Princess Stephanie of Morocco, Husband, Age, Height, Body, Net Worth

Princess Stephanie is the youngest child of the well-known Television personality Grace Kelly. There is no denying that both beauty and intelligence have been passed down to Stephanie.

Well, this lady is famous for making a revolutionary step that defies the protocol of royalty. Despite being the princess of Monaco, she did not choose to walk down the aisle with any Prince.

As a matter of fact, she married her bodyguard, although her father was totally against it. She is a typical girl from the Hollywood movie who pursues her dream even though her responsibility is different.

Princess Stephanie mother
Princess Stephanie is the daughter of Princess Grace Kelly

There are many steps taken by Stephanie that have encouraged other women worldwide to follow their passion. She is one of a kind and a true princess.

In this article, we will be elaborating on the unimaginable life of Princess Stepanie. Here are some quick facts to get you started;

Some Quick Facts

Full Name Princess Stephanie
Nickname Princess Stephanie
Date of Birth 1 February 1965 
Birth Place Prince’s Palace, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Age 57 years old
Sun Sign Aquarius
Father’s Name Rainier III, Prince of Monaco
Mother’s Name Grace Kelly
Siblings Caroline, Albert II
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight Updating Soon
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity White
Body Measurements Updating Soon
Eye Color Updating Soon
Hair Color Updating Soon
Shoe Size Updating Soon
Education Dames de Saint Maur, Boulogne Billancourt
Body Type Slim
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $100 million
Updated August 2022

Who Is Princess Stephanie? How Did Her Mother Die?

Just looking at her face,  one can guess her parents. Yes, she is the daughter of beautiful actress Grace Kelly. She was an inspiring woman who pursued her career at an early age.

Even though her career was at its peak, this lady fell in love with Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and got married.

Henceforth her career was halted at the age of 26. However, her dream was followed by her youngest child. Similarly, Stephanie is blessed to have two siblings.

Her sister Caroline Louise Marguerite was born on 1957 January 23. Meanwhile, Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre was born on March 14, 1958.

At a very young age, Princess Stephanie lost her mother’s side. Unfortunately, on 13 September 1982, Grace and Stephie returned to their home from a farm in Rocagel when they suddenly got into an accident.

Sadly, her mother was declared dead on the site, whereas this girl got a hairline fracture of a neck vertebra. According to some rumors, it was revealed that Grace had a stroke while driving, but some say that Stephanie was the one who was driving the car.

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However, she later revealed that the rumors were false. She said that he was having a lot of pressure as everyone was saying she was the one who killed her mother.

As a 17-year-old young girl, it was hard to bear for Stephane. This actress denied talking about this matter until 2002 when she denied the rumor. She added that losing her mother at a very young age was a horrible trauma.

In addition, the fact that she was by her side during the demise is unbearable. In contrast, Stephanie lost her father on April 6, 2005, 82.

How Old Is Princess Stephanie of Morocco?- Age, Height, and More

Princess Stephanie was born in 1965; in 2022, she is just 57 years old. Being born on the 1st day of February, there is no doubt that she falls under the sun sign of Aquarius.

As her sign suggests, she is daring, courageous, and unafraid to try new and defy the order. She was born and raised in the Prince’s Palace, Monte Carlo.

Princess Stephanie age
Princess Stephanie is 57 years old in 2022

Being a princess, it is apparent that most of the information about this lady is still in the dark. However, some sources claim her height to be 5 feet 8 inches. Other than this, her body statistics and weight are still unknown.

How Was Princess Stephanie’s Personality?- Childhood and Education

As per her mother, Grace, Stephanie was a warm, bright, intelligent, amusing, and capable girl. She was a great athlete, and she often used to call her wild child.

Observing Stephanie’s behavior, it appears that this princess wants to prove herself and can defy anything that comes her way. Talking about education, she has been to Dames de Saint Maur, located in Monaco.

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Later on, she enrolled in Boulogne Billancourt, France. Moving on, she received her baccalaureate in 1982 from Cours Charles de Foucauld.

In her teenage years, Stephanie was keen on dancing and playing the piano. Moreover, Stephanie has also competed in the field of horse riding and gymnastics.

Interestingly, this lady had also attended Camp Oneka, located in Pocono Mountains. Previously her mother and sister had also attended the same camp.


  • This lady has established herself as an actress, fashion designer, singer, model, and whatnot.
  • She initiated her apprentice program at Christian Dior under the tutelage of Marc Bohan. 
  • Eventually, she appeared as a model in the biannual Haute Couture. Later, she featured face in Vanity Fair, Vogue Germany, Paris, and other magazines.
  • In 1986, she made a debut in the music industry by releasing a song titled Ouragan. More than 2 million copies of this album were sold worldwide.
  • Similarly, she collaborated with Michael Jackson to record In the Closet

Who Is The Husband of Princess Stephanie?

If you had anticipated that Princess only marries a Prince, then Stephanie will definitely change your mind. She has been dating handsome gentlemen in the Holywood, and her relationship does not seem stable.

Her special personality and attitude might hinder her love life, but her charm and enigma attract many. In 1995, this princess fell deeply in love with bodyguard Daniel Ducruet.

At first, she was terrified by their relationship as they were professionally attached. Not only this, he was about to welcome a kid with his girlfriend, who was only six months pregnant. Later Stephnie realized that she was pregnant with his child too.

Later on, this beauty asked to marry Daniel, but the prince of Monaco was against it. However, the thought of being a grandfather melts his heart, and her father accepts their relationship.

Before getting married, Rainier asked the couple to sign a pre-nuptial agreement in which he took the custody right to his children and promised to learn royal protocol.

Princess Stephanie husband
Princess Stephanie with her first husband

In 1992, Stephanie gave birth to their first d Louis, and a couple of years later, Pauline Ducruet was born. Everything was going fine until Ducruet was linked up with Miss Nude Belgium.

Upon hearing this, Rainier kicked him not only from the palace but from the country too. Eventually, Stephanie moved on. Surprisingly in 1998, she gave birth to daughter Camille Gottlieb whose father’s identity was unknown.

Later, Camille came onto Instagram and finally revealed her father as head of Security, Jean Raymond Gottlieb. As the couple never got married, she was not in line for the throne of Morocco.

At 37, Stephanie encountered elephant trainer Franco Knie in 1997 when she presented an award for Best animal tamer at the Monaco Circus festival.

Even though he was a decade older, this princess was attracted to her. After being together for three years, she went against her father and moved with him in the caravan in Zurich.

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During that time, her kids were three, six, and nine years old, respectively. Not to mention Franco had a wife who had a severe breakdown and did not agree to get a divorce.

Eventually, franco could not leave his wife, and they parted their way only after a year together. Like her previous relationship, Stephanie did not have a fruitful relationship with her ex-husband Adnas Lopex Peres.

They walked down the aisle on 12 September 2003, and on 24 November 2004, they parted ways.

What Is The Net Worth of Princess Stephanie?

Being a Princess of Monaco, it is apparent that this lady makes a hefty amount of money from her career. In 2021 her net worth clicks at $100 million.

It is impressive how she accumulated a huge sum from her career.

Interesting Facts

  • When Grace married Prince Rainier of Monaco, her movies were banned in Monaco.
  • This lady got into a car accident with her mother, Grace. She was rumored to be driving the car which caused her mother’s death. However, the rumors were later false.
  • Her first album Ouragan was able to sell 2 million copies worldwide.
  • Later she collaborated with Michael Jackson to produce In the Closet. However, her name was not revealed until a few years after the song was released.
  • Princess Stephanie is the godmother of Princess Caroline’s eldest son Andrea Casiraghi. 
  • In 2021, her health was excellent, and she is looking forward to contributing to the entertainment industry.
  • Stephanie had dated Rob Lowe, Pail Belmondo, Jean Yves Le Fur, and Anthony Delon. 
  • Stephanie’s mother had to give $2 million as a dowry in order to marry the Prince. Along with it, she also underwent a fertility test to ensure that she could make the heir.
  • This princess once joined the circus after she fell in love with an elephant trainer. 
  • Her father, Prince Rainer III, used to smoke 60 cigarettes a day. Also, he is one of the Europe’seurope’s longest-reigning monarchs. 
  • Despite being a Princess, Stephanie was not always royal. She sometimes is witty quirky, and wild. Although many people loved her, Stephanie’s mother disapproved of her behavior, and it got unruly as she aged. 
  • As a kid, Stephanie was rebellious. 
  • Grace kelly was the one who disciplined her and often used corporal punishment to correct her misdeeds. Most of the time, she spanked her. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happened to Princess Stephanie of Monaco?

Unfortunately, this Prince had a car accident along with her mother on 13 September 1982. The next day she lost her mother because she fractured her neck vertebra. 

  • Is Princess Stephanie of Monaco currently married?

As a matter of fact, Stephanie is not currently married. However, she was married to Daniel Ducruet from 1995 to 1996 and Adans Lopez Peres from 2003 to 2004. 

  • How old was Grace Kelly when she got married?

Stephanie’s mother was 26 years old when she got married to Prince. During that time, she had to pay a huge sum of $2 million as a dowry and fertility test to make sure that she could give the Prince heirs. 

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