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Dana White bio

Dana White is an American businessman and President of the popular MMA organization UFC. White has been the president of the organization since 2001. Dana White wife is a matter of concern for the media.

Since his presidency, UFC has experienced exponential growth and is today by far the biggest and most popular Mixed Martial Arts organization in the whole world.

Dana White age
Dana White is 53 years old
Source: MMA Fighting

White is given rapid success in the UFC and the whole mixed martial arts scene in general. With the success of UFC, white has also got worldwide fame of his own because of his work. 

In his long career in the UFC, Dana White has been involved in his fair share of controversies. He was involved in a sex-tape scandal that met its conclusion with dismissal in 2020.

With his popularity, Dana White has also been seen in a few cameos in movies and tv-series. White currently gives all his time helping fix fights as well as bringing up interesting wrestlers from all around the world. White was instrumental in one of the biggest matches in history between Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In this write up we will be talking in detail about Dana White wife, his earnings, career, and many more. Stick with us.

Dana White: Quick Facts

Name Dana White
Full Name Dana Frederick White Jr.
Date of Birth July 28, 1969
Birth Place Connecticut, USA
Age 53
Father’s Name Dana White Sr.
Mother’s Name June White
Siblings  one
Height 5 ft 10 inches
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Businessman
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Bald
Marital Status Married
Wife Anne Stella
Net Worth $500 million
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May 2022

Dana White Wife and Children

Dana White is married to his long-time love Anne Stella. White-met Anne during their teenage years. The couple was in a committed relationship for a long time before finally getting married in 1996.

Dana White wife
Dana White wife Anne Stella
Source: Fanbuzz

There aren’t many details available about Anne Stella right now other than the fact that she went to the same high school as Dana White. It is also known that she doesn’t have a healthy relationship with White’s mother. Anna Stella likes to keep herself away from unwanted public attention. 

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The couple has three children of their own namely Dana White III, Aidan White, and Savannah White. Dana White III is a football player and their second son Aidan White is an amateur boxer. Savannah White who is Dana White’s only daughter is still young and studying in high school.

Age and Physique

Born on the 28th of July in the year 1969, Dana White is 53 years of age as of 2022. The actor was born in Manchester, USA, and spent most of his early years in Connecticut. From a young age, Dana White has been interested in wrestling and boxing. He began as a boxer at 17 but later left boxing because of injuries. 

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Being a boxer, Dana White is serious about his health and physique in general. White stands at a height of around 5ft 10 inches and weighs 95 kgs. He has hazel eyes and has gone bald in recent years.  

Wiki and Early Life

Dana White was born to June White and Dana White Sr. White has had a difficult childhood as his father Dana White Sr. was an alcoholic which left a strong mark on his life.

He often talks about his blurry relationship with his father during his early years. Dana White does not have a healthy relationship with his mother from an early age because of personal reasons.

White has one sister of his own namely Kelly White. Dana White and his sister Kelly White were mostly raised by his mother. Talking about his ancestry, Dana White has familial origins in Ireland.  

Dana White became interested in boxing at an early age. He began boxing at the young age of 17 after graduating from Hermon High School in the year 1987. Dana White did go to college but soon dropped out and began working as a boxing exercise coach. 

Career and UFC

Dana White spent his early 20s living in Massachusetts. He had to leave Massachusetts after he was threatened by mobsters for payment of $2500 he owed to Whitey Bulger.

After leaving Massachusetts, White moved to Las Vegas where began working in a Boxercise business. He worked as a trainer which led him to meet Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. This meeting became the foundational stone of his career at the UFC. 

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White began working as a manager to Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Both Ortiz and Liddell were prominent MMA fighters in Las Vegas. During this period he had a meeting with Bob Meyrowitz who was president of the Semaphore Entertainment Group.

UFC was still in its infancy and a subsidiary of Semaphore Entertainment Group. Meyrowitz was looking to sell UFC and White contacted his childhood friend Lorenzo Frank.

White was able to broker a deal between Meyrowitz and Frank. UFC was then sold to Frank and his older brother for a sum of $2 million. White became the UFC’s president and it marked the rise of the multimillionaire organization that it is today.

Dana White as UFC’s President

When Dana White was appointed as UFC’s President, the company didn’t have any assets except for its brand name and an old octagon. UFC saw a steep rise in its popularity and pay-per-view numbers with Dana White as its President.

In 2005, UFC 52 got a pay-per-view audience of around 300,000 which was double the number from its last special event. 

In recent times, UFC has had gross revenue of around $600 million. It was acquired by investors who were part of WWE-IMG for a whopping $4.025 billion. Dana White currently owns a 9% stake in the company and is still the president. In 2019, White signed a seven-year deal as the president of UFC. 

Dana White Instagram and Twitter

Dana White is quite active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. White mostly posts pictures of his UFC fighters on his Instagram account. Moreover, White uses his Twitter account to interact with his fans about UFC matches and other issues.

Instagram: 7.4m followers

Twitter: 5.9m followers

Dana White Net Worth

Dana White has an estimated net worth of around $500 million. Most of his wealth is from his 9% stake in UFC. White also earns a handsome salary of around $20 million as UFC’s President.

Dana White net worth
Dana White house in Las Vegas
Source: Las Vegas Review

His net worth saw a steep rise in 2016 when UFC was sold to investors under the group WWE-IMG. According to various reports, his cut from the deal was around $360 million.  Dana White wife and the man himself live in the house in Las Vegas. With the earnings coming through and through things are running smoothly for them.

Dana White Net Worth in various currencies

Name of Currencies Value of Net worth
Bitcoin 16941.8395 BTC
Ethereum 248, 118. 75 ETH
Dogecoin 5,592,841,163.31 DOGE
Litecoin 7,435,242.05 LTC
Indian Currency 38,743,217,270.35 INR

Frequently Asked Questions About Dana White

  • Was Dana White ever a fighter?

Dana was a fighter for some period of time during his later teenage years. His interest is in boxing. He soon left his life as a fighter and began working as a boxing trainer, later becoming a manager for other MMA fighters.

  • How did Dana White become UFC’s president?

Dana White met former owners of UFC and helped broker a deal between UFC’s former owner and his childhood friend. With the acquisition of UFC by his former friend, Dana White became the President of UFC.

  • Are Dana White and Joe Rogan friends?

Yes, Dana White and Joe Rogan are indeed great friends. They met after Dana White became president of UFC. Rogan attended some of UFC’s matches and was later offered a job as a commentator in UFC matches which helped him shoot to fame.

  • How much stake does Dana White have in UFC?

Dana White has a 9% stake in UFC. His share amounts to more than $500 million and is a major part of his net worth. White also earns a handsome salary as the President of UFC.

Interesting Facts About Dana White

  • In 2007, there were speculations that Dana White will be fighting his old friend Tito Ortiz. The reason for the speculations was the feud between the two personalities but the rumors did not come to fruition.
  • Dana White does not have a healthy relationship with his family, especially his mother. His mother has gone on to state that White became arrogant and turned his back on his family.
  • Dana White is friends with Former President of the United States Donald Trump. Moreover, he even went on to support Donald Trump during both the 2016 and 2020 elections.
  • Apart from being the President of UFC, Dana White is also a Gambler and is often seen in casinos every now and then.
  • One lesser-known information about him is that he actually won a whopping $1.6 million gambling in Palms Casino in Las Vegas after which he was banned from appearing there.
  • Dana White was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in the year 2012.
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