Edward Norton Wife (Shauna Robertson), Age, Wedding, Kids, Net Worth

Shauna Robertson is the wife of Edward Harrison Norton or professionally called Edward Norton. Previously, she was a film producer based in Canada. Robertson often partnered with Judd Apatow and produced several movies.

Shauna Robertson Age
Shauna Robertson is 47 years old.
Source: Celebrity Net Worth

Shauna worked as a producer for less than ten years. However, she produced some best movies. A few of them received awards too.

Before establishing herself as a producer, Shauna worked for Mike Binder, Adam McKay, Jay Roach, and Hart Bochner. While working with all these prominent personalities, she learned a lot about directing and producing movies. This is how her journey in the film industry started.

 Shauna Robertson: Quick Facts

Full Name Shauna Robertson
Other Name Shauna Weinberg, Shauna Lyn
Date of Birth 8th December 1975
Place of Birth Markham, Ontario, Canada
Age 46 years old
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Profession Producer (1999-2008)
Height 5 feet 3 inches or 1.6 meters
Weight 58 Kg or 128lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight
Father’s Name Michael Robertson
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings Two sisters
Marital Status Married
Husband’s Name Edward Norton
Children One son
Son’s Name Atlas Norton
Net Worth $35 million
Social Media Presence N/A
Last Updated August 2022

Shauna Robertson Wiki

On 18th December 1975, the brilliant producer Shauna Robertson was born. Her birthplace is Markham, Ontario, Canada. Hence, she was raised there by her parents.

Moreover, Michael Robertson, Shauna’s father, was a hand-gliding instructor. Some sources claim him to be a minor celebrity too. On the other hand, her mother’s identity is not revealed. Though her profession is exposed, her mother was a yoga instructor.

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Further, Shauna spent her childhood at Camp Tamakwa with her two sisters and parents. The summer camp is located in Algonquin Park, Ontario. Shauna’s family details are kept hidden. So, the names of her sisters are not known.

Shauna Robertson Age and Height| How Tall is Shauna Robertson?

Shauna was born in the year 1975. Consequently, she is today 46 years old. She was born in December, which means her sun sign is Sagittarius. Moreover, Robertson has a slim body type. She weighs exactly 58 kg or 128 lbs.

Shauna Robertson Child
Edward and Shauna were spotted with their son and pet dog in the streets by the paparazzi.
Source: Daily Mail

Shauna has 5 feet and 3 inches in height. Additionally, she has alluring pair of eyes, which is blue. Shauna has naturally brown hair. Robertson has maintained her physique, which is quite attractive. The huge amount of credit goes to her workout and diet plans.

Husband Edward Norton

Edward Norton is one of the most heard names in Hollywood. He is an American filmmaker and an actor too. Edward was born on 18th August 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts, US.  However, his family moved to Columbia, Maryland. Therefore, he grew up in Maryland with his younger siblings.

The multi-talented actor was very keen on acting and cinema from a young age. He took acting lessons focusing on method acting. Edward acted and wrote scripts for numerous theatre plays at the commencement of his career.

Shirley Rich, a casting agent, found Edward in 1995. The following year he debuted in Primal Fear. Norton received praise and recognition from movie critics for his debut role. After that, he appeared in numerous movies with alternative characters.

A few of Norton’s most acclaimed movies are American History X, Birdman, Fight Club, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Illusionist, Motherless Brooklyn, etc. Moreover, he debuted as a director through the rom-com movie Keeping the Faith.

Edward Norton Net Worth

Edward Norton has been serving the acting world for a long time now. His performance as an actor and producer has been splendid to talk about. His works in American History X and Fight Club have done magnificently well.

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He is now known as the hit machine for the movies. Edward Norton’s net worth as of 2022 stands at $300 million. It is not a huge amount when you have worked for more than three decades in the acting world, one way or another.

Shauna Robertson Wedding

Shauna and Edward dated started dating in 2005. After being in love for six years, Norton proposed to her. They got engaged in 2011. The following year, in 2012, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony.

Shauna Roberson Husband
In 2012, Shauna and Edward Norton were married.
Source: Shutterstock

Hence, they are married for more than ten years and together for more than fifteen years.

Shauna Robertson Kids

In Norton and Robertson’s ten years of married life, they only gave birth to one son. He was born in 2013. The pair named him Atlas Norton. Currently, Norton is nine years old.

The couple has been very private since the beginning of their relationship. The birth of Atlas was only confirmed after two years of his delivery.

Shauna Robertson Dax Shepard 

Robertson and Shepard were rumored to be dating in 2006. According to sources, their relationship didn’t even last for a month. Dax Shepard is an American actor. He is mostly known for his role as Crosby Braverman in the NBC series Parenthood. 

Regardless, Dax is now married to Kristen Bell. He has two children with Bell.

Shauna Robertson Net Worth

Robertson is very prominent as the wife of Edward Norton. In 1996, Shauna got a minor role as Little Slut in High School High. Even after retiring, Shauna has an unbelievable net worth. As of 2022, her net worth is $35 million.

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Robertson may have invested her earnings just like her husband did. Edward Norton’s net worth is huge compared to Shauna’s. In 2022, Edward will have a spectacular net worth of $300 million. Norton is the oldest investor in Uber.


Shauna is a film producer who has been active in producing movies from 1999 to 2008. Shauna moved to Los Angeles after dropping out of high school at 16. In the beginning, she was an assistant to Mike Binder.

Shauna Robertson Net Worth
As of 2022, Shauna has a net worth of $35 million.
Source: Architectural Digest

Subsequently, she expanded her network with other filmmakers. Firstly, in 1999, she worked as an associate producer. She worked with Judd Apatow in altogether five films. In 2008, she retired from the movie industry.

She cares for her son and enjoys her spare time caring for herself. She is fond of traveling, reading, watching movies, and cycling. Moreover, the secret to her fitness is yoga.

Shauna Robertson Movies

Shauna has produced a handful of movies that acclaimed many praise and accolades. It was also found that Robertson has acted in a movie. Therefore, here is the list of the movies that Shauna has received credits in:

  • Pineapple Express
  • Mystery, Alaska
  • Knocked Up
  • Elf
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Meet the Parents
  • Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie
  • Superbad
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin
  • Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
  • Anchorman: Afternoon Delight
  • When Christmas Was Young
  • High School High

Social Media Presence

The film producer does not have accounts on any social networking sites. However, she has a lot of fan accounts. Shauna is a very exclusive person. She is not fond of exhibiting her personal life on social media.

Though her husband, Edward Norton, is active on social media.

Interesting Facts

  • Shauna loves traveling. Her favorite states in the US are Florida and Texas, while her preferred European countries are Germany and England.
  • Robertson crossed the boundary of humor and nudity farther than any man could. It can be seen in her movie Superbad.
  • Further, Shauna is an animal lover. She owns a pet dog.
  • The producer follows a healthy diet plan. She does not consume either fast food or too much sugar.
  • From her point of view, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, and Robert De Niro are the best film artists.
  • Moreover, this diva dropped out of her high school and moved to the US to pursue her career.
  • Shauna and Judd Apatow have been friends for a very long time.
  • Edward and Shauna married in 2012 at a private function.
  • Shauna’s parents were unorganized and irresponsible which made Shauna who is responsible and organized.

Shauna Robertson Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old is Shauna Robertson?

Robertson was born in 1975. So, she is 46 years old at this moment.

  • Who is Edward Norton married to?

Edward Norton was married to Shauna Robertson in 2012.

  • What is the nationality of Shauna Robertson?

The nationality of Shauna Robertson is Canadian.

  • Where is Ed Norton Now?

Norton is now in Manhattan and working on his upcoming movie Knives Out 2. He recently appeared in The French Dispatch as Chauffeur.

  • What is the net worth of Shauna Robertson?

The net worth of Shauna Robertson is $35 million.

  • Who is Shauna Robertson?

Shauna Robertson is a former film producer. Additionally, well known as the wife of Edward Norton.


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