Curious Case of Bryce Laspisa [Update 2023], Age, Girlfriend, Ig

What can go wrong when you go home from school? There is much more that can go wrong. Bryce Laspisa is the perfect example of it. Bryce Laspisa is a high school student who does his normal chores.

bryce laspisa disappeared
Bryce was last seen on 30th August 2013.
Image Source: Los Angeles Daily News

But one fine day, the gentleman gets lost which creates havoc all around. It has been a decade since the loss of Bryce Laspisa and nothing has been known to this point. In this write-up, we will try to look into the details of his personal life.

Bryce Laspisa: Quick Facts

Full Name Bryce Laspisa
Net worth None
Date of birth 30th April 1994
Birthplace California, USA
Age 29 years
Sun sign Taurus
Father name Mike Laspisa
Mothers’ Name Karen Laspisa
Height 5 ft 11 inches
Weight 77 kgs
Body Measurement Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Last Seen 30th August 2013
Ex-Partner Kim Sly
Children None
Marital Status Single
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last update on March 2023

Bryce Laspisa Disappearance

A fine kid with the great attributes of being a good man, Bryce Laspisa was lost all of a sudden. The news of his disappearance came in the early morning hours of 30th August 2013.

The last appearance of the man was available at Castaic Lake where the man was available for the very last time. He was returning to his home from his school.

bryce laspisa girlfriend
Bryce with his girlfriend Kim Sly.
Image Source: Facebook

As told by his parents, Bryce was meant to come to their home in Laguna Niguel but never made it there. The shocking revelation showed that he didn’t like the home at all.

What’s more horrifying is the fact that police came knocking at the door of Karen stating that they found the vehicle at the side of Castaic Lake with no signs of the man.

What led to Bryce Laspisa disappearance?

The biggest question that hangs around is why did Bryce disappear. According to the parents, Bryce had changed behavior some days before he vanished.

He was less friendly and didn’t talk much. The parents thought that Laspisa was going into depression. At times, his friends also told the family that he was quietly using drugs.

The use of Vyvanse was doing him no good as he was diving deep into depression and also mania. Drinking alcohol and being intoxicated into it was also a common weekend norm for the boy.

Things started to get tough when the day of his disappearance came closer and closer. Two days before being lost, Bryce broke up with his girlfriend Kim.

This did him no good. Bryce also gifted him diamond earrings along with the XBOX to his roommate Sean. He drove from his room towards his mothers’ house.

It was a three-hour drive. Along the way, he met the gas station owner, Christian, where he came to buy three gallons of diesel. Along with that some of the police officers also talked to him on the way.

Is Bryce Laspisa Dead?

There have been multiple theories as to whether Bryce Laspisa has been dead or not. In that case, we can say that he isn’t dead.

Nobody has found the body of the boy and a lot of the police officers suggest that he has changed his identity and started to live under a fake one in a different place.

The suspicion of a new life gets even stronger when the authorities found a phone, cash, and his car left behind and no traces of him.

While some evil theory also suggests the fact that he either committed suicide or was killed for his bad behavior. But due to the lack of presence of the body, Bryce being dead is hard to guess.

It has been years that there have been no fresh leads about Bryce Laspisa. For the concerned authorities, it is another cold case. Meanwhile the parents still have hope he would come back one fine day.

Who are Bryce Laspisa Parents?

On 30th April 1994, Bryce Laspisa was born in South California. The name of his parents is Karen Laspisa and Mike Laspisa. Besides the parents, there isn’t much data on the siblings which is interesting.

bryce laspisa height
Laspisa stands at 5 ft 11 inches.
Image Source: Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

Bryce is very close when we talk about his parents. Bryce belongs to a middle-class family with middle-class needs and day-to-day work.

Age and Body Measurements

Bryce was born in the year 1994 which makes him 29 years old as of now. Bryce height is 5 feet 11 inches. His weight is 77 kg.

Growing up, Laspisa was keen on a fit body and gym work which made him look pretty good. Meanwhile, Bryce had a bull tattoo on his left shoulder which made him look husky.

There is hardly any data when we talk about the shoe or the dress size of the lost case. He had sparkling blonde hair along with eyes of a dark brown color.

Bryce Laspisa Ethnicity and Religion

Bryce was born in California and holds American nationality. Meanwhile, Bryce Laspisa had a white ethnicity.

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He hardly had anyone out of the United States. In like manner, Laspisa was born in April with the zodiac sign of Taurus. Laspisa is also a true follower of Christianity.

Early Life and Education

Bryce might be the middle-class kid who grew up with a smile but he had his fair share of troubles. Bryce parents were able to fulfill the need of the kid most of the time.

Until the time of his disappearance, he was studying at Sierra College in California. His major was termed to be modern and visual communications. Interestingly there has been no data about the schooling days.

Who was Bryce Laspisa Dating?

The love life of Bryce Laspisa is something to ponder upon. This is due to the fact that he was seeing a girl in high school.

bryce laspisa parents
Bryce Laspisa with his parents.
Image Source: All Thats Interesting

Interestingly, the name of the girl is Kim Sly. There is not much story about their love affair. His mother Karen did open up that he was upset with a girl before his disappearance.

Bryce Laspisa Instagram

Although Bryce was lost a decade back, he was highly active on social media platforms. Fans can easily find the man on Instagram accounts. The last image on his Instagram was uploaded three days prior to his disappearance.

Instagram: 391 followers

Interesting Facts about Bryce Laspisa

  • Laspisa has been a huge fan of cats and had one of them as a pet.
  • He has a big tattoo on his left arm that of a bull.
  • Bryce was into drugs and alcohol before he was lost.
  • He loved to spend time at the beach and also loved the summer season.
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