Hilary Crowder (Steve Crowder Wife) Age, Height, Net Worth, Babies

Steven Crowder is a well-known face in the political world. He is a conservative political commentator and media host. But Steven Crowder wife is someone who gets the limelight these days. Yes, we are talking about Hilary Crowder, the famous face.

Hilary Crowder age
Hilary Crowder is 35 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

Hilary Crowder is a sales manager along with the interior decorator. However, she is known as the better half of Steven Crowder. When we look into Steven, he has been a comic at times; however, his wife has been the support.

In this write-up, we will not talk much about Steven Crowder, but it will be all about the likes of Hilary Crowder. She has been a hardworking woman who has achieved independent success, which makes her special.

Hilary Crowder: Quick Facts

Full Name Hilary Crowder
Net worth $3 million
Date of birth 1st January, 1987
Birthplace California, USA
Age 35 years
Sun sign Capricorn
Father name Timothy Korzon
Mothers’ Name Sharon Korzon
Height 5’5″
Weight 55 kgs
Body Measurement Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Profession Interior Designer
Partner Steven Crowder
Children 2 (Twin)
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence None
Last update on September 2022

Hilary Crowder Family

On 1st January 1987, Hilary Crowder was born in Michigan, USA. Timothy Korzon and Sharon Korzon are the names of her parents. Along with the parents, she has an older sister named Shanna Anderson, who is very close to Hilary.

Hilary Crowder height
Hilary Crowder stands at 5’5″.
Image Source: Briefly News

When we talk about parents of Hilary, they weren’t from prestigious families. Her father used to run a furniture shop named Leland international. Still, most of her needs were fulfilled with ease.

Age and Height

Being born in 1987, Hilary is 35  years old. She has the most sparkling smile, along with an upbeat personality. This sparkling diva stands at the height of 5’5″ with body weight being 55 kgs. This beautiful lady has a slim body type.

Crowder has not been too vocal when we talk about body measurements. She is not very interested in sharing her shoe and dress size, which is understandable. Being born in United States, she holds American nationality and white ethnicity.

Hilary might not be too famous for her career, but she focuses on a good diet and a proper workout schedule. With the sparkling blonde hair to go with the brown eyes, Hilary can easily win over your heart.

Early Life and Education

Hilary was born in Michigan into one of the most loving families. She is highly close to her parents and siblings. Along with that, she had a pretty good childhood. Most of her needs were fulfilled with ease. From early childhood, she wanted to excel in academics.

Regarding her educational background, Crowder was part of Calving College in 2010. Hilary was more focused on studying political science and making a career. However, life had another plan and her career goal changed quickly.


The career of Steven Crowder is always the focus, but Hilary Crowder has achieved quite a lot. Far from the limelight, Hilary has made a name for her own. Studying political science, she has become an interior designer.

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Starting her career wasn’t easy, but she took parental guidance and overhauled their business. It was her father’s business in Leland International, which she turned into an interior decor company. What helped her was their experience.

Hilary had previously worked as a sales manager, which helped her to get supervision. She has previously worked as a supervisor in more than 30 independent sales groups in America and Canada.

On the other hand, her husband, Steven Crowder, is a well-known personality. He is a conservative political analyst along with a prominent Youtuber. Most of his political comments tend to hurt people around the world.


When you are in a marriage relationship with Steven Crowder, controversy is like a friend. The controversy between Steven and Hilary was related to Marijuana. It comes through with some of the beefy media handles.

Hilary Crowder husband
Hilary Crowder is married to Steven Crowder in 2012.
Image Source: Biography Gist

Hilary and Steven came through with a video vlog that was shot related to marijuana consumption. The college students used in the video complained that the information provided was very misleading.

This created quite the buzz as fans of Steven and Hilary weren’t too happy with what had come out. In short, things went from bad to worse. But Steven handled the controversy pretty well and was able to make an impact.

Husband Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder was conceived on 7th July 1987, in the USA. A talented personality was born to parents Darrin S Crowder and Francine Crowder. Other than the parents, Steven also has a brother named Jordan.

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Being raised in a Christian family, Steven had a pretty good childhood. He is an actor, political analyst, and also a Youtuber of interest. The talented personality started acting at the age of 12 years. Steven began appearing as an opinion panelist in the latter half of his life.

His political insights were used on Fox News which created quite an impact. To make everything work well, he was able to open his own Youtube channel. It is called Louder with Crowder, which talks about everything, politics, pop culture, and whatnot.

Hilar Crowder and Steven Crowder

Indeed, Hilary Crowder wasn’t a big name before marrying the likes of Steven Crowder. She was working as a sales manager and interior decorator. However, things started to change right after the marriage.

Sources explain that both of them were high school friends. Not only that, they dated for quite some time before walking down the aisle. In March 2012, both of them got engaged in the presence of their family members.

Steven and Hilary didn’t take long to walk down the aisle. Five months after getting engaged, both married on 25th August 2012. It was an auspicious occasion, and only close friends and family arrived to be part of it.

Hilary Crowder Babies

As soon as both love birds walked down the aisle, their marriage images went viral. Not only that, they could share the information with the world.

It has been more than ten years of their marriage. Interestingly, Hilary’s miscarriage in January 2021 was bad news. But immediately after that, they were together and had twins to add to their love saga.

Hilary Crowder husband
Hilary Crowder husband Steven Crowder.
Image Source: Youtube

In August 2021, Hilary gave birth to two of the most beautiful twins after a decade. They were named Magnus and Charlotte. Both of them are healthy and beautiful in their own right. Besides that, they haven’t had any kids.

Hilary Crowder Net Worth

What is the actual net worth you think Hilary Crowder holds? Well, it is pretty good. She has worked well with her interior design work. As of 2022, Hilary Crowder net worth stands at $3 million. All of that is the result of her career.

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One might think her net worth is the result of her association with her husband. Well, that is a mistake. It is her sole net worth as of now. As of 2022, Hilary has retired more from interior design work.

Social Media Presence

Hilary Crowder is well known for being the better half of Steven Crowder. Many of the diva fans might be interested in being part of it. But she is not active on social media.

There are no authentic social media accounts of Hilary Crowder. On the other hand, Steven Crowder has a pretty good fan following.

Instagram– 1.1m followers

Interesting Facts about Hilary Crowder

  • Hilary is an avid animal lover and owns a dog named Happer.
  • Crowder is suffering from Guillain- Barre Syndrome.
  • Hilary and Steven were involved in the Marijuana incident.
  • Interior decorating, traveling, and shopping is the hobbies of Hilary Crowder.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old is Hilary Crowder?

Hilary Crowder is 35 years old.

  • Who is Hilary Crowder Husband?

Hilary Crowder is married to Steven Crowder.