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Kenneth Max Copeland, professionally known as Kenneth Copeland, is an American celebrity. He is an author, public speaker, televangelist, and musician. Kenneth Copeland net worth is much more attractive, from which he has been able to live a modest lifestyle.

Kenneth Copeland Age
Currently, he is 86 years old.
Source: The Jim Baker Show

Although, the pastor is not only one of the most popular. But he is also one of the wealthiest televangelists in the whole world.

However, in a few years, he has attracted controversy for his luxurious lifestyle. Interestingly the life cycle includes several private jets he bought from Tyler Perry for $20 million and multiple mansions.

Furthermore, Kenneth’s holy orders or the church are done through books, television, CDs, and DVDs. In 1962, he converted to Christianity.

Before that, he was a recording artist and had a top 40 hit with the single Pledge of Love.

Kenneth Copeland: Quick Facts

Full Name Kenneth Max Copeland
Nickname Kenneth Copeland
Net Worth $300 Million
Date of Birth 6th December 1936
Birth Place Lubbock, Texas, United States
Age 86 years
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Father’s Name Aubrey Wayne Copeland
Mother’s Name Vinita Pearl Owens
Siblings Unknown
Wife/ Girlfriend Gloria Copeland
Children Kellie Copeland Swisher, Terri Pearsons, John Copeland
Education Polytechnic Senior High School, Oral Roberts University
Height 5’6″ or 1.69 m or 169 cm
Weight 65 kg or 143 pounds
Body Measurements N/A
Shoe size N/A
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Religion Christian
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Televangelist, Author, Musician, Public speaker, Actor, Producer
Marital Status Married
Married Date 1963
Social Media Presence Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Last Updated July 2022

Kenneth Copeland Net Worth and Income

Kenneth Copeland net worth is $300 million as of 2022. His primary source of income is his career as a minister, author, and various businesses.

In 2010, Kenneth became wealthy from his Believer’s Voice of Victory television series. Being the unsuccessful husband of two wives and divorced them, he married Gloria in 1963.

After two years of marriage with her, the couple established their organization named KCM Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Additionally, the motto of this organization is Jesus Is Lord. 

Moreover, they worked with more than 120 million people and earned around $2 million annually. Similarly, the organization wasn’t enough for them, so Kenneth started as a television personality. In the 2010s, from his many roles on television and radio, the televangelist earned $20 million.

Kenneth Copeland Net Worth in various currencies

Name of Currencies Value of Net worth
Bitcoin 15,182.52 BTC
Ethereum 21,398,206.50 ETH
Dogecoin 5,003,208,000 DOGE
Litecoin 6,200,907 LTC
Indian Currency Rs 24,006,930,000

Houses Collection

Kenneth Copeland has a mansion of 18,279 square feet of space. Furthermore, the house has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. However, Kenneth’s expensive three-story home includes 24.89 acres of land.

Additionally, there are six parking spaces over 2,986 square feet. The mansion was built in 1999  and sat right on the water.

Moreover, the Copeland residence has a boat docking station, many balconies, and a large tennis court.

Kenneth Copeland Net Worth
He has a net worth of $300 million as of 2022.
Source: Twitter

Similarly, the house is just next to their private airport Kenneth Copeland Airport where they bought their own five private aircraft. His residence is down the road from Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Cars Collection

Kenneth Copeland has been highly used in his cars collection. It is much w9nderful when you look at it upclose.

Cars Price (In USD)
Maserati $96,000
Range Rover $170,500
Audi $46,000
Bentley $202,000
Lamborghini $300,000
2019 Cadillac $55,000

Private Jets

Kenneth Copeland owned five airplanes in 2018, and one of the prices was $17.5 million. According to various reports, the pastor used church donations to acquire a $20 million Gulfstream V private jet from Tyler Perry.

The author caused additional controversy after purchasing the jet. He asked his followers to donate an additional $17 to $20 million to upgrade his airport’s runway and hanger.

Copeland has used this jet for trips to resorts and other personal vacations. A few years ago, he said in 2009 that he did not want to fly commercially because he did not want to get into a tube with many demons.

However, the famous American pastor applied for his $3.6 million private jets, given tax-exempt status by the IRS. But his request was denied.

Likewise, in May 2019, a report presented Kenneth at a private airport to query him how he could justify living such a monumental lifestyle. Although, Copeland reacted to her questions in a highly unusual way.

Charity and Endorsements

Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) is located in Fort Worth, Texas. It covers 33 acre of property valued in 2008 at $554,454 and $697,454 in 2021.

However, the site includes the Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC), television and radio facilities. Added to that warehouse and distribution facilities, residence for the Copeland family, and Kenneth Copeland airport.

Moreover, around 500 people are employed in KCM. It also owns a 1998 Cessna 550 Citation Bravo, which it received from a donor in October 2007. It is used for domestic flights as well as 2005 Cessna 750 Citation X is used for international flights.

There is also a 1962 Beech H-18 Twin, which is planned for disaster relief efforts.

They also established Kenneth Copeland Bible College, located on KCM and EMIC’s property. It is an authorized member of Transworld Accrediting Commission International.

Kenneth Copeland Wealth

The American televangelist has attracted much controversy, including his wealth and reliance on church funds to support his luxurious lifestyle.

Copeland and his wife Gloria lived in a $6.3 million lakefront mansion reportedly funded by his church. Moreover, there have been reports that the author could be worth as much as $750 million or even 1 billion.

But he has not made reports about his wealth and confirmed to at least one reporter that he was a very wealthy man showing his oil and gas investments and reserves on his various properties.

Wiki- Bio

Kenneth Max Copeland was born to parents Aubrey Wayne Copeland and Vinita Pearl Owens in Lubbock, Texas, United States of America.

He holds American citizenship and also belongs to the white ethnicity. The zodiac sign of Copeland is  Sagittarius.

The American pastor is only one child of his parents. The American star was raised in West Texas near the United States Army Air Forces airfield. That’s why he was inspired to become a pilot since his childhood.

Kenneth Copeland ministries
He and his wife, Gloria owned Kenneth Copeland Ministries.
Source: Pinterest

However, he began finding passion in other ventures instead of being a pilot, which was his dream. The main reason for being so successful in his life is his association with the charismatic movement. The pastor has been one of the best religious people in America.

In addition, his ministry has held from 3-6 day programs all over the United States and other countries for many decades.

In that case, most of his events have been streamed live on his website. Later, the videos were also shown on Christian television channels such as Daystar Television network and GodTV.


In his early life, Kenneth joined the Polytechnic Senior High School. He graduated in 1954 from high school and joined Oral Roberts University.

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While the pastor was studying at Oral University, he received a job opportunity to become a pilot before completing the degree.

Age and Height| How Tall Is Kenneth Copeland?

Kenneth Copeland was born on 6th December 1936. Currently, he is 86 years old as of 2022.

The author stands for  5’6″ or 1.69 m or 169 cm and weighs around 65 kg or 143 pounds. The famous actor always maintains his body to become healthy. He has dark brown sparkling hair color and blue eyes.

Kenneth Copeland Wife

Kenneth Copeland married Ivy Bodiford in October 1955 and divorced in 1958.

Likewise, from 1955 to 1958, he married Cynthia Davis. However, after the separation of Kenneth from his second wife, Cynthia Davis, the American pastor married his third and present wife, Gloria Copeland. The couple married on 13th April 1963.

His present wife, Gloria, works as the New York Times Bestselling author, teacher, and gospel minister.

Additionally, she is very supportive of him and the ministry. Also, Gloria co-hosts the ministry’s flagship broadcast, The Believer’s Voice of Victory, alongside her husband.

Kenneth Copeland Children 

Kenneth has three children. His first child Terri Copeland Pearsons from his first wife, Ivy Bradford.

His eldest daughter Terri and her husband George Pearsons are close to Kenneth. They serve as senior pastors George Pearsons of Eagle Mountain International Church at Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

However, she has supported her father’s commission to take the Word of God from the top of the world to the bottom.

George and Terri have two children named Jeremy Pearsons and Aubrey Pearsons Oaks.

Kenneth Copeland Wife
Gloria Copeland is Kenneth’s wife.
Source: Alchetron

This couple also being grandparents of four grandchildren. They are Justusand Jessie Pearsons, and Eiley, Kaylin, and Piper Oaks. The pair have been happily married for over 59 years.

Additionally, Kenneth has two children, a son John Copeland and a daughter Kellie Copeland Swisher.

His son works as the executive vice president of Quiksilver in Florida. Similarly, daughter Kellie serves as the senior pastor of the children’s ministry.


A lot of the readers might not know but Kenneth Copeland was a recording artist on the Imperial Records label and reached one Billboard top 40 song, Pledge of Love. At the same time, he worked his life on the gospel and ministry work.

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The pastor became the Televangelist of the show Believer’s Voice of Victory in 2010. He also has appeared in many film and television productions.

His movies include Rally, Covenant Rider, The Treasure of Eagle Mountain, and Superkid Academy.

Kenneth Copeland Books

Additionally, Kenneth Copeland is a well-known author who released nearly twenty books. some of them are as follows:

  • The Pursuit of His Presence
  • The Laws of Prosperity
  • Healing Promises
  • From Faith to Faith
  • Prayer your foundation for Success
  • The Blessing of the Lord: Makes Rich
  • One word from God can change your Life
  • John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermon


Kenneth Copeland at times is a man of controversy. He is included in Angel Flight 44, Mike Huckabee, Last Week Tonight, private jets, and most recently, COVID 19.

Likewise, Mike Huckabee was involved in his program several times to promote a book in 2008.

Huckabee also used the ministries for fundraising for his Presidental campaign. But the events caused the United States Treasury to question the church’s tax-exempt status.

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The pastor also caused further controversy when he claimed to have improved and protected from Coronavirus in mid-March 2020 by blowing the wind of God towards the television.

Copeland said that the pandemic had ended or would soon in 2020. Eventually, he also told that the followers should continue paying tithes.

The pastor conducted attendants at a church on 8th November 2020 in mock laughter at the 2020 US presidential election.

All should be laughing for at least 30 seconds. The video was posted by Right Wing Watch and was viewed over 8 million times.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 335k followers

Facebook: 1.7 million followers

Twitter: 606k followers

YouTube: 361k followers

Interesting Facts about Kenneth Copeland

  • Kenneth and Gloria were commercial airline pilots.
  • He has a particular bedtime routine.
  • The pastor has been married three times.
  • The American author is a member of the Republican Party.

Frequently Asked Question about Kenneth Copeland

  • What Bible does Kenneth Copeland use?

Kenneth uses his handwritten notes as in Brother Copeland’s personal Bible.

  • Where is Gloria Copeland today?

Gloria Copeland is with his husband, Kenneth Copeland, in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Who are Kenneth Copeland’s daughters?

Terri Copeland Pearsons and Kellie Copeland Swisher are the daughters of Kenneth Copeland.


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