Javier Solis Cause of Death, Height, Songs, Wife, Son, Net Worth

Many are well aware of the famous celebrity Javier Solis who has made a name for himself as an actor and singer. It is surprising that he was able to ace in two different professions marvelously.

Javier is a true inspiration, master, and specialized in the music genre of ranchers and bolero. Until now, he has released hundreds of music albums.

Javier Solis death
Javier Solis was 34 years old when he died

Among all, Esclavo y Amo, Renunciacion, En Tu Pelo, Si Dios me quite la vida, Las rejas No Matan, Payaso, Esta Tristeza Mia, Sombras, Entrega Total, Reglao de reyes, Tu Voz, Te Amare Toda La Vida, El Loco, Cuatro Cirios, En mi viejo San Juan are some of his famous albums.

If you are a big fan of Solis, then this article is just for you. Through this article, we will let you know about his age, height, love life, professional life, and everything about his deaths. So without any further adieu, let’s get started with this article with some quick facts;

Javier Solis: Quick Facts

Full Name Gabriel Siria Levario
Nickname Javier Solis
Date of Birth 1st September 1931
Birth Place Mexican City
Age 34 years old
Sun Sign Virgo
Father’s Name Juana Levario Piata
Mother’s Name Siria Mora
Siblings Two
Height 5 feet 10.5 inches
Weight Not Given
Nationality Mexican
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Latino
Body Measurements Not Given
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size Not Given
Education Updating Soon
Body Type Athletic
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $1 million
Social Media Presence None

Who Is Javier Solis?- Parents and Siblings

As mentioned above, Javier is an astonishing actor who has also imprinted his name as a singer. His real name is not Javier Solis but Gabriel Siria Levario.

Javier Solis height
Javier Solis stands at a height of 5’10”

There is no news on why he chose to change his beautiful name, but we suppose that it was all because so that his fans could pronounce his name fluently.

His mother’s name was Siria Mora, who worked as a baker and a butcher to take care of her family. Similar, his father’s name was Juana Levario Piata, who was active as a trader.

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Looking at their profession now, one can clearly anticipate that this man had a pleasant childhood. His father used to put a stall in the public market. Among the parents, his mother was the busiest person.

Therefore she left his father and worked all the time. Soon enough, this woman decided to abandon her son and leave him under the care of uncle Valentin Levario Plata and aunt Angeal Lopez Martinez.

According to some resources, Salio used to consider them as his real parents. Moreover this man is the grandson of Gabriel Siria, Carmen Mora, Eligio Levario Valencia and Maria de la Luz Plata Guevera.

When Was Javier Solis Born? How Tall Was He?

This singer cum actor was born in the wonderful pace of Mexico City. Javier was welcomed on this earth on the auspicious day of 1st September in the year 1931.

Solis used to fall under the sun sign of Virgo. According to this sign, Solis was a brave person who was never afraid to follow his dream and passion. That might be the reason why he was able to become one of the finest actors and singers in the industry.

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The most distinctive feature of this brilliant man was his short mustache and curly black hair. He used to have thin eyebrows, which gave him the look of a Mexican man. Moreover, Solis used to stand tall at a height of 5 feet 10.5 inches which converts to 1.79 cm.

Childhood and Education

Talking about Javier’s childhood, it was both tough and pleasant. After his mother left him with his uncle, Salio had to depend on his uncle and aunt for most of his life.

However, his uncle and aunt were more than a caretaker and played a vital role in shaping his career. They were his true motivator and inspiration, and he considered them his real parents.

Despite all this, Javier’s happiness did not last long as their aunt got ill, Soon she died, which greatly affected his studies. Due to his aunt’s demise, solid could only attend five years of primary school in Tacubabay, located in Mexico.

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As soon as he dropped out of college, this singer started working. His main job during that time was to collect glass and bones. Later he worked in the supermarket transporting merchandise.

In the future, Javier even worked as a butter, baker, a car washer, and a carpenter’s helper. Not only this, when he had some free time, he used to train as an amateur boxer and was aspire to be a professional in the field.

In contrast, he did not have a stable career as a fighter too. Solis underwent several defeats and stopped dreaming about becoming a boxer. This way, his career as a boxer curved to become one of the legendary singers and actors in the world.

How Did Javier Solis Die? When Did He Die?

It was in the year 1957 that famous singer Pedro Infante died due to the crash in the Merida, Yucatan. After his unfortunate demise, Javier came into the limelight and was doing pretty good in his singing.

Javier Solis son
Javier Solis had one son Gabriel

During that time, there were three brilliant Mexican artists, Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, and Javier Solis, who were considered Three Mexican Rooster. They were the idol and inspiring people in the field of cinema and singing.

Although everything was going well in Javier’s life, things got worse when he was agonizing in pain during the live concert. During the period named mi Vida live tv show, this singer was performing to his live audience.

Surprisingly he all owned the stage and showed a gesture of pain in the whole event. Suddenly on 19 April 1966, this diligent young singer was pronounced dead in Mexico City.

The main cause of his demise was some complications in the gallbladder during the surgery. At the time of death, Solis was only 34 years old, and he died young.

According to several resources, it was revealed that during his death, the doctors refused to provide him with water, and his last words were concerned with his thirst and imminent death. His exact words were,

“They will have to shower my grave with lots of water. I know that I’m going to die. There is no cure.”

Javier Solis Songs

  • Esclavo y Amo
  • Renunciacion
  • En Tu Pelo, Si Dios me quite la vida
  • Las rejas No Matan
  • Payaso
  • Esta Tristeza Mia
  • Sombras
  • Entrega Total
  • Reglao de reyes
  • Tu Voz, Te Amare Toda La Vida
  • El Loco
  • Cuatro Cirios
  • En mi viejo San Juan

Javier Solis Movies

  • Juan Pistola
  • Adventure Al Centro De la Tierra
  • Los Tres Mosqueteros de Dios
  • Sinful
  • Fuere, audaz y valiente

Who Is The Wife of Javier Solis?

Unlike Javier’s professional life, very few details can be derived from his love life. He was very conservative and was not that vocal about personal matters.

There is no denying that there were lots of eyes on this man. Several ladies all over the world were mesmerized by his voice, and men were dreaming of being like him. Amidst all this, he fell in love with three beautiful women who only helped him shape his singing further.

At the tender age of 19, Solis fell in love with a beautiful woman Enriqueta Valdes Hernandez. Although they were young and careless, it did not stop them from walking down the aisle and spending their life together.

On an auspicious day of 14 November 1950, they married and lived happily until 30 July 1960. Unfortunately, they got divorced and everything shattered in his life. However, the presence of Socorro Gonzalez changed everything.

The lovey-dovey couple married each other and even parented two children. Just like the previous relations, this did not last long as well. Last but not least, this handsome man fell for beautiful Blanca Estela Sainz.

They dated for some time, and were finally announced husband and wife on 19 April 1966. Both of them had two children together and lived with each other until Javier died.

Javier Solis Son

One of the most talented and proficient singer of the time, Javier Solis has had some serious relationship. The only kid of Javier Solis is named as Gabriel Solis.

Similar to his father, he is active in the field of art. However the data on that is tough to find. Being with three women in his time, Javier only had one son.

What Is The Net Worth of Javier Solis?

This diligent man collected a hefty amount of money from his career. As he was active in the field of singing and acting, it is pretty obvious that his net worth was hefty.

Javier Solis net worth
Javier Solis had a net worth of $1 million

According to some resources, Javier enjoyed having a net worth of $1 million at the time of his demise. As a matter of fact, his songs are still being published in 2022.

Social Media Presence

Javier was not active on any social media platforms as there was no such thing as the internet during his time.

Interesting Facts about Javier Solis

  • Solis wanted to pursue his career as a boxer and trained for it.
  • Producer Felipe Leal provided Javier Solis with his name.
  • Pedro Infante and Javier were members of the famous entertainment group Three Roosters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Javier Solis

  • What did Javier Solis die off?

Javier Solis passed away at the age of 34 due to complications in gal bladder surgery.

  • Is Javier Solis still alive?

No Javier Solis isn’t alive in 2022

  • Where is Javier Solis from?

Solis is from Mexican city.

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