Erwin Bach (Tina Turner Husband) Age, Wedding, Children, Net Worth

Tina Turner is one of the most famous rock and roll singers of the generation. Her professional and personal life has been the focus. Her husband Erwin Bach is also someone who gets talked to most of the time which is the key.

People know almost everything about Tina Turner but knowing about her husband can be a problem at times. Bach is a German music producer and actor who has done commendable work in movies and TV shows.

Erwin Bach net worth
Erwin Bach net worth is $50 million.
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The love story of Tina Turner and Erwin Bach has been one to look into. Coming out of the heartbreak both of them found love in broken pieces. In this write up we will talk about Erwin Bach personal life, achievements, net worth, and many more.

Erwin Bach: Quick Facts

Full Name Erwin Bach
Net worth $50 million
Date of birth 24th January 1956
Birthplace Cologne, Germany
Age 66 years
Sun sign Cancer
Father name N/A
Mothers’ Name N/A
Height 5’8″
Weight 65 kgs
Body Measurement Not Known
Nationality German-Swiss
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession Music Producer, Actor
Partner Tina Turner
Children 2
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence N/A
Last update on September 2022

Erwin Bach Family

On 24th January 1956, Erwin Bach was born in Cologne, Germany. There is no information when we talk about his parents or his earlier background. Erwin has been focusing on keeping past information under the radar.

Erwin Bach age difference
There is 16 years gap between the couple.
Image Source: Celebrity Land

Bach had some interest in the field of music and the showbiz world right from the start. This shows the fact why the musician chose this as a career.

Age and Body Measurements

Bach who was born in 1956 is 66 years old as of now. The talented Hollywood celebrity stands at the height of 5’8″ along with body weight being 65 kgs. Erwin is someone who focuses well on how he looks.

Approaching his late 60s Bach has a keen eye on what he eats and the time spent in the gym as well. Interestingly the music producer has not been able to speak up about his body measurements which is the case.

Being born in Germany he has German nationality. Along with that he also holds the white ethnicity. Bach has dark brown hair along with eyes of the same color. As soon as something on the shoe and dress size comes up readers will be made aware.

Early life and Education

Erwin was born in Germany but the music producer went on to live his life in Switzerland. He has dual citizenship in Germany and Switzerland. Bach had a pretty timid childhood when we talk about it. No information on the siblings suggests he is the lone child in the family.

In the case of educational background, Bach was part of a local school in Germany. Along with that he also graduated from a private college in Germany whose information isn’t easy to find at the moment. Such is the secrecy of the man.


The career graph of Erwin Bach has been no less of a ride. Before entering the acting world, he was more of a record producer. Erwin was working well in Europe but his pay didn’t coincide with the hard work.

It was the bond with Tina Turner that made him famous. Bach had a massive influence on the music production field after that which changed his career as a man. He went on to work with some of the well-known stars in the musical world.

Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, The Petshop boys, Queen, and many more are the give out of the works of Erwin. To add to the list of his achievements, Bach also worked as a record label executive which made him quite famous.

After achieving a huge lot of success in the music production field, Erwin streamlined his career into the field of acting. His most recognizable work is Maldito Amar Demasiado. Other than that he has been part of his wife’s documentary project as well.

Wife Tina Turner

Tina Turner is an American-born swiss singer and actress. She was born on 26th November 1939 in the USA. Zelma Priscilla and Floyd Richard Bullock are the names of her parents. Turner wasn’t born into the most prestigious family. Meanwhile, she had to work as a cotton picker along with the family members.

Erwin Bach age
Erwin Bach age is 66 years old.
Image Source: Closer Weekly

When we talk about achievements of Tina, it has been great. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide and is one of the best record sellers in the world. Along with that, the diva has given some of the hit songs to the audience.

12 grammy awards along with eight competitive awards, three half of fame grammy awards, and a grammy lifetime achievement award is what blesses Tina. She is the superstar who can make you break a leg all the time.

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach

The relationship between Erwin Bach and Tina Turner is one of the most precious ones. Our team at TVstarsinfo has researched that both of them met during the EMI record label party in the year 1985. It was a casual meet.

However, they were very fond of each other after that. Some other sources also say that Tina and Bach met way before than the sources know they met. Tina and Erwin fell in love with each other immediately and it was love at first sight.

It was not the first relationship case for Tina Turner. She had quite a lot of failed relationships before this which was the case. Turner had two failed relationships and the arrival of Bach was something to be the best moment of her life.

When Erwin proposed to Tina in her 50’s she could hardly believe it was happening. But to make things interesting the music producer proposed to her twice. It was in the second time that Tina was ready to be the woman of his dreams.

Erwin Bach Wedding

When the proposal came to Tina Turner, she was surprised to know about it. But after quite the hassle, the lady singer was ready to walk down the aisle. This particular marriage ceremony took place on 4th July 2013.

Erwin Bach wedding
Bach married Turner in the year 2013.
Image Source: Elcolectivo

It took place in the illustrious setting of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. A very private event that had only a handful of people coming to attend it. The power couple had advised everyone to come to the wedding with the white dress on.

In total there were 120 guests. In all of that, Tina wore a gown which was designed by the Italian designer Giorgio Armani that was looking very beautiful on her. Although there are 16 years of gap between the two, both of them are living a very happy life.

Erwin Bach Children

After the marriage took place in Switzerland both of the power couples were seen going to Italy. Their honeymoon took place for a very long time. With the love being so pure, the honeymoon was meant to be lovely.

Bach also made sure everything was picture-perfect for their honeymoon. Until this point in time, Tina and Erwin both don’t have children of their own. However, Erwin has taken in children of Tina from the past relationship.

She had the first child with Craig during the first relationship. In the second relationship, she gave birth to Ronnie Turner. Ronnie came into the world in 1960. Both of the kids are accepted and taken good care of by Erwin Bach.

Net Worth

When you are well indulged in the music production field life can be beautiful. You get to meet new people and celebrities. In the case of Erwin Bach net worth, it stands at $50 million. All of this is the result of music production and acting.

When you have launched the likes of Queen, the net worth is always bound to climb up higher. In the case of Bach, he isn’t too active at the moment. This means the net worth will only rise slowly but rise it will.

Erwin Bach House

Erwin Bach is a man of luxury. He likes to live in the most illustrious settings and his purchasing ability is what we talk about. He is a non-Swiss citizen so purchasing a house and living in Switzerland can be a very tough task.

It took the couple more than 20 years to legally be able to buy mansions. When the opportunity came, Bach went on to purchase a mansion worth $76 million. It is a lakefront mansion at the base of Lake Zurich which makes it even more beautiful.

Social Media Presence

Erwin Bach isn’t someone who loves to ride in the limelight most of the time. He plays the game soft and slow. As a result of that, there are no social media accounts of the man. Everything that is available isn’t authentic.

Interesting Facts about Erwin Bach

  • There is 16 years gap between Erwin and Tina.
  • Even after being married for nine years, they don’t share any kids.
  • Erwin Bach is the third love interest of Tina Turner.
  • Bach is the producer for the TINA Tina Turner musical.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Did Tina Turner meet her current husband?

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach met at the EMI record label party that took place in 1985.

  • What does Erwin Bach do?

Erwin Bach is a record label producer in German and also an occasional actor.

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