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Notable because of his writing abilities and TV discourse, Skip Bayless is at the heart of every American. Bayless is a talented host and television personality with many channels and shows.

Similarly, toward the start of his profession, he joined the ESPN2 show First Take with Stephen A. Smith. Many people know him globally due to his excellent writing skills and ability to speak on various shows and radios.

Skip Bayless age
Skip Bayless is 71 years old
Source: Instagram

Bayless likewise distributed his very own book. Similarly, he has received nominations in different classifications for his incredible Sports writing work.

Similarly, Let’s move forward in the article to find everything about the legendary media person.

Some Quick Facts

Full Name John Edward Bayless II
Birth Date December 4, 1951
Birth Place Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Nick Name Skip Bayless
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Classen High SchoolVanderbilt University
Horoscope Sagittarius
Father’s Name John Sr Bayless
Mother’s Name Levita Bayless
Siblings 2
Age 71 Years Old
Height 5’8 feet (1.78m)
Weight 80 Kg (177 lbs)
Sexuality Straight
Body Structure Muscular
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair color Blonde
Profession Sports commentator, Columnist, Sportswriter
Marital Status Yes
Wife Ernestine Sclafani
Books Gods Coach, Balls, Hell-Bent, The Boys
Pets Dog (Hazel)
Net Worth  $13 million
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Last Updated June 2022

Skip Bayless Age and Height

The American games analyst weighed around 80 Kg. His stature is almost equivalent to 5’8 feet or (1.78m). In 2022, Bayless turns 71 years of age.

One can undoubtedly figure out Skip’s actual appearance from his photos. He has blonde hair with a brown eye tone. Also, he has a strong body structure.

In addition, the reporter is famous for his eating regimen and exercise schedule, and he has his nutrition specialist.

Bayless eats a similar diet for breakfast, lunch, and supper for a long time to keep up with his physical make-up.

Also, Skip is very committed to his exercise because he has just missed a single cardio exercise in more than thirty years.

In conclusion, his horoscope is Sagittarius. It’s regarded that individuals with a Sagittarius horoscope are hopeful, legit, and scholarly, as is Skip.

Skip Bayless Workout Regime

there were only two days when Skip skipped his workout session. It was on May 3, 1998, when he had sinus and on July 4, 2009, when he ate some bad meant.

He does not like the idea f resting and is a positive psycho. Every day, Skip does an hour of cardio without fail. He does lifting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

He had to work out in the hotel gym at 2 am at one time due to the time difference. For him, lifting removes all his stress and frustration as he is usually angry on the show.

His friend Larry North, a fitness guru, taught him many things about the workout. He puts dumbbells on the floor and does push-ups from the handles in order to protect his shoulders.

Whenever his body feels terrible, Bayless often puts ice on it. For him, ice is a magical healer and a miracle cure. His diet includes protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish, turkey, and eggs.

To eat with it, Bayless consumes a little rice and broccoli. After consuming healthy diets all the time, he loves having a cheat day. Therefore now and then, he eats pizza and Pinkberry.

Skip Bayless Nick Name, Childhood, and Education

Above all, when Skip was conceived, his parents, John and Levita, named him John Edward Bayless II

Be that as it may, his parents never called him by his original. Instead, everybody called him ‘Skip.’ It’s said that Skip didn’t have the foggiest idea about his unique name until he was in Middle school.

Later in 1990, he changed the name to Bayless lawfully, and Bayless later said he was in love with his nickname rather than his birth name.

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Accordingly, both Bayless siblings used to help their parents in their restaurants in their youth time frame. Skip didn’t show a lot of interest in the restaurant business.

Notwithstanding, Rick kept working there, and presently he’s a renowned American chef and restaurateur. Rick Bayless is renowned for his commitment to various Mexican food sources and assortments.

With that, Rick likewise facilitated TV programs like Cooking Mexican. Presently he’s occupied with his PBS shows Mexico: One Plate at a Time.

Early Life, Parents, and Siblings

He was raised in Oklahoma City, USA. Similarly, moving to his other family, his family comprises two kin: One sibling and one sister.

Skip’s family claims a ‘Hickory House Restaurant’ eatery in Oklahoma City. The café is renowned for its ‘Grill.’ Bayless likewise joined the café in his teen; however, he didn’t need to develop this calling as his career.

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Nonetheless, Rick Bayless (sibling of Bayless) kept working in the café alongside his parents. We have come to realize that Skip has one sister. 

Discussing Skip’s education, he did his tutoring at Northwest Classen High School. With tutoring, he likewise began his advantage in Basketball and different game exercises.

Later on, after secondary school, Skip joined Vanderbilt University. There he finished his college degree in primary English and History with unique excellence divisions.

Professional Journey

  • He experienced diverse analyses for his shows during TV programs like First Talk, Skip, and Shannon. Not just that, he was condemned for spreading bits of gossip about Dak Prescott.
  • In the year 2006, Bayless showed up in an appearance job in the film Rocky Balboa. From then forward, he showed up in 30 for 30 movies in 2010.
  • Again in the year 2011, he showed up in a narrative(Documentary) called Herschel. This narrative is about University Georgia Player Herschel Walker.
  • From there on, he joined Skip and Shannon Undisputed on Fox Sports 1 of 2016. He had gained notoriety for censuring extremely prestigious and adored players LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers in the show.

Who Is Skip Bayless Wife?

From early reports, Skip was supposed to date one of his school companions. Later on, they additionally got married. However, this marriage didn’t work out.

After some time, the two of them wanted to get separated. But unfortunately, there is not any detail on the confirmed date of Skip’s past wedding and partition.

Skip Bayless With His Wife
Skip Bayles With His Wife
Source: Instagram

In the year 2005, Skip met Ernestine Sclafani. They have been in an adoration relationship for a long time. At long last, these couples wedded in the year 2016.

They share their beautiful pictures with fans on various web-based media accounts. 

Who Is Ernestine Sclafani?

Ernestine Sclafani isn’t just popular in light of her columnist husband. Yet additionally, because of her commitment as a marketing specialist and public relations guru.

Brought into the world and experiencing childhood in Lengthy Island, Sclafani worked for various corporate organizations like Ball of Switerzland. Additionally, she worked in the General Public Relations Agency.

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After getting hitched to Skip and spending time with him, she considered composing her book. At last, the book name ‘BALLS: How to Keep Your Relationship Alive When You Live with a Sports-Obsessed Guy‘ was distributed on September 10, 2019.

What Is the Net Worth of Skip Bayless?

Bayless’s pay is straightforwardly identified with his persistent effort and tolerance. He’s not associated with a single-earning job.

Looking at the present situation, Skip current total assets are estimated at around $13 million. That’s a tremendous sum, isn’t it!

The principal pay Skip is from the games analyst work, and his yearly salary is projected to be around $6 million. He’s an essayist and producer for various TV programs.

Skip Bayless net worth
Skip Bayless net worth in 2022 is $13 million
Source: Instagram

So, Skip has additionally shown up in different Television shows. Fortunately, Bayless is considered one of the ‘Most mind-blowing Paid Television Starts in the World.’

In 2021, he marked an agreement worth $32 million with Fox Sports 1 for a considerable time(4 Years). However, the sports world did not greatly value his agreement worth and subtleties.

Besides, Bayless’ better half, Ernestine Sclafani, is engaged with various organizations and fills in as an advertising official.

Skip Bayless Books

  • 1989: Gods Coach
  • 1993: The Boys
  • 1996: Hell-Bent
  • God’s Coach: The Hymns, Hype, and Hypocrisy of Tom Landry’s Cowboys
  • Hell-Ben: The Crazy Truth About The Win Or Else Dallas Cowboys
  • The Boys: Jones vs. Johnson-The FeudThat Rocked America’s Tear
  • Balls: How to keep your relationship alive when you live with a sports-obsessed guy

Awards and Achievements

  • Grantland Rice Scholarship to continue studying at Vanderbilt University.
  • Eclipse Award in 1977 for outstanding newspaper writing
  • Sportswriter of the year in 1979, 1984, 1986
  • Lisagor Award for excellent sports column writing in 1998
  • Illinois Sportswriter of the year in 2000
  • Nominated for Sports Emmy Award in 2012


  • If the NFL can continue pulling off driving players to endure three years of secondary school before they’re drafted, NCAA ought to be made to get rid of its principles against paying players past the room, board, and educational cost.
  • I have an excessive number of psycho-odd notions.
  • I’m a socialist, man. I will disrupt the norms.
  • An excessive number of individuals in control at ESPN, for my taste, was regrettable. It’s a Disney organization. There are only certain limits that you can’t sneak along.
  • I’m LeBron’s ‘No. 1 Critic’ and his ‘Greatest Hater.’ I feel similar to Shailene Woodley’s person in ‘Divergent.’ The public authority will kill me since I don’t fit in.
  • You know what? Tom Brady is not ordinary for any quarterback I have at any point followed or covered. He is breaking each shape of how an establishment quarterback should be here and there on the field. He’s simply unique.

Social Media

Skip is a very talented and skillful person in his field, and he has a good amount of fan following on his social media.

Similarly, he is pretty active on his social media handle, where he shares his pictures, tweets his views, and shares words.

Instagram – 447k followers

Twitter – 3.1 million followers

Facebook – 496k followers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What amount do Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe make?

As indicated by specific sources, Skip’s yearly salary is double that of Shannon. Bayless got a salary of $6 million while Sharpe made $3 million.

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