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DJ Qualls, whose real name is Donald Joseph Qualls, is a famous actor and fashion model from America. Qualls became famous for various TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Supernatural, The New Guy, and other television shows.

Just 45 years old, the actor has been active since 1994, hence, he has managed to work in dozens of shows.

DJ Qualls age
DJ Qualls is 45 years old

Donald is also a leukemia survivor, which severely impacted his body from a young age. The treatment also left his family in poverty, making him ambitious to earn money.

He wanted to secure himself and his family financially, so he started to accept every role he used to get. After tons of years of experience, DJ Qualls now gets lots of respect and is a recognized member of US actors and performers.

Suppose you are also a fan of DJ Qualls and his versatile acting, along with his inspiring story. Please check the article below.

Let’s begin with quick facts about The New Guy actor.

DJ Qualls: Quick Facts

Birth Name Donald Joseph Qualls
Nick Name DJ Qualls
Age 45 years old
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birth Place Nashville, Tennesse, US
Date of Birth June 10th, 1978
Nationality American
Mother’s Name Debbie Qualls
Father’s Name Donnie Qualls
Sibling Under Review
Height 6 feet, or 183 cm
Weight 70 kg or 154 lbs
Body Measurement Under Review
Race / Ethnicity Under Review
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Gay
Shoe Size 10 US
College/University Belmont University
Educational Qualification Graduated
Profession Actor
Wife Under Review
Children Under Review
Net Worth $5 Million
Last Update April 2023

DJ Qualls Parents and Sister

DJ Qualls was born and raised in Tennessee in the capital city of Nashville. Dj’s father’s name was Donnie Qualls, and his mother’s name was Debbie Qualls. 

Donald has four siblings, but many people confuse actress Lauren Lapkus to be his sister. However, Lapkus has denied it several times but understands why fans would be mistaken.

DJ Qualls net worth
As of 2023, DJ Qualls net worth is $5 million

Donald Qualls went to Manchester, Tennessee, where he joined the local school. But at the time he was 14, DJ Qualls was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer.

Qualls had to receive treatment and chemotherapy for almost two years. His cancer became dormant and went into remission, but it already did severe damage to his body.

Qualls body growth was stopped, making him look lanky and extremely thin. After the treatment, he went to school again and joined Coffee County Central High School.

Qualls was exceptional in music, so he decided to join Red Raider Band. DJ Qualls then got graduated in English from Kings College in London.

Qualls also wanted to study law to make more money, so he tried to join the University of London but changed his mind. He instead decided to learn acting and went to Belmont University to become an actor.

DJ Qualls Height and Weight

DJ Qualls age is 45 years as his birthdate fell on June 10th, 1978. Qualls height is 6 feet or 183 cm. His weight is 70 kg or 154 lbs.

DJ Qualls body measurements are not known; however, he wears a shoe size of 10 US. Qualls hair color is brown, and he has blue color eyes.

DJ Qualls zodiac sign is Gemini which indicates why he has such comedic timing. Generally, male with the Gemini zodiac sign tends to be prankster, playful, and full of mischief.

Qualls is American when it comes to his nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Donald follows Christianity as his religion.

Qualls has a very lean and slender body due to his chemotherapy which impacted his growth and metabolism.

Talking about his sexual orientation, Donald has come out as gay. At first, DJ was worried about the outcome of his announcement, but he soon stopped worrying and came out.

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DJ Qualls is a very entertaining person who likes to have fun, especially with his friends and family. Qualls enjoys long trips and relaxing vacations all around the world.


DJ Qualls’s role as an actor began in 1994 when he was still struggling to find a break. At the same time, he found a position in HBO’s film Against the Wall. It became his only decent role for a considerable amount of time.

Finally, three years after the first small breakthrough, Qualls got another role. Another cameo role in “Mama’s Flora Family,” is just another miniseries. The show’s directors were David Stevens and Alex Hailey based on the novel.

At the time, Qualls was having a problem with money, so he continued performing in theatres and on broadway. He also got the opportunity to be a Prada fashion model, which he immediately took. Qualls was making a name as a model despite having a slender body. Respectable Photographers such as Steve Klein and David LaPachelle also approach him for modeling.

DJ Qualls Prada
DJ Qualls for Prada
Source: Live Journal

Things started to look up for Donald when his modeling career began to bear fruit. He also got a couple of opportunities in music videos. Qualls appeared in I’m Just a Kid’s music videos by Simple Plan and the famous song Boys of Pop megastar Britney Spears.

DJ Qualls got the offer to make a cameo role in the comedy film Road Trip, where he had only one line to deliver. After accepting that director, Todd Phillips invited him to meet producer Ivan Reitman. The trio met in California, where Ivan offered Qualls his debut role in the movie ‘A Shy Virgin” as Kyle Edwards.

DJ Qualls Movies and TV Shows

  • The New Guy (2002)
  • Road Trip (2000)
  • The Core (2003)
  • Hustle & Flow (2005)
  • Delta Farce (2007)
  • Road Trip: Beer Pong (2009)
  • All About Steve (2009)
  • Lone Star State of Mind (2002)
  • Last Day of Summer (2009)
  • Amigo (2010)

Acting Career and Big Breaks

Donald’s fate was changing as he began to get lots of offers for major or cameo roles in the movies. Qualls played Wally, another Virgin, in the comedy movie Cherry Falls directed by prestigious director Geoffry Wright. Donald also starred in Chasing Holden as Neil Lawrence in 2001.

A year later, Donald Qualls played the role of Dizzy Gillespie in the popular movie The New Guy, which became quite famous. The same year in 2002, he also appeared in the Lone Star State of Mind, where he portrays Junior’s role. However, Qualls became a flop and a complete disappointment in another movie, Core.

DJ Qualls’s big break came in the movie Hustle and Flowed, released in 2005. Qualls played the role of Shelby in the movie, which became his best performance to date. Similarly, he started getting many offers in Delta Force, The Last Day of Summer, Pawn Shop Chronicles, and others.

Furthermore, fans were excited about his appearance in Supernatural’s HBO series in 2016. Qualls appeared as Garth Fitzgerald IV, a ghost hunter of some sort. He made his presence on the comedy detective drama Monk as well.

DJ Qualls has made appearances on several other popular TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, and others.

Qualls starred in another thriller movie Buster Mal Heart in the antagonist role opposite of talented Rami Mahek. Qualls current project is Circle of Eight and Supernatural.

Awards and Accolades

DJ Qualls has been in the acting industry for over a decade now and has contributed to lots of outstanding performances. However, he has not been blessed with awards and accolades though.

DJ Qualls career
DJ Qualls for his role in Breaking Bad

Qualls has only one nomination for the movie Hustle and Flow. DJ Qualls was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Role by a Cast in a Movie Category.

Unfortunately, Qualls did not win the award. Nevertheless, Donald has been a pioneer in acting and entertainment for many people worldwide. He still has a massive fan following equal to any prestigious awards.

DJ Qualls Relationships and Kids

DJ Qualls is still single and is not ready to get married yet. He is also not dating anybody at the moment. Qualls has stated he is a nerd and likes to enjoy everything first. He wants to achieve all his goals before he takes on the responsibility.

DJ Qualls has also stated he is gay and prefers a nerd like him. Someone who likes to play games, watch movies, and love comic books attracts Donald.

There has not been much rumor about whether he has been dating anybody or was seen together with someone.

It is safe to assume Donald is having fun with his life and focusing on his career at the moment. DJ Qualls also does not have any children to date.


DJ Qualls has not been in any controversy to date; however, he hinted at being afraid of coming out as gay.

Qualls stated he often wondered if it was the right thing to do and eventually thought yes. He has stated that he is now relieved and happy that his friends, family, and fans support him.

DJ Qualls Quotes

“You know, so many people say TV makes you stupid. But it had the complete opposite effect on me. It kept me from having a really bad Southern accent.”

“I lived so frugally for so long. I have to have that financial security or the world feels out of control for me.”

“A film has a beginning, middle, and end. There is a certain amount of time that you have to embody these people. You know the entire story Arch. But on TV, you have to let your guard down. You don’t know how long the show is going to last. There is this excitement that comes with developing a character long-term.”

“Celebrity is a gift. I’m very lucky.”

DJ Qualls Net Worth 2023

As per Celebrity Net Worth, DJ Qualls net worth is $5 million. Qualls has earned a lot in his career, especially from his acting career.

Along with acting, Qualls has also earned from being a fashion model for several brands such as Prada, and several photographers.

According to the online reports, DJ Qualls earns over $30k per month approximately and over $5 million annually.

DJ Qualls Instagram

This actor has amassed many fan followers from his famous character in several TV shows and movies. He is one of the social media fan favorites at the moment.

Instagram 83.6k followers

Twitter – 210.9k followers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DJ Qualls full name?

DJ Qualls’s full name is Donald Joseph Qualls.

Is DJ Qualls gay?

Yes, he is gay. After hiding it for many years, Qualls revealed he was gay in a Twitter Post.

What is DJ Qualls Net Worth?

As of 2023, DJ Qualls net worth is $5 million.


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