel. What’s more delicate and interesting is the fact that he has shared information on the daughter.

Yes, you heard us right. Robbie has two daughters whose names are Krysten and Karmen respectively. Other than that the famous stuntman also has a grandson and granddaughter namely, Kane and Alison. All of this points to only one thing.

Robbie likes to keep the information on his wife far from the eyes of the media. Not only the current relationship but anything on the past spouse is also all hearsay. If anything pops out readers will be made aware.

What is the earning of Robbie Knievel? 

As of 2021, Robbie Knievel net worth is estimated to be $12 million as being the daredevil stuntman obviously he is worthy of all.

Robbie Knievel career
Robbie Knievel during a stunt show in Valdosta

The stunt performer, who has set up to 20 world records, many of which have been shown on television, gained his fortune through payments from broadcasters and show organizers. He has also been able to establish a custom motorcycle shop in New Jersey, which contributes to his income.

His income will only increase in the coming years. With his involvement in various businesses as well, his net worth will increase in the coming years. We will update the details for our readers.

Social Media Presence

There is no verified account of Robbie Knievel. Although there are accounts of Robbie showcasing him performing stunts.

Most asked questions about Robbie Knievel

  • Is it true that Robbie Knievel jumped the Grand Canyon?

Robbie did jump on Grand Canyon. He cleared a sliver of the Grand Canyon, breaking his world record of 223 feet. Knievel, riding a standard 500cc motorcycle, soared 55 feet into the air over the 200-foot-wide gorge at 90 mph.

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  • What was Robbie’s longest Jump?

Knievel continued to set world records, including a jump in Las Vegas’ Tropicana Hotel in 1998 and a broadcasted jump of 228 feet over a portion of the Grand Canyon.


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