Enrique Iglesias Son (Nicholas Iglesias) Bio, Age, Height, Hobbies, Net Worth

With all the cute and charming faces, Enrique Iglesias son, Nicholas Iglesias, was born to a famous personality couple. He is living and spending his childhood with his family. As a kid, he has been put away from social media.

Nicholas Iglesias age
Enrique Iglesias son is five years old.
Image Source: Daily Times

A singer, songwriter, record producer, composer, and actor, Enrique Iglesias is the father of this cute and charming boy. Meanwhile, a well-renowned tennis player who remained a young star during her time, Anna Kournikova, is his mother.

And also, Nicholas doesn’t have any net worth at the moment, but combining his parent’s net worth, it stands at $160 million.

Nicholas Iglesias: Quick Facts

Full Name Nicholas Iglesias
Net worth Under Review
Date of Birth 16th December 2017
Birthplace Miami, Florida, United States
Age 5 years old
Sun sign Sagittarius
Father’s Name Enrique Iglesias
Mother’s Name Anna Kournikova Iglesias
Height Under Review
Weight 16 kg or 35 lbs lbs
Body Measurement Under Review
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Profession Celebrity Son
Siblings Mary Iglesias and Lucy Iglesais
Grandparents Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler
Marital Status Unmarried
Social Media Presence N/A
Last update on November 2022

Nicholas Iglesias Parents

Enrique Iglesias, son, was born into a family of famous personalities. He was born to a couple who has remained one of the most famous tennis players during her time and also one of the renowned singers of his time and still going on.

We are talking about none other than Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias.

His parents are known worldwide for their talent over their profession. Talking about his parent’s birthdate, his father, Enrique Iglesias, was conceived on 8th May 1975 in Madrid, Spain.

Meanwhile, his mother, Anna Kournikova Iglesias, was born on 7th June 1981 in Moscow, Russia. Both of them came together from two different continents.

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Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias first met in late 2001, when they were on the stage of the music video Escape. Anna fell interested in their music video of his; since then, they have been together.

It has become almost 21 years of being with each other but still is unmarried. However, they are gifted with three children.

Most parents are gifted with the first child, but in the case of Enrique and Anna, it was their first twin’s children. On 16th December 2017, Nicholas and Lucy Iglesias were born. Later in 3oth January 2020, their third child, Mary Iglesias, was born.

Early Life and Education

Enrique Iglesias son, Nicholas Iglesias was born on 16th Demcember 2017 in Florida, USA. He was born with her twin sister, Lucy Iglesias. Likewise, he is growing up and spending his childhood with his twin sibling Lucy and his little sister Mary Iglesias.

Nicholas Iglesias weight
Nicholas is 16 kgs as of now.
Image Source: Hola

Currently, Enrique Iglesias son is living in his early life phase. Determining what he will do in his adult is quite tricky. Meanwhile, he is living his childhood playing and spending time with his family.

However, there is very little information regarding him, as his parents want their children to be kept from the media. Regarding his education, Nicholas’s parents haven’t disclosed any information about it. However, he might be homeschooled at this age.

Enrique Iglesias Son Age and Body Measurement | How tall is Nicholas Iglesias?

Enrique Iglesias, son, has a cute and charming face. With all that, he will be five years old on 16th December 2022.

Likewise, it is quite hard to determine the height of Nicholas, as the child’s body is never constant and is developing every day. Similarly, it is hard to determine his body measurement as well. Meanwhile, the weight of the Iglesias is 16 kg, but it might change soon.

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For now, Enrique Iglesias son doesn’t have a girlfriend but seeing his charming face with blue eyes and brown hair, it is assumable that an array of girls will approach him. Meanwhile, Nicholas was born under the sun sign Sagittarius.

Nicholas’s father is from Spain, and his mother is from Russia. With all that, he belongs to mixed ethnicity. Moreover, he was born in America and is a citizen of America.

Nicholas Iglesias Grandparents

Both sides of Nicholas’s grandparents are quite famous personalities. Likewise, one grandfather is a famous Spanish singer, and another has remained a wrestler and a professor. Both of them are well-renowned personalities at their time.

Nicholas Iglesias father
Nicholas with his father Enrique Iglesias.
Image Source: People

On his mother’s side, his grandparents’ names are Sergei Kournikova and Alla Kournikova. And from the father’s side, his grandparents’ names are Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler.

Hobbies | What does Nicholas love to do?

Hobbies determine what a person will be willing to do in their adulthood. However, Nicholas is still playing around with his parents and siblings. Right now, he is enjoying his childhood to the fullest.

But looking at their parents, we can assume Enrique Iglesias son will have a great personality during adulthood.

Enrique Iglesias Son Net Worth

Regarding children, it is not possible to calculate net worth. Being a child, one never got a job or earned a penny. While for Nicholas, he is not at the age of even getting a pocket.

Nicholas Iglesias siblings
Nicholas Iglesias with his siblings.
Image Source: Mamaslatinas

However, Nicholas’s mother and father is a famous personality and has earned a lot of money. Likewise, his mother is retired and played but earns $10 million from endorsement. And also, his father is a famous singer and earns a lot from his song.

Combing both his father’s and mother’s net worth. At the same time, the combined net worth stands at $160 million.

Interesting Facts about Enrique Iglesias Son

  • Enrique Iglesias son, is the twin child and was born together with Lucy Iglesias.
  • He was born to a famous personality.
  • His father is a well-renowned singer, while his mother is a famous retired tennis player.
  • Iglesias was born with blue eyes and brown hair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Enrique Iglesias, son.

  • Does Enrique Iglesias has a son?

Yes, Enrique Igleasias has a son, Nicholas Iglesias.

  • When did Nicholas Iglesias was born?

Enrique Iglesias, son, was born on 16th December 2017 in Miami, Florida, USA.

  • Does Nicholas have a twin sister?

Yes, Nicholas was born together with his twin sister, Lucy Iglesias.

  • Who is the mother of Nicholas Iglesias?

A famous tennis player, Anna Kournikova Iglesias, is the mother of Nicholas Iglesias.

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