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David Muir is a top-rated T.V. host and news anchor. Muir is famous primarily for his news show “ABC World News Tonight.” However, the question on most people’s minds generally regarding him tends to be is David Muir gay?

David Muir age
David Muir is 50 years old.
Source: Instagram

This article will cover the sexuality of David Muir and his relationship status. Other than that, you will also learn about the in-depth biography of David Muir, including his net worth, birthplace, parents, and many more.

David Muir is a talented and veteran news anchor reporter in various vital missions or reports. Some of them are Breaking point: Heroin in America and Flashpoint: Refugees in America.

Muir also has a personal series, “Made in America, which became very famous. There is much more to cover about the anchor and this article will do all of it. 

David Muir: Quick Facts

Birth Name David Muir
Nick Name Under Review
Age 50 years old
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birth Place New Jersey, USA
Date of Birth March 1, 1973
Nationality American
Mother’s Name Pat Mills
Father’s Name Ronald Muir
Sibling Under Review
Height 5 ft. 5 inches tall or 180 cm
Weight 76 kg or 162 lbs.
Body Measurement Under Review
Race / Ethnicity White
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Sexual Orientation Gay
Shoe Size 7 US
College/University Ithaca College
Educational Qualification Graduated
Profession TV Anchor
Partner Under Review
Children Under Review
Net Worth $20 million
Last Updated On March 2023

Is David Muir Gay?

Yes, David Muir is Gay as he has been in a relationship with journalist Gio Benitez. Despite not having confirmed his sexuality, David has been spotted on the gay club in L.A. numerous times, according to the reports.

David Muir ABC news
David Muir during his reporting at Southern Madagascar
Source: Instagram

According to unconfirmed reports, David and Gio were dating for over five years. David and Gio met for the first time in the press reporter conference.

They were initially hesitant to reveal their sexuality but eventually figured out both were gay. David and Gio then began dating and were seen a lot together in public.

However, after some years, they had to separate from each other. Since David and Gio had not revealed they were dating in the first place, they also never told why they broke up.

There are rumors that David has been dating a guy named Sean recently. And the fact is that Sean is living with David; however, he has not been introduced as the partner to date.

As of 2023, David Muir does not have any children and is probably more focused on his career.

David Muir Sister and Parents

David Muir was born in Syracuse, New York. Muir father name is Ronald Muir and his mother name is Pat Mills. David has started well in his life and all thanks to his sister.

Muir has a sister named Rebecca Muir who has been in the thick and thin of the reporter. Both of them share a pretty close bond with images of them circulating on the internet. 

When David Muir was just a little boy, his parents divorced, and he stayed living with his mother. It was a very hard time for the anchor.

David Muir Age and Height

David Muir age is 50 years as he was born on 8th November 1973. Muir stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall or 180 cm and weighs 76 kg or 162 lbs.

David Muir’s body measurements are unknown, whereas his shoe size is 7 to 8 U.S. Muir has brown color eyes and his hair color is also brown. David’s zodiac sign is Scorpio which explains his characteristics to be firm and determined.

Usually, males with the Scorpio zodiac sign have very high ambitions and do anything to achieve them. David Muir has a long face and a thin, clean, shaved beard.

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David Muir is American and belongs to the white caucasian ethnicity. Muir follows Christianity as his religion as he grows up in a Roman Catholic family.

David Muir height
David Muir stands at a height of 5’5″.
Image Source: Instagram

David Muir is very proud of his journalism education at Ithica College. Hence he is still the spokesperson and mentor of various students in the said college.

David became the school commencement speaker in 2011 and has been in the post ever since. Muir also provides his expertise in other Universities such as the University of Wisconsin and Northern Massachusetts University.

David Muir has also been involved in lots of NGO and international projects. Muir has promoted causes such as Global Climate Change, forest fires, and many meaningful projects.

Early Life and Education

David Muir was a very hardworking personality right from his childhood. As a result of that, he attended Onondaga central junior high school.

When high school was done, the talented individual was part of the University of Salamanca where he learned the basics of journalism. In all of this, his higher studies took place at Ithaca college whereby he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

David was also equally fond of various sports when he was in his teenage years. However, David loved the news and the latest happenings and got more intrigued by it.


David Muir’s career as a journalist started in 1995 when he joined WVTH-TV. Also remarkably, David’s first project was to cover the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. At the time, he traveled to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv.

Muir then became very famous for his coverage and became the Best news anchor in the local area around Syracuse.

After getting recognition, Muir joined another station, WCVB. David was there for three years, where he covered the 9/11 attacks and even progressed on tracing the hijacker as well.

In 2003, David joined the popular T.V. channel ABC where he started to host become his most promising news show in the USA. At the time, David began hosting the news show “World News Now.”

Muir then started hosting the show World News This Morning, which got more attention.

In 2006, Muir then started the show World News Saturday every Saturday. In the same year, he was also the co-host of the show PrimeTime.

The recognition of David Muir began when he began hosting his show named “World News with David Muir.” The news show became one of the most-watched news shows in the USA.

David Muir became the senior lead anchor of the USA after the popularity of his show increased tenfold.


David Muir is a top-rated anchor and broadcast journalist. Since he is very popular and excellent in the job, he was due to get mixed in some controversy.

The controversy that David Muir got involved in was with another senior anchor of ABC channel George Stephanopoulos.

The controversy began when George was the “Chief Anchor” of the ABC Channel. At the time, David Muir was an up-and-coming anchor as well.

George was leaving the position of chief anchor only if no one else got the title. However, the emergence of Muir and his show “ABC World News Tonight” became one of the most-watched news shows in the evening.

David Muir relationship
David Muir with his partner Gio Benitez
Source: Jesusful

Despite promising George that the title would be vacant, ABC provided the top anchor position to David Muir. Muir and George’s dispute began, blaming each other for their altercations.

George finally threatened to leave ABC Channel and join the rival company. Muir even cracked jokes about George living, which created more controversy, and he even received lots of abuse on the internet.

However, the CEO of ABC resolved the dispute and vacated the top anchor position entirely. They also gave a lucrative long-term contract to both Muir and George. David Muir gay was a big controversy in the life of the reporter.

In recent days there has been no conflict between the talented anchors; however, they are not exactly friends at this point. 

David Muir Face Cancer

This was interesting news that came out in the media recently. David Muir the famous TV host was known to have the face answer. As nonsense, as it seems, it was all a hoax. There has been no authentic news related to it.

Muir who has some changes on his face is the result of the man going for nose surgery. The fans of Muir have pointed out something to be of cancer which isn’t true.

When you look up close, you can see that he had either nose surgery or rhinoplasty. It can be seen with the before and after photos of the man.

Even though he seems to be a tad bit thinner but there is nothing much to worry about in it. There is news of celebrities having cancer flowing around. So it isn’t huge news after all.

David Muir Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, David Muir net worth is $20 million. Muir is a top-rated and decorated anchor and host of a top-rated show.

David himself has not revealed his net worth at the moment; however, the standard salary package for the senior anchor is up to $7 million per annum.

David Muir House

Muir is one of the most famous and talented anchors going around the world. At this point, he tends to get the maximum air time in the news reporting fraternity. With all of his net worth, he has purchased a massive mansion in New York.

It cost the anchor $7 million. When we talk about the features in the house, it is pretty massive. Spread around the area of 4300 sq feet, the house has six bedrooms and two kitchens along with three bathrooms.

What steals the show is the stunning fireplace with plenty of wide open spaces. Around the greenery of the house, David tends to spend most of his time. There are his loved ones who tend to provide his company in the mansion.

David Muir Twitter

David Muir is a popular news anchor and journalist with a massive fan following on social media.

Instagram – 526k followers

Twitter – 806.6k followers

Facebook331k followers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is David Muir Gay?

Regarding sexuality, David Muir is gay, and according to many online media, he is dating someone. However, Muir has not revealed who he is dating. Many people believe that Muir’s partner’s name is Sean.

What is the show name of David Muir?

He is a top-rated anchor who hosts the popular news show ABC World News Tonight.

What is David Muir net worth?

As of 2023, David Muir net worth is $20 million.


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