Linda Greenlaw Husband Steve Wessel And Daughter Sarai Johnson

Have you seen any woman fighting through the waters to hunt? Yes, we are talking about Linda Greenlaw. She is the only swordfishing boat captain. However, who is Linda Greenlaw husband.

steve wessel and linda greenlaw married in september 2012
Steve Wessel and Linda Greenlaw married in September 2012.
Image Source: Island Institute

We will tell you more about Linda Greenlaw husband in detail. His name is Steve Wessel and has been one of the brilliant husband. With so much talk about Linda Greenlaw, this article is more about the husband.

Who Is Linda Greenlaw Husband?

Linda Greenlaw husband name is Steve Wessel. He is the owner of Wesmac Custom Boats. He is a professional boat builder who lives in Maine.

Linda Greenlaw and Steve Wessel Relationship

Being the female captain of the ship, Linda Greenlaw has been able to create some impact in Deadliest Catch. She has been together with her husband at times.

The first meeting of Linda Greenlaw and her husband came in January 2012. This was the time when Linda brought the ship for maintenance.

Steve Wessel was looking for the making the ship right and there was no looking back. Their own ship of love did sail pretty quickly.

In a short period, Steve Wessel and Linda Greenlaw married. It was in 2012 when the big moment came. They truly were made for each other.

After dating each other for eight months, Linda Greenlaw and Steve Wessel decided to marry. It was in September of 2012 when Linda and Steve got hitched.

Linda and Steve have celebrated more than a decade of being together. There has never been an issue in their love and relationship.

Linda Greenlaw and Steve Wessel Kids

The connection between Linda and Steve meeting for the very first time was pure and real. She felt the connection and there was no going back.

Linda married Steve at the age of 51 which was quite a surprise for many. Although they couldn’t have kids with old age, the pair decided to adopt.

linda greenlaw with her daughter sarai johnson
Linda Greenlaw with her daughter Sarai Johnson.
Image Source: The Family Nation

Sarai Johnson is the name of Linda Greenlaw and Steve Wessel kid. Sarai is a seasoned fisherman by profession.

The cute girl was just 15 years old when Linda Greenlaw became her legal guardian. With both the love birds adopting her, things look good for Johnson.

Linda Greenlaw and Steve Wessel Daughter

Sarai Johnson is the daughter of Linda and Steve. Similar to her mother, Sarai has been a seasoned campaigner on the boat.

As of now, Sarai Johnson age is 31 years old. She studied at Gould Academy in 2006 and later studied at Champlain College.

Johnson has worked at a lobster boat since a very young age. Without a doubt, she has learned the trick of the trade. The celebrity kid remains busy almost all summer.

How Did Linda Greenlaw Adopt Sarai Johnson?

The story behind the adoption of Sarai Johnson is no less than emotional. In the August of the year 2006, Linda got a call from a family friend looking for Sarai Johnson.

To surprise, Sarai had come to her house of Linda the night earlier and started crying. Sarai also stated that her uncle used to beat and abuse her after being drunk.

The 15-year-old kid was also not ready to go back to her uncle and live a good life. Looking at the situation, the people of the community took a decision.

They decided that Linda would legally adopt Sarai and they would live together. Deadliest Catch star, Linda wasn’t ready to become a mother overnight.

One day at a time, Sarai and Linda took the relationship further. Therefore years passed and Sarai has become the daughter of Linda Greenlaw and Steve Wessel.

Sarai Johnson Is Married

Yes, you read that right. After being adopted by Linda and finding love again, Sarai went on to find the perfect partner as well.

It was on 16th September 2017 when Sarai Johnson went on to get married to Daniel Hitchcock. Daniel works with Wesmac Custom Boats.

Daniel and Sarai got married at Isle Au Haut Light which is also called the Robinson Point Light. Together they are living in the States and raising the family.

Steve Wessel Parents

Steve Tilden Wessel was born in November 1951. There is no exact date to when the boat expert was born. The name of Steve Wessel parents is Tilden B Wessel and Sarah Joy Wessel.

Both of the his parents aren’t alive at the moment. Steve’s father was in the army and served in World War II.

Other than the parents, Steve Wessel also had a brother named David Jesse Wessel. Sadly on 15th September 2022, David Jesse Wessel also lost his life.

Steve Wessel Is President at Wesmac Custom Boats

Steve Wessel met Linda for the very first time during the boat repair. Linda Greenlaw husband, Steve works as the president of Wesmac Custom Boats in Surry, Maine.

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It is a family-owned business that is overlooked by Steve Wessel. Wesmac has come into existence since 1984. The company has a reputation for the production of high-quality boats for lobster hunting.

With the maximum storage capacity in the boats, the performance with respect to speed and maneuverability has been outstanding.

Wessel has also taken up the mantle of hunting for the lobster and making a living out of it. At the proper age, Steve Wessel also got the lobster license, and there was no looking back.

Steve Wessel Net Worth 2023

Being the president at Wesmac Custom Boats, Steve Wessel has been able to add quite a good amount of earnings.

linda greenlaw net worth is $5 million
Linda Greenlaw net worth is $5 million.
Image Source: Bangor Daily News

As of 2023 Steve Wessel net worth is $1 million. Linda Greenlaw husband has earned all of this through the custom boats services.

Similarly, Linda Greenlaw net worth is $5 million as of now. Being the single swordfish, Linda has amassed a massive net worth.


Who is Linda Greenlaw married to?

Linda Greenlaw is married to Steve Wessel since 2012.

Does Linda Greenlaw have kids?

Linda Greenlaw has adopted her niece. Linda Greenlaw kid name is Sarai Johnson.

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