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Kevin Dunn bio

Kevin Dunn is the main leader or person in charge of WWE’s television department. Every week, he is in the process of developing WWE television presentations, including pay-per-views. This producer began his career in WWE as an assistant producer in the 1980s and has only progressed up the ranks since then. Kevin Dunn net worth seems attractive due to his profession in WWE.

Kevin Dunn Age
Kevin Dunn is 60 years old.
Source: Ringside News

The American celebrity was also allowed to serve as a Line Producer for WrestleMania III, one of the most popular live events in TV history.

Kevin Dunn: Quick Facts

Full Name Kevin Dunn
Net Worth $36 million
Date of Birth 1962
Birthplace United States of America
Age 60 years
Sun Sign Virgo
Father’s Name Dennis Dunn
Mother’s Name N/A
Sister  N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Height 6 feet
Weight 85 kg approximately
Body Measurements N/A
Eye Color Black
Body Type Average
Hair Color Grey
Shoe Size N/A
Education Towson State College
Religion Christain
Sexuality Straight
Marital Status Single
Wife None
Married Date N/A
Children N/A
Children name N/A
Nickname Kevin Dunn
Profession Commentator, Wrestling Promoter, Wrestling Booker, Actor
Social Media Presence N/A
Last Updated July 2022

Kevin Dunn Net Worth and Income

Kevin Dunn has a net worth of $36 million as of now. A publicly listed business, WWE is an integrated media enterprise and a worldwide entertainment giant.

The Company is a group of enterprises that generate and distribute unique content to a global audience 52 weeks a year. Kevin Dunn’s total pay with World Wrestling Entertainment is $5,932,110.

Kevin Dunn Net Worth
Kevin Dunn has a net worth of $36 million as of 2022.
Source: Reddit

Dunn holds about 23,500 World Wrestling Entertainment stocks valued at over $2,942,960, and Kevin has sold WWE stock for over $26,581,693 in the last 19 years.

In addition, he earns $5,932,110 as World Wrestling Entertainment’s Executive Producer & Chief Global Television Production.

According to Form 4 filed with the SEC, Kevin has made over 16 World Wrestling Entertainment shares transactions since 2014. On 2nd September 2021, he sold 23,500 units of WWE stock valued at $1,230,225.

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On 14th February 2017, he sold 100,908 units of World Wrestling Entertainment stock for more than $2,281,530, the highest sale he’s ever done.

Since 2003, Kevin has traded an average of 10,432 units every 37 days. Kevin owns at least 59,298 World Wrestling Entertainment shares. There is no information about Kevin Dunn’s residence, house, and cars.

Kevin Dunn Net Worth in various currencies

Name of Currencies Value of Net worth
Bitcoin 1,582.97BTC
Ethereum 1,369,626.57 ETH
Dogecoin 524,274,840 DOGE
Litecoin 621,115.87 LTC
Indian Currency Rs 2,874,438,000

Early Life

Dennis Dunn is Kevin’s father’s name. Dennis Dunn was the Executive Producer of Intermedia Productions, a program producer and syndicator founded in 1972 by Vince McMahon, Sr., to manage all WWE production.

Kevin does not address his formative years, his mother and father, or his siblings; thus, nothing is known about that period of his life.


Kevin was born in 1962. However, the actual day and the location of his birth are unknown. The American athlete attended Towson State College, earning his bachelor’s degree.

Kevin already knew a lot about the television business because his father, Vince McMahon, hired him as an affiliate producer for all WWE home programming as soon as he finished high school, from 1984 to 1987.

Kevin traveled to Stamford, Connecticut, in 1987 to work on the new WWE TV facility worth over $10 million. He stayed there until 1989, working as a producer of all WWE programming, and was promoted to Producer of Home Television.

Kevin Dunn’s Age, Height, and Weight

Kevin was born on 17th September 1962. However, the exact date and place are unknown. Dunn is an American citizen. Kevin is 60 years old right now. Kevin’s sexual orientation is straight. Dunn’s ethnicity is white.

Kevin doesn’t reveal his face on TV, and there aren’t many images of him on the internet. But that doesn’t stop people from loathing him.

It is primarily because they blame him for what they regard as the WWE’s creative stagnancy, even though they enjoyed the program more before he joined the production. His former staff also despised him, claiming his conduct backstage was terrible.

Some people who have spoken out against Kevin include Jim Ross, one of the best WWE announcers.

Similarly, Triple H, a former Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer, and Sheamus, who won the WWE Championship after defeating John Cena in a Tables Match at TLC in 2009, also won the King of the Ring.

Kevin Dunn is most likely tall. However, his actual height has yet to be established. Kevin is presently 5 feet 10 inches tall, according to speculation. Kevin has brown eyes and short grey hair. There is no information on Kevin’s weight, body measurement, and shoe size.


  • Kevin knew a lot about the television industry because his father, Vince McMahon, employed him as an assistant producer for all domestic WWE programming.
  • Dunn began his WWE career in 1984 as an assistant producer. Later, in 1993, he was elevated to one of WWE’s executive producers, handling the programming room, both domestic and foreign.
  • Kevin began working on Saturday Night’s Main Event, a hugely successful late-night show on NBC. At the time, he had the extraordinary chance to collaborate with Dick Ebersol, president of NBC Sports.
  • Kevin came to Stamford, Connecticut, in 1987 to work at the new WWE TV studio, valued at roughly $10 million.
  • Kevin was elevated to Executive Vice President of TV Production in June 2003, and he now manages a profitable TV studio with 140 employees.
  • Kevin joined the WWE Board of Directors in 2008.

Kevin Dunn Girlfriend

Kevin does not discuss his personal life in the same way as he does not discuss his parents or his early life. It is unknown whether he is in a relationship or married; nonetheless, his profession appears to consume most of his time, and the producer is unlikely to be married.

As far as the public is aware, Dunn is unmarried and has no children. The 6 feet tall celebrity has no further family members known to the general public.

Kevin Dunn Marriage
Kevin has not married yet.
Source: Elektrobank

Dunn is also regarded as Vince McMahon’s right-hand guy, who can’t seem to agree with anything his boss says.

Some skilled men have lost their positions in WWE due to clashes with McMahon at some time in their careers, but Kevin has only risen the ranks over the years. Dunn has a strong connection between his job and Vince McMahon.

Kevin’s views are similar to Vince’s, possibly one of the reasons he works closely with McMahon. However, like former WWE head writer Alex Greenfield, many others feel Kevin isn’t good for the wrestling industry.

Kevin Dunn Teeth

Kevin fans and wrestlers have been taking a hit at his teeth, and it never gets old. However, many are surprised that he wouldn’t get the teeth fixed to look shinier and more congenial with all the millions he earns.

Similarly, the wrestler is not just in disorder; the color is not so lovely to see. Hence, today his teeth seem to be the least of his problems.

Kevin Dunn To Leave WWE

Two people in the WWE industry are most talked about or hated simultaneously. One of them is Kevin Dunn. Kevin’s father used to work with Vince in the past.

When Vince purchased WWF from Kevin’s father, he immediately hired Kevin into it, making the difference. It has been almost four decades that Kevin has served WWE, and it seems like the time has come.

Kevin has worked in every aspect, including associate producer, executive producer, global television distributor, and many more. After Stephanie McMohan took Vince’s reign, things haven’t been too good in the industry.

Kevin doesn’t agree much with what Stephanie has to say. This has created some serious differences. The former employees of WWE other than Vince are also not on good terms with Kevin.

This can create a severe hindrance to the future career of Kevin Dunn. Some sources claim Kevin will be out of the WWE within a year, which won’t surprising. Eventhough anything of assurance hasn’t come forward, Kevin might leave.

Social Media Presence

Kevin does not appear to be active on social media sites at all – there is a Twitter account for him that was founded in July 2014, but it is uncertain whether this is his actual account because it has just 160 followers and 310 tweets.

Kevin Dunn is misidentified for several different persons. There are many other successful persons called Kevin Dunn. So make sure you don’t mix up the WWE producer with any of the following: Kevin Dunn is an American actor best known for his performances in the Transformers films, an Assistant Professor at McMaster University, and a renowned musician.

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Fans may not know Kevin Dunn personally, but they are familiar with his production style. One of the things that fans hardly like about WWE is the shaky cameras and repeated cuts between wrestling moves, which is all because of Dunn.

Interesting Facts about Kevin Dunn 

  • Kevin has a net worth is $36 million as of now.
  •  He is 60 years old as of now.
  • Dunn has been a prominent member of the WWE Board of Directors since the year 2008 and has been in charge of 538 WrestleMania TV programs from 1984 to the present.
  • The wrestler is also known as the most despised man, which is detrimental to WWE.
  • Despite his company’s media-exposed leadership position, he appears to have shied away from the spotlight throughout the years. Surprisingly, despite being the WWE’s fourth highest-ranking executive, no professional photographs of Dunn are on the Internet, not even on the WWE corporate website.
  • The American athlete and Triple H’s animosity is as old as time.
  • The commentator is regarded as WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s right-hand man.
  • The celebrity frequently lurks in the background and only appears briefly on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kevin Dunn

  • How old is Kevin Dunn?

Kevin Dunn is 60 years old.

  • What is the net worth of Kevin Dunn?

The net worth of Kevin Dunn is $36 million as of 2022.

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