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Matilda Lawler, born in the year 2008, September 8, is one of the most famous child actresses in America. Lawler is immensely popular for her character as Flora in the movie Flora and Ulysses.

Matilda is also getting great limelight her another featuring mini-series titled Station Eleven on HBO Max. Lawler also made her Broadway debut in 2018 in the movie The Ferryman.

matilda lawler age
Matilda Lawler is currently 14 years old
Source: Instagram

Lawler showed her fantastic acting skills by starring opposite Richard Masur in The Net Will Appear at MST.

Lawler also played the character of Michaela McManus’ daughter in the movie named The Block Island Sound by the famous McManus Brothers.

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Matilda  Lawler’s Quick Facts

Birth Name Matilda Lawler
Nick Name Under Review
Age 14 years old
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Virgo
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Date of Birth 8th September 2008
Nationality American
Mother’s Name Mara Lawler
Father’s Name Matthew Lawler
Sibling Under Review
Height 4 ft. 8 inches tall or 142 cm
Weight 47 kg or 103 lbs.
Body Measurement Under Review
Race / Ethnicity White
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe Size 5 US
College/University Under Review
Educational Qualification Under Review
Profession Actress
Boyfriend Under Review
Children Under Review
Net Worth (Approx.) $500,000
Last Updated September 2022

Matilda Lawler Early Life and Parents

Matilda Lawler was born and raised in California, United States. Lawler was born to Matthew Lawler, a renowned actor, and has shown his excellent acting skills in various movies and television shows, including ABC’s The Family.

Her mother’s name is Mara Lawler, who is also an actress and has done a movie named Coward in the year 2014. Matilda Lawler also has an elder sister diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes.

Also, talking about her education, Matilda is currently studying in a school located in her hometown.

There is not much information on how Lawler manages to cope with study and her career.

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However, most of the time, child celebrities like Matilda would keep a tutor or enroll in homeschooling.

Matilda Lawler Age, Height, and Weight

Matilda Lawler is a fourteen-year-old child actress of America who currently stands at the height of I and weighs around 47 kg to 103 lbs. Lawler has stunning hazel eyes, and her hair color is brown.

Lawler is an American and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. Matilda Lawler follows Christianity as her religion, and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Matilda Lawler Look Alike 

Right after her debut in Hollywood, many began commenting on her visuals. Most people were sure that she resembled another actress, Amanda Seyfried, especially around her cheeks.

Some might disagree about this but we say Matilda is a gorgeous girl, and she is more of her own person than other.


  • Matilda Lawler’s parent’s interest in acting has inspired her to the highest level. Lawler chose herself in the acting path at such a young age. Matilda was super motivated because of her father’s theatre acting.
  • Matilda Lawler started her journey as an actress by first giving an audition. The audition was for a theatre work when Lawler was just eight years old.
  • After that, Matilda made her first-ever Broadway debut at the age of ten and did her first screen debut in The Ferryman. The Broadway is from the “Broadway production,” which became a super hit and made Matilda a promising child actress.
  • When Matilda Lawler turned eleven years old, Matilda played the character role of Brenda in one of the famous television shows called Evil in the year 2019 which was right after she played the character of Emily in one of the horror movies called The Black Island Sound in the year 2020.
  • Matilda Lawler’s acting career has gained a lot of praise and some critics. Lawler has become one of the popular child artists in Hollywood.
  • Matilda Lawler gained utmost fame because of her amazing acting and character role and also remarkable performance in the movie called Flora & Ulysses in the year 2021.
  • In the same year of 2021, Matilda also played the role of Mathilda Mowbray in the F id for Fire episode of the television series called Evil.
  • Matilda Lawler has also done various works, including Station Eleven, which is a drama series, and also science fiction is the direction of the great director Hiro Murai.
  • Matilda Lawler also played the character of young Kirsten, and Mackenzie Davis played the adult version of the essence.

Awards and Achievements

Matilda Lawler is just thirteen years old but has achieved many things at such a young age, which is exceptional.

Lawler has followed in her parent’s footsteps in becoming a great actress, and it seems like she is succeeding.

matilda lawler awards
Matilda Lawler has won Tony Awards in 2019
Source: Instagram

Though she is only 14 and has her whole life to think about which career path she would love to go.

Lawler has also won Tony Awards in 2019 June and has also shared pictures on her Instagram handle stating that “This was all an HONOR!”

Matilda Lawler Boyfriend

Matilda Lawler is just a thirteen-year-old teenager who is more focused on her acting career than ever before. It also means that Matilda is currently single and busy emerging as a talented young actress.

Since Lawler is so young, she has so much time to choose a proper relationship when she grows older. So it is brilliant for Matilda to first focus on her education and career when she has the momentum on her side.

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Matilda’s parents monitor her life with incredible love and care, which has benefited this young star so much.

Old Soul and Best Friend 

Despite being just 14 years old, Lawler has talked about being an old soul. In the past, she has often told others that she’s an old soul and there is nothing wrong with being that.

In a testament to that, Matilda has been friends with someone much older than her recommended age. Yes, she is friends to Richard Masur, who is in his 70s. He is not only the mentor for her but best friend as well.

Matilda Lawler best friend
Matilda Lawler and Richard Masur
Source: Goodreads

In fact, the two met while working for a play called “The Net Will Appear.” Matilda was nine years old at the time.

Matilda Lawler’s Instagram

Matilda Lawler is a famous thirteen-year-old teenage actress in Hollywood.

Lawler is also quite popular on her Instagram handle with only twenty-nine posts.

Though her Instagram handle is managed by her parents as she is still young to manage it by herself.

Matilda usually shares fantastic and fun acting days alongside her awesome crewmate. Lawler is adorable, and everyone in the industry loves her, so she has lots of photos with top actors and actresses in Hollywood.

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Also, Matilda is only active on her Instagram handle and is not active on any other social media handle, including Twitter or Facebook.

Maybe when Matilda grows up, she will create other social media platforms. When Lawler does that, we will surely update you about it.

Instagram7.5K followers

Matilda Lawler’s Net Worth

Currently, Lawler has a net worth of approximately $500K as of 2022. Matilda Lawler is a trendy teenage actress known for her notable acting roles in various movies and television series.

Lawler has earned most of her income from her acting career. Matilda also has appeared in cute children’s commercials and adverts, which has increased her earnings more.

matilda lawler net worth
Matilda Lawler has a net worth of approx $500,000
Source: Instagram

There is little detail on how much Matilda receives from her movies and TV shows.

However, since Matilda has a such high net worth, her earnings from episodes may be pretty massive.

Matilda has worked very hard at such a young age and has achieved an impressive career already.

Lawler still has a lot to achieve in the coming days, and we wish you all the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Matilda Lawler?

Matilda Lawler is a famous teenage actress in the United States who got immense popularity for her character as Flora in the movie Flora and Ulysses.

  • Who are the parents of Matilda Lawler?

Matilda was born to Matthew Lawler, who is also a very renowned actor. Matthew has shown his incredible acting skills in various movies and television shows, including ABC’s The Family. Her mother, Mara Lawler, is also an actress and has appeared in “Coward” film.

  • At what age did Matilda Lawler start her career in acting?

Matilda Lawler started her journey as an actress by first auditioning for a theater work at a super young age of eight. Lawler’s parents, who are actors themselves, have inspired her in many ways to choose her parent’s footsteps.

  • What is the current net worth of Matilda Lawler?

Matilda Lawler has a net worth estimated at around $500K as of 2022.


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