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Some actors are good-looking, some are talented, while rare ones are talented and gorgeous simultaneously. Ezra Miller is your man if you look for both. Ezra Miller net worth has sparked higher and higher with his wondrous works.

Most fans would recognize Ezra from his work in the shows like The Flash. But he has been doing good work since his time in The Perks of Being a wallflower. More than the looks, people are fans of his acting skillset, which are pretty good.

Ezra Miller age
Ezra Miller is 31 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot of talks regarding his mental health at the moment. He has come out loud about his state, throwing in questions and queries. This write-up will be more about Ezra Miller net worth, his mental health situation, his love life, and many more.

Ezra Miller: Quick Facts

Full Name Ezra Matthew Miller
Net worth $4 million
Date of birth 30th September 1992
Birthplace California, U.S.A.
Age 31 years
Sun sign Libra
Father name Robert Miller
Mothers’ Name Marta Miller
Height 5’11”
Weight 72 kgs
Body Measurement 38-28-35
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Queer
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Actor, Singer
Partner Erin Urb
Children None
Marital Status Engaged
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last update on February 2023

Ezra Miller Net Worth

Ezra Miller has been part of some of the notable projects to this point. Be it critically acclaimed or well highlighted, the actor has done a splendid job with his roles. Ezra Miller net worth stands at $4 million.

All of this has added up due to work in the movies and T.V. shows. For his role in The Flash, Ezra received accolades worldwide. With his acting work getting halted due to the recent health issue, things tend to be challenging.

Ezra Miller Houses

Miller loves to live a lavish life. He is not into living low and slow. At times he is also proud of the showoff he throws for the media. When we talk about the houses of Ezra Miller, he has quite a collection of them.

He lives in a 7200 sq foot mansion in New Jersey. The purchase price for the actor remained at $6 million. Even though it looks ragged from the outside, the inner view is spectacular. Marble decoration along with the small windows gives it an aesthetic look.

Ezra Miller net worth
Ezra Miller net worth is $4 million.
Image Source: Instagram

From his personal life, we can say that Ezra loves aesthetic things easily. His house has five bedrooms and eight bathrooms with a massive pool. With time, he would go on and add some more properties to his name.

Ezra Miller Cars

This talented actor knows his ride pretty well. He doesn’t settle for the less good but goes head over heels for the better ones. One can even say that Ezra Miller net worth is more dedicated to the number of cars he rides for fun.

The talented celebrity has five cars in common. Most of the time he prefers the brand’s quality rather than the product’s price. The list of his cars includes

  • Volvo XC40
  • Mercedes Benz EqC
  • Audi A6
  • Jaguar F-TYPE
  • Range Rover Sport etc.

Ezra Miller Assets and Investment

When the business mind starts to run, there is hardly any room for disappointment.

For Ezra Miller, he has been able to make a profound impact with his investments. He has made some excellent investments in the stock and added assets.

Along with the cars in his garage, Miller also has a yacht. His stock portfolio runs towards $2 million.

Furthermore, some of the stocks owned by Ezra include Starbucks, AT&T, Apple, Amazon, and Walmart.

Mental Health Issue

When you are successful, things tend to go the wrong way pretty quickly. In the case of Ezra, there have been issues for the man. His personal life has been full of cases that have easily affected his progress.

With the charges related to harassment, felony, and burglary to the man, he has been suffering from a mental health issue.

Ezra has come out in the open to discussing it. He says that due to all the problems, things have been tough.

To improve his mental health, Miller is seeking treatment and apologizing to everyone he has hurt over time. His complex mental health issue requires more prolonged treatment to return to his standard and high-functioning life.

Ezra Miller The Flash

Plenty of roles might have come through for Ezra Miller, but what changed his career is the role in Flash. There has not been any more significant role for him. Ezra Miller net worth has also been raised due to this project.

Miller Flash
Ezra Miller rose to fame from Flash.
Image Source: Paper Writer

His highly appreciable role as Barry Allen in the show made him a worldwide sensation. People started to admire the man’s talent with the good looks and talented acting. This opened the way for the Justice League franchise too.

One superhero project after another, Ezra didn’t have to look back at what he was gaining in the meantime. Some of the hit projects he has been part of are:

  • Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Suicide Squad
  • Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Arrow
  • Peacemaker
  • Justice League


Ezra Miller came out as queer to the general world. It means he is interested in both the man and the woman.

Ezra doesn’t call himself gay, but one thing is sure he finds it hard to love people. Specifically, he calls himself people.

There have been quite several related stories in the case of Ezra Miller. The first of all came with Zoe Kravitz. Zoe and Ezra worked together in a movie and fell for each other. This love story started in the year 2010.

Within a year, the breakup also came through. The second relationship stint came with the likes of Lauren Nolting.

She is a talented photographer who met Miller during the field of work. After dating for a year, their roads were separated.

Ezra Miller girlfriend
Ezra with his girlfriend Erin Urb.
Image Source: Creeto

In the current time, though, the presence of Erin Urb has been the key. A relationship that started in 2013 has gone on to the engagement pattern. Their engagement came in 2014 in May.

If you are unaware, Erin is a well-known model six years older than the actor. Still, they found an immediate connection and have been together since then.

They don’t share a single kid even after being together for almost a decade which is pretty peculiar.


In the case of Ezra Miller, controversies are his friend. One after the other, controversies tend to surround the man who is good and bad for his acting career.

The police once caught Ezra with marijuana in his possession. The actor was pulled over for broken lig but was found with possession of 20gm marijuana, which resulted in being bad for him.

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The charges led him to court, but they were later dropped out. The $600 payment for the two citations of disorderly misconduct remained. This didn’t do his reputation any good.

Harassment cases

The life of Ezra Miller doesn’t get easy at all. He has been caught for drug possession. Along with that, there have been several harassment issues that have been lodged against him.

It was in April 2020 when the first news of harassment of females came through. The actor was seen choking a woman in the bar when he was drunk. It might have a severe buzz in the media.

Similarly, the charges don’t stop. In March 2022, Ezra was again accused of bad conduct and harassment at a Karaoke bar by a lady. What adds more is the physical assault case.

It was at a part in April 2022 when Miller was charged with hitting a 26-year-old woman. As it was a private party, the thing was terrible for him. The later case of harassment is related to a teen.

The parents of a teen named Tokata Iron Eyes have filed a case against the actor. As per her parents, he was emotionally and physically abusing an 18-year-old. The complaint was filed in June 2022. Life doesn’t seem to be easy for Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller Farm

The farm of Ezra Miller has been coming into the news most of the time. The farm of Ezra Miller is giving shelter to kids and a mother. But it doesn’t seem to be too safe at all. Ezra’s farm is present in Vermont.

Ezra Miller mental health issues
Ezra Miller is facing mental health issues.
Image Source: Instagram

What’s fascinating is that the father is unaware of the whole situation. Sources claim that it is not a safe environment around the farm. With the guns and bullets lying around, kids might be injured.

Miller isn’t someone with an evil heart. He helped the lady to get away from the physically abusive ex and sheltered her. According to the source, the 1-year-old kid had bullets inside his mouth, which questions the kid’s safety.

Ezra Miller Instagram

Every fan is keen to know what is happening in the life of Ezra Miller. He has huge followers on Instagram even not posting a single post also.

Instagram: 108k followers

Interesting Facts about Ezra Miller

  • Ezra was provided his role in Afterschool by a stranger.
  • He is a massive supporter of the #Meetoo movement.
  • Ezra is queer and is not gay.
  • Chris Hemsworth and Emma Watson are his favorite actors.
  • He loves to listen to music, play video games, and travel in his free time.
  • Ezra Miller net worth is $4 million.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ezra Miller

What did Ezra Flash Do?

Ezra Miller the flash actor was charged with felony burglary in Vermont on 8th August after he tried to lift the bottle from the nearby home.

What Is Ezra Miller known for?

This actor is known for his work in The Flash.

What is Ezra Miller Net Worth?

Ezra Miller net worth is $4 million.

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