Antonella Nester QVC [Updated 2023] Age, Daughter Cancer, Husband, Net Worth, Facebook

Antonella Nester is a popular TV host for the top-rated TV network QVC, which stands for Quality Value Convenience. Nester is very loved by many fans for her contagious laughter and her excellent health tips.

Antonella herself has decided to lose weight and burn calories by laughing and through morning walks. Nester has also suffered from depression during her career, which she is not afraid to talk about.

Antonella has always dreamed of becoming a host or motivating people who are suffering.

antonella nester age
Antonella Nester is currently 59 years old.
Source: Instagram

Fans and media people love Nester for her cheery and happy personality. She always makes people laugh and care for her loved ones and family.

This article contains a full biography of Nester. You will learn about Nester’s career, net worth, age, and more.

So, if you like Antonella Nestor and want to know more about her life, please engage with the article below.

Antonella Nester’s Quick Facts

Birth Name Antonella Nester
Nick Name Antonella
Age 59 years old
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Birth Place Pennsylvania, USA
Date of Birth 12th January 1964
Nationality America
Mother’s Name Under Review
Father’s Name Under Review
Sibling Under Review
Height Under Review
Weight Under Review
Body Measurement Under Review
Race / Ethnicity Mixed
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe Size Under Review
College/University Pennsylvania State University
Educational Qualification Graduated
Profession TV Host and TV Personality
Husband Chris Nester
Children Under Review
Net Worth (Approx.) $2 Million
Lasted Updated March 2023

Antonella Nester Parents and Siblings

Antonella was born in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA. There is not much information about Nester’s parents; however, her mother used to work as a waitress.

When Antonella’s mother was pregnant, they had to relocate, so she went on to live in Rome, Italy, with her grandfather.

In terms of siblings, Antonella has three sisters, and the elder sisters used to work as a barber and makeup artists. Antonella herself has not revealed anything about her sisters and what they are currently doing as a professional.

Nester returned to the USA when she was a young girl and joined St. Theresa School. Antonella then joined Trinity High School and graduated from Pennsylvania State University or University Park in 1987.

Nester was always ready to help people and was nice to others. Her teachers recommended Antonella become a nurse, so she decided to get a medical internship and joined Berwick Hospitals.

However, her dream of becoming a nurse failed, and instead, she started to sell pencils and other stationery items to fulfill her basic needs.

Antonella Nester Age and Height

Antonella Nester age is 39 years. Nester is not comfortable sharing her height and weight on the internet.

Hence, there is no information on Antonella’s height and how much she weighs. Nester also has suffered from being overweight and has lost weight from meditation and lots of training and exercise.

Antonella also has not revealed her body measurements and the shoe size that she prefers to wear. Nester has black color hair, and her eyes color are blue.

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Nester’s zodiac sign is Capricorn which explains her personality as very strong, determined, and accepting of challenges. No matter how challenging the environment is, these people do not give up and always face the problem headstrong.

Nester is of American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Nester also follows Christianity as her religion as she went to Catholic school when she was young.

Antonella has not revealed much about them in terms of hobbies and interests. However, she does like to read books and travel by boat in terms of her preference.


Antonella Nester began her career by selling pencils and other stationery items. Nester wanted to become a nurse, but she did not achieve that.

Antonella also always liked to talk with people, and she was pretty confident.

Hence she auditioned for the role of host on the TV show QVC. Antonella joined QVC in 2004, and they immediately fell in love with her joy, acting, and comedy.

Nester also started sharing lots of health-related tips and making people laugh, which catapulted the ratings of the QVC show in itself.

Antonella became one of the most famous hosts and comedians in the USA.

Despite suffering from Cancer, it did not crush her mood, and she proudly shared about it and was even laughing at her own expense.

After 17 years of experience and making people laugh, Antonella left QVC in 2021.

Antonella changed her career path and began uploading on YouTube and Instagram, her new source of income.

Antonella Health and Weight Loss

Nester had Cancer in 2009. Nestor developed some sort of bump or tumor in her arm, which was not much painful.

At first, Nester did not think much of it but decided to still check-up. However, her world came crashing down when the doctors told her the tumor was a dead cyst.

In 2020, Antonella went on to have surgery to remove the tumor; however, the biopsy showed it was Lymphoma. Unconvinced of her diagnosis, Nestor then admitted herself to the Jefferson Cancer Treatment Centre.

The result came back as a manageable but incurable cancer type known as Non-Hodgkins’ Lymphoma. The cancer treatment was harsh on Antonella as she lost almost 45 kg weight.

Antonella herself has described the feeling as horrific in the beginning when she couldn’t feel energetic and was always lethargic.

After couple more years, Antonella also had breast cancer as she mentioned she had two lumps on her chest. Nester showed her treatment results on YouTube and also updated her fans regularly.

Antonella Nester Husband and Kids

Antonella is currently married to Chris Nester. Since they first met in college, Chris and Antonella have been high school lovers.

They became best friends during their college days; however, Chris proposed to her after three years of becoming friends, and she automatically accepted.

Chris and Nester got married after leaving high school. At that time, they were not rich and had barely any money to spend on gifts. Once, they only had $150 to buy either a watch for Chris or a bracelet for Antonella.

antonella nester husband
Antonella Nester’s husband’s name is Chris Nester.
Source: Facebook

The couple argued against accepting each other gifts, which made the storekeeper very happy. In a gesture of their love, the storekeeper gave a bracelet for free when Chris purchased a watch.

Antonella and Chirs have three children. Two of them are boys in Michael and Phillip, and one is a daughter whose name is Hope.

There is not much information on the children of Chris and Antonella. However, they look pretty grown up on social media and are already focusing on their career.

Antonella Nester Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Antonella Nester net worth is $2 million. Nester earns from his career as a TV host on QVC.

At first, Antonella used to earn $25,000 per month from TV show hosting. However, she began popularly and got a promotion. Eventually, her salary increased from $75,000 to $100,000 per month.

Antonella also earned from various brand deals which promoted health care and exercise items. Nester also makes it from her social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.

antonella nester net worth
Antonella Nester has a net worth of approx $2 million.
Source: Instagram

In recent events, Antonella was released by QVC when they were laying off staff. Antonella is currently living in the boat with her husband as she posted a video stating they did not have money to pay the house mortgage.

However, Nester reassured her fans that their dream was to retire in the boat, which happened just a few years earlier.

Antonella Nester Retirement Plan

Following the tragedy of COVID-19, the home shopping channel, QVC, let go of some of its favorite hosts. Among them, Antonella Nester revealed this devastating news through her Facebook post.

A week later, the former host disclosed her retirement plans about living on a boat with her husband. She further explained her plans in detail on her YouTube video uploaded on July 24, 2020.

Antonella Nester Retirement Plan
Antonella Nester on her boat
Source: YouTube

In the video, her retirement home looked a tad bit small to live for both of them. By October 14, 2020, Nester was already in search of her next great boat.

Sadly, it was also revealed that the two were on the hunt for a boat because they could not pay off their mortgage. And the fact that both of them were jobless did not help much with the case at all.

Antonella Nester Facebook

Nester is a popular host for the QVC channel, which promotes healthy life and happiness. Nester is decently famous for her show as she is primarily active on Instagram.

Instagram13.2k followers

YouTube26k followers

Facebook1.2 million followers

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Antonella Nester have Cancer?

Yes, Antonella has had some blood cancer and breast cancer. Antonella has been treating her Cancer since 2021; however, her disease is not harming her health fatally.

Who is Antonella Nester married to?

Nester is currently married to Chris Nester, who was her love from her college. They have three kids, and they live in a boat together.

What is Antonella Nester’s net worth?

Antonella Nester net worth is $2 million.


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