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Noel Fielding age, height

Noel Fielding is a British writer, comedian, artist, actor, and musician. The actor has worked extensively with the BBC and has appeared for numerous shows. 

He has also worked as a host on several shows like British Bake Off. However, Fielding is most prominently known for his comedic work.

Thanks to this work style, he is famous for presenting dark jokes and has garnered a cult following. Noel Fielding is a multi-talented personality and has collaborated with numerous other artists in his career. 

Noel Fielding age
Noel Fielding is 49 years old actor, writer, and comedian

He tried hands in almost all the forms of arts. Fielding started his career in stand-up comedy during the 1990s and is now one of the most successful personalities in the comedy scene in England.

 He was also seen in the popular tv show The IT Crowd, where he played the role of a character named Richmond Avenal. Let’s learn some quick facts about Noel Fielding:

Some Quick Facts

Name Noel Fielding
Full Name Noel Fielding
Date of Birth May 21, 1973
Birth Place London, England
Age 49 years old
Father’s Name Ray Fielding
Mother’s Name Yvonne Fagan
Siblings  Two
Height 5 ft 11 inches
Nationality British
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Actor, Writer, Comedian, Artist, Musician
Eye Color Blue Eyes
Hair Color Dark Black
Marital Status Unmarried
Fiance Lliana Bird
Net Worth $6 million
Instagram @noel_fielding
Twitter @noelfielding11

Noel Fielding Wiki and Early Life

 Noel Fielding was born to Ray Fielding and Yvonne Fagan in London. His father was a manager at the Royal Mail.

Fielding’s parents had him while they were still in their teenage years. This affected Fielding adversely as their parents would have a lot of night parties, and he often had to step over their sleeping friends in the mornings.

His parents separated within a few years, and his grandmother mostly raised him. When Fielding was three, his father, Ray Fielding, remarried Dianne Fielding.

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After the death of his mother, his step-mother Dian got involved in parenting. Fielding went to Croydon School of Art, where he completed his preliminary education.

He later went to Buckinghamshire New University, where he studied Graphic Design and Advertising and graduated in 1995. He met many of his future lifelong friends as well as collaborators like Dave Brown, Nigel Coan, Julian Barratt, et cetera during his time in college.

Noel Fielding Age and Height

Born on the 21st of May in 1973, Noel Fielding’s age is 49 years as of 2021. He started getting active in the entertainment business during the mid-90s and has since then skyrocketed in popularity.

Fielding is popular for his unique and dark analogies in his work, including comedy. Noel had a difficult upbringing because of complicated family relations.

Noel Fielding height
Noel Fielding is 5 feet 11 inches tall

Fielding stands at a height of 5 ft 11 inches and weighs around 94kgs. The actor often flaunts gothic-style makeup and stands out in the crowd of his fellow comedians. He has blue eyes and dark black hair.

Career as Comedian

Noel Fielding is most popular for his comedic work. He began his journey in the world of comedy during the 90s with the help and motivation of his friend Julian Barratt.

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Almost all of his writings have a touch of his comedic style which the audiences admire. Fielding planned to tour across England in 2010, but it ended up getting canceled in the last months as he was trying to focus more of his time writing The Mighty Boosh.

Noel Fielding TV Shows and Movies

  • Noel Fielding has had a successful career in tv shows. He has extensively worked in numerous tv shows.
  • Fielding began his career in the world of tv shows in 1998 when he appeared in a small role in Alexei Sayle’s Merry-Go-Round.
  • He soon bagged substantial work in a show named Unnatural Acts, where she starred as a number of characters the show.
  • Fielding soon starred in his first movie named Surrealissimo: The Scandalous Success of Salvador Dali in 2002
  • In 2003, he began working on one of his career’s best and most important works. He co-wrote, produced as well as starred in numerous characters in the show The Mighty Boosh.
  • His work in the show helped him gain nationwide fame and several awards. The show ran between 2003 and 2003 and 2007. He played many characters in the show like Vince Noir, The Moon, Tony Harrison, et cetera.
  • The show was a comedy troupe that went on for six seasons. He worked alongside many popular artists like Julian BarrattDave BrownRich Fulcher, and his brother Michael Fielding

Career in Music

  • Apart from being an actor, writer, and comedian, Noel Fielding is also an able music artist.
  • He has collaborated with many artists like Mint Royale, Razorlight, Robots in Disguise, et cetera.
  • He has appeared and performed in music videos that have become massive hits. 

Noel Fielding Relationships and Personal Life

Noel Fielding’s first known public relationship was with singer Dee Plume who is a vocalist in the band Robots in Disguise. They soon broke up, and Fielding began dating RJ Lliana Bird during the early 2010s.

Fielding has since then been in a committed relationship with Lliana Bird. The couple had their first child in 2018 and later second in 2020.

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As per his interviews, Noel had contracted hepatitis while he was in university. His friends helped him take preventive measures and now live a healthy life after treatment.

Talking about his relationship with his work, Noel is a method actor and takes great pride in preparing for every one of his acting roles.

Noel Fielding Net Worth

Noel Fielding has an estimated net worth of around $6 million as per online reports. Most of his wealth comes from his work as a comedian and actor. He has also produced a few shows of his own.

Although the actor has probably made some investments, there aren’t any specific details available about his investments as of yet.

Noel Fielding net worth
Noel Fielding’s net worth in 2022 is $6 million

However, we are well aware that this man is living a lavish lifestyle along with his friends and family. Most of the time he is spotted in some of the fanciest places around him.

Moreover, he loves taking pictures of what he is doing and sharing them with his fans. That may be the reason why he has garnered millions of fans all over the world.

Instagram and Twitter

The actor is quite active on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. He has a large number of followers on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

He often posts pictures of his arts and artworks that inspire him on his Instagram account. Moreover, he uses his Twitter account to interact with his fans and followers.

Instagram: 1.2 million followers

Twitter: 1 million followers

Interesting Facts 

  • While hosting The Great British Bake Off, Noel Fielding revealed that when he was fourteen, he worked in a cake shop in London.
  • Fielding was fired on the first day of one of his early jobs because he was caught lying down and eating cake during work hours.
  • His partner Lliana Bird is a radio jockey and the founder of the charity named Help Refugees, which works to rehabilitate refugees.
  • Noel Fielding has worked as an artist, and his first exhibition was named Psychedelic Dreams of the Jelly Fox, which was presented at the Maison Bertaux.
  • He regards Salvador Dali as an inspiration for his arts as well as life in general. 
  • Fielding has published an art book of his own named Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton in collaboration with his friend and artist Dave Brown.
  • In 2015, he was named in GQ Magazine’s 50 Best Dressed British Men list.
  • Noel Fielding’s brother Michael Fielding is also an actor and has worked alongside him in The Mighty Boosh’s comedy show.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is Noel Fielding married?

No, Noel Fielding is not married as of yet. But he has been in a committed relationship with his partner Lliana Bird for more than ten years now. They began dating in the early months of 2010 and have two children.

  • Does Noel Fielding have any illness?

No, there isn’t any specific illness that he is suffering from. He was unwell recently during the last months of 2021, but he didn’t reveal any details about it. 

  • Is Noel Fielding vegan?

There were reports that Noel Fielding is a vegan, but they turned out to be false. He did give the idea about the Vegan Week challenge on The Great British Bake Off so that it would tune in with the millennial audiences, which turned out to be successful.

  • Did Noel Fielding date a teenager?

It does seem to be the truth. Before his relationship with Dee Plume, Noel Fielding was reportedly dating singer Bob Geldof’s daughter Pixie, who was just sixteen years old, whereas Noel Fielding was in his early 30s.

  • Does Noel Fielding have a child?

Noel Fielding has two children of his own, both daughters. His first daughter Dali was born in 2018, whereas his second daughter Iggy was born in 2020.

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