Phil Donahue Age, Show, Wife, Kids, Health, Net Worth 2022

One of the reputed American media personalities, film producers, writers, and impeccable creators is Phil Donahue, whose age has only added experience to his life. He was raised to prominence from his utmost work in The Phil Donahue Show, which ran for 3 decades.

Phil Donahue age may be more, but nothing is stopping him. As you might have expected, this man is still working in his mid 80‘s. It appears that he wants to continue his work till the end of the dawn.

With his work and accolades, Phil has garnered the name of King of daytime talk.

Phil Donahue age
Phil Donahue age is 86 years old in 2021

As a matter of fact, this host was ranked in number 42 in 1996 on Tv Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time. Here in this article, we will let you know Phil Donahue age, net worth, wife, kids, and other necessary information that you have been longing to know. Let’s go through some quick facts;

Phil Donahue : Quick Facts

Full Name Philip John Donahue
Nickname Phil Donahue
Date of Birth December 21, 1935
Birth Place Cleland, Ohio, United States of America
Age 87 years old
Sun Sign Sagittarius
Father’s Name Philip Donahue
Mother’s Name Catherine
Siblings None
Height Updating Soon
Weight  Updating Soon
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Body Measurements  Updating Soon
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Shoe Size  Updating Soon
Education St.Edward High School, University of Notre Dame
Body Type Average
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $150 million
Social Media Presence None

What Is Phil Donahue Age? Health Update 2022

This American host was born in the year of 1935 on the 21st of December. In 2021, Phil Donahue age is 87 years old. Despite his old age, this man’s level is infinite, and he has been working hard to imprint his name in the industry.

The man of caliber, Phil, is often seen in a well-tailored suit. He has short white hair along with a pair of blue eyes. Also, he does not have clear vision and uses bifocal glasses. It appears that because of his old age, fans are very curious about this health.

To reassure the fans, we can claim that Phil is very healthy in 2021 and, of course, alive. Although several fans have speculated that this host may have Parkison, the rumors appeared to be false. He is happy and lively.

Who Is Phil Donahue?- Parents, Childhood, Upbringing

This famous host was born Philip John Donahue in the beautiful place of Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. He was born in a middle-class family to mother Catherine and father Philip Donahue. His father used to work as a furniture sales clerk while his mother was a department store shoe clerk.

Despite all this, Phil’s parents tried their best to uplift the best version of this famous person. Talking about education, he has been to Our Lady of Angeles elementary school located in West Park. Eventually, in 1949, this man got his graduation from the same school.

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luckily in 1953, Phil became a member of St. Edward High School, the first graduating class. Likewise, he graduated from the University of note dame with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration in 1957.


  • Phil initiated his career in 1957 and is still working in 2021. At first, he was the production assistant at KYW raid and television.
  • Eventually, he became a program director for WABJ radio located in Adrian, Michigan. Later he worked in the CBS Evening News as a stringer and anchored in WHIO-TV.
  • On November 6, 1967, this journalist decided to leave WHIO and started his own talk program named The Phil Donahue Show on WLWD.
  • At first, the show was run only on stations owned by Crosley Broadcasting Corporation, but later n 1970, it became a worldwide sensation.
  • He ran the Phil Donahue show for almost 3 decades with nearly 7000 one-hour daily shows. His final episode was aired on September 13, 1996.
  • Even though his show was running, Phil also appeared as a contributor in NBC’s The Today Show from 1979 to 1988.
  • During the cold war in the 1980s, Phil and Soviet journalist Vladimir Posner started a television discussion titled U.S. Soviet Space bridge. Phil used to host the American audience while Posner represented Soviet City.
  • In July 2002, Donahue again joined television after retiring for almost seven years. He hosted a show called Donahue on MSNBC. Sadly a year later, the show was canceled.

The Phil Donahue Show

One of the main reasons why Phil Donahue is known all around the world is due to the Phil Donahue Show. At the start of his time, he worked as a salesperson only to return to the TV and media world.

His rise in career came through in November 1967 with Phil Donahue’s show. At the start of the show, it was more about guest interaction. But things changed after the crowd query session came through.

Why Is Phil Donahue Show Famous?

A lot of the fans might be thinking about why the show is famous. Well, this particular show is a mixture of everything the viewers need. There have been some famous guests in the show like Nelson Mandela, Jane Fonda, Ronald Reagen, etc. Other than that the topics touched on was crucial.

A lot of the time the queries would be related to catholic church misdeeds, homosexuality, and also women’s rights. The format that was used by Donahue was later followed by almost every other talk show. This increased its popularity even more.

What are the reasons for Phil Donahue Show to close?

A lot of keen readers might be willing to know why the show just got closed all of a sudden. Phil was the man to start the trend of talk shows. Some of the followers of his trends were Oprah Winfrey, Sally Jessy Raphael.

Phil Donahue Show
The Phil Donahue Show

Later in the piece, Donahue started losing viewers to the two of them. With slight changes, they were able to win the viewers which led to the downfall of the Phil Donahue Show. For his contribution to the TV world though, Donahue received the lifetime achievement award, Emmy.

Phil Donahue Books

Phil Donahue is a man with multiple talents. There is no doubt that he is a trendsetter. As a result of that, he has written multiple books in the course of time.

The first one is his own autobiography named Donahue: My Own Story. It hit the market in the year 1979. After six years of the autobiography, the TV host contributed other books too.

In 1985 out came a book name The Human Animal. It was more about human behavior in general where Phil was the author. Recently in the year 2020, Donahue was able to partner with his wife to publish the book named What Makes a Marriage Last: 40 Celebrated Couples Share with us the secrets to a happy life.

Phil Donahue First Wife

Being one of the top hosts in the industry, it is not surprising to know that Phil is married. Not only to one woman but two. Yes, his first love was none other than beautiful Margaret Cooney. Their marriage led to Margaret being blessed with six children.

They are Michael, Daniel, Mary, Kevin, James, and Rose. Even though they were meant to be with each other, this lovey-dovey couple divorced in 1975 after their marriage in 1958. Although they were together for 17 years, they did not flinch at the fact that they were breaking apart.

Phil Donahue wife
The lovey-dovey couple

Phil himself confessed that he was not a very good Roman Catholic as he did not think it was important to have his first marriage annulled. He once said that “I will always be a Catholic. But I want my church to join the human race and finally walk away from this antisexual theology.”

Not to mention Phil was the first national television host who reveals child molestation by Catholic priests. For this, he was widely criticized by people all over the world.

Phil Donahue Second Wife

After having a sour relationship, Donahue remarried the stunning actress Marlo Thomas. They tied the knot on the auspicious day of May 21, 1980, and resided in Manhattan. They have set a prime example among celebrities about how a relationship should be.

What’s important to notice is that Phil doesn’t have any kids with his second wife. However, there has been no deficiency of love and care between the two.

How Did His Son Die?

Phil lost his youngest son James “Jim” Patrick Donahue, due to an aortic aneurysm in 2014. It was a very tough time for the Donahue family.

James was very close to his mom and dad which made the loss unbearable at times.  He worked for Essential Information and Ralph Nader Group for more than 20 years as a writer and researcher.

Jim is still remembered for his first-rate research work. According to a reliable source, it was revealed that his body was cremated. Similarly, his ashes were scattered by his family in the beautiful and tranquil water of Honolulu.

Phil Donahue Net Worth 2022

As Phil is active in several fields of work such as producer, writer, host, and creator, there is no denying that this man makes plenty of money from his career. In 2021, Donahue has a total net worth of $150 million.

fortunately, in 1982, Donahue signed an 8-year-long deal with Multimedia Entertainment Company which guaranteed him an annual salary of $10 million. As a matter of fact, he is the largest shareholder in the company. His earnings peaked at $20 million in the mid-‘90s, equal to currently earning $30 million.

Phil Donahue net worth
He has a total net worth of $150 million.

In addition to this, Donahue bought a house in Westport, Connecticut, in 1986. After a couple of years, he brushed a 7-acre connected property for $47 million.

Along with his wife, Phil sold the property for $25 million to a financier. In the same year, the duo purchased a side-by-side parcel next to their former house.

Moreover, Phil kept his 6.5-acre property overlooking Long Island Sound with a big tennis court and gym for approximately $27.8 million. Later in 2013, the price of it fluctuated to $20 million.

Phil Donahue Cars

For a person of class and conviction, Phil Donahue rides some brilliant cars at his disposal. His most loved car as of now is the Ford Model T.

With the interest of cars not being in for Phil, he doesn’t flex much of the silverware in the case of cars.

Phil Donahue Charity

Donahue isn’t someone who only makes a huge amount of earnings. But the net worth of Phil Donahue has been used in charity works too. Looking into it he has donated a good sum of money to St Jude Research hospital for kids’ development.

Along with that, you could also find his contributions to peace alliances which do help the world to be a better place.

Social Media Presence

Phil has a very tight schedule, and for that reason, he is not active on any social media platforms. Other than that the celebrity is more into the work field. With the age getting better of him social media for Phil is tough to find.

Interesting Facts About Phil Donahue

  • During his work time, Donahue has interviewed famous personnel such as Billie Sol Estes, Jimmy Hoffa, presidential candidate John f. Kennedy, host Johnny Carson, Vietnam war opponents Jerry Rubin, human activist Malcolm X, singer Elton John, boxing champion Muhammad Ali mention a few.
  • His The Phil Donahue show is the longest continuous syndicated talk show in the television history of the U.S.
  • In 2006, he co-directed the documentary film Body of War along with Ellen Spiro. Later in 2007, it was named one of the 15 documentaries that deserved to be an Oscar nomination.
  • Phil has received 20 Emmy Awards, 10 for The Phil Donahue Show and 10 for Outstanding Talk Show Host due to his broadcasting career.
  • Similarly, in 1987, Donahue got the Maggie Award which is the highest honor of the Planned Parenthood Federation.
  • Phil has married twice in his life. His first wife was Margaret Cooney and his second wife was actress Marlo Thomas. He is blessed to have six children, and one of them died due to an aortic aneurysm.
  • Donahue’s wife Marlo Thomas made a children’s version of Free to Be… A Family in 1988.
  • Phil Donahue age in 2021 is 86 years old.

Frequently Asked Question About Phil Donahue

  • How old is Phil Donahue?

Phil Donahue age is 87 years old.

  • Does Phil Donahue Have Parkison?

No, he does not have Parkison; in fact, he is in perfect health.

  • Is Phil Donahue still Alive?

Yes, get us alive, and we are still working on some projects in 2021.

  • Is Phil Donahue related to Troy Donahue?

One might think that both of them are related to each other but Phil and Troy are not related.

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