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With Daymond John net worth increased, he is also an investor in the ABC reality television series Shark Tank. Daymond John is best known as the founder and CEO of the American apparel company ‘FUBU.’

John is an American businessman, investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker. He is the creator of The Shark Group and is located in New York City. Daymond John net worth is from entrepreneurship.

Daymond has also written four books and is a ‘New York Times best-selling author. John also co-founded a business skill-development program named ‘Next Level Success.’

Daymond John Net Worth
Daymond John net worth is $350 million
Source: Instagram

Daymond John is well known as the impeccably dressed star investor of the reality show Shark Tank. Still, his reputation and millions were first made as the co-founder and chief executive of sportswear maker FUBU which stands for “For Us By Us.”

John is now the face of American entrepreneurship, managing a multi-million-dollar empire encompassing fashion, media, philanthropy, and a monthly shaving club.

Most recently, President Obama named John “Global Ambassador of Entrepreneurship.”

Some Quick Facts 

Name Daymond Garfield John
Age 53 years old
Date of Birth February 23, 1969
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York City, U. S
School Catholic school, Bayside high school
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Sexual Orientation Straight
Occupation Businessman, investor
Known for CEO and Founder of FUBU
Net Worth $350 Million
Father’s Name Garfield John
Mother’s Name Margot John
Marital Status Married
Spouse(s) Heather Taras (m. 2018)
Children from 1st wife Yasmeen John, Destiny John
Children from 2nd wife Minka Jagger
Zodiac Pisces
Height 5’7″ inches
Weight 72 kg
Eye color Black
Hair Color Bald
Body Measurement N/A
Updated August 2022

Daymond John Net Worth

Daymond John is an American businessman, investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker. He has worked hard to reach this success.

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John’s net worth will continue to increase, his net worth is incredible, and one of the biggest reasons is his business FUBU. Daymond John net worth is $350 million as of 2022.

In 1992, John began creating hats in his mother’s Queens basement to sell at concerts and local festivals. John enlisted the help of his boyhood mates, Alexander Martin, Carl Brown, and Keith Perrin, and they began making tie-top hats. 

John established FUBU at his mother’s house, taking out a $100,000 mortgage. The line was expanded to include embroidered FUBU hockey jerseys, t-shirts, and baseball hats.

With the help of John’s pal, entertainer LL Cool J, FUBU became one of the top urban apparel companies, defining fashion trends for young African Americans. 

FUBU’s appeal went beyond the city limits to suburban malls in the Midwest and Russian Internet sites, establishing it as a truly international force.

In 2000, John extended his commercial empire by launching FUBU Sportswear, which sponsored Nienhouse Motorsports for the 1999 Indianapolis 500.

Daymond John Earnings

FUBU began clothing the Harlem Globetrotters in 2002. John also developed as a website to target the underserved internet market of African Americans.

Between 2001 and 2007, Daymond Garfield John worked closely with the Kardashian family on the show “keeping up with The Kardashians” His role was product placement. 

It was a challenging task as the show was new, and no brands wanted to be associated with it. This helped John with entrepreneurial insights that helped him grow his brand. John was sometimes forced to pay for his brand FUBU to be featured on the show.

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Daymond John joined “Shark Tank” in 2009. Investor John has previously invested in several projects. As of May 12, 2017, John had invested $8,567,000 of his money in Shark Tank startups. 

By 2015, Daymond’s favorite investments were Al “Bubba” Baker’s boneless ribs and Bombas Socks. In season 6 of Shark Tank, John invested in Sun-Staches, grossing over $4.2 million in sales.

Early Life

Daymond John is 53 years old, born on February 23, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York. John’s father’s name is Garfield John, and his mother is Margot John.

John finished his education at catholic school and Bayside high school. But there is no information about his further education.

Daymond grew up in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens and attended Catholic school for seven years. Investor John began working at the age of 10.

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A single mother raised Daymond; his parents divorced when he was 10. He started working and managed his studies simultaneously. John had dyslexia and was not able to focus on too many subjects.

The founder and CEO of the clothing label FUBU were born in New York to Caribbean parents. Growing up in Queens, John’s entrepreneurial talents were exhibited early.

He sold everything from pencils to reconditioned cars. John began his career in the garment business as a waiter at Red Lobster.

Daymond John Age, Height, Body Measurement

Daymond John is 53 years old. John is a businessman and mostly wears suits because it’s cultural. John stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 72 kg.

Daymond John height
Daymond John is 5 feet 7 inches tall
Source: Instagram

Daymond has tattoos on his body, and he is bald. Similarly, Daymond John has black eyes and is bald.


  • In 1992, John stitched hats and sold them for $10 apiece on the corner of Jamaica Avenue, earning $800 in a single day.
  • To obtain startup funding, John and his mother mortgaged their home for $100,000. The FUBU logo was sewn into hockey jerseys, sweatshirts, and T-shirts.
  • They rented out roughly ten hockey jerseys to rappers for music videos and received commercial placements in about 30 videos for two years. Because they were seen as a significant apparel brand, numerous businesses and retailers began seeking their brands.
  • John received $300,000 in orders and an offer to participate in Macy’s at a Las Vegas fashion trade show, MAGIC.
  • John joined Shark Tank in 2009. As of May 12, 2017, John had invested $8,567,000 of his money in Shark Tank startups. By 2015, his favorite investments were Al “Bubba” Baker’s boneless ribs and Bombas Socks.
  • In Season 5 of Shark Tank, John invested in Bubba’s -Q Boneless Ribs and has helped the firm expand from $154,000 in sales to $16 million in three years.
  • John developed and led The Shark Group, a brand management and consulting firm. The Shark Group is based in Manhattan, New York.
  • John collaborates with companies and celebrities to develop new income sources and brand expansions. Pitbull and the Miss Universe Organization are among his clientele.
  • John also serves as a brand ambassador for the e-commerce platform Shopify.
  • John co-founded Daymond John’s Success Formula in 2015, a program that teaches company owners and entrepreneurs how to establish and develop their enterprises.
  • Daymond John’s Success Formula was renamed “Next Level Success” in September 2019.


  • Entrepreneur Daymond John has received a lot of awards, some of which are as listed;
  • Brandweek Marketer of the Year
  • The NAACP Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • The Advertising Age Marketing 1000 Awards for Outstanding Ad Campaigns
  • The Essence Award
  • Crain’s New York Business Forty Under Forty Award
  • Ernst and Young’s NY Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Congressional Achievement Award
  • In 2015, President Obama appointed John as an ambassador to promote underserved entrepreneurs.

Who Is The Wife of Daymond John?

Daymond John is married to Heather Taras. The couple got married in 2018. Heather is also a well-known entrepreneur. Moreover, the couple together has led to a very happy and successful marriage.

Together they have a daughter named Minka Jagger. Heather is the second wife of Daymond John. Daymond’s first wife’s name is not disclosed yet. 

Daymond John Wife
Daymond John’s wife is Heather Taras
Source: Instagram

However, he has two daughters from his first wife, Yasmeen and Destiny John. Daymond claimed that his wife left him because he put his job ahead of his family. He stated, 

“My wife saw me on TV more than she saw in person because I was in commercials all the time, and other than that, I was hanging out.

The couple divorced. Previously, Daymond was not permitted to meet his daughters. They did, however, finally agree. Throughout everything, Daymond told his ex-wife that he would utilize his success to help others.

Daymond John Lost 57 People to Covid-19

When the world was in turmoil, the Shark Tank star lost a handful of people from his group. In 2021, he got vaccinated after he tested positive for the virus.

He also elaborated on e fact that he would not know if he had been infected with the virus if he did not realize that he would not taste things.

While battling the virus, the star also revealed that it was not difficult for him to tackle the problem, unlike his companions.

Surprisingly due to the virus, John lost approximately 57 people, and eight of them were his personal associates. Soon after this, he started urging people to get vaccinated.

Social Media Presence

John is a motivational speaker and an influencer. Daymond has a lot of followers who follow his business formula. John never fails to amaze his fans with his work.

Daymond is a motivational speaker; he motivates young entrepreneurs with his ideas and tips through social media.

Instagram1.3m followers

Twitter697.7k followers

Interesting Facts

  • FUBU’s CEO and founder are Daymond.
  • Daymond John has dyslexia.
  • LL Cool J and Samsung both played important roles in FUBU’s success.
  • Under the Obama administration, John was appointed as a presidential ambassador for global entrepreneurship.
  • John has two New York Times best-selling novels.
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Think and Grow Rich are his favorite books.
  • His first job was handing out flyers for $2 an hour.
  •  In April 2017, he was diagnosed with stage II thyroid cancer and underwent surgery to remove the cancerous nodule. 
  • Once upon a time, John used to wait tables at Red Lobster.
  • This businessman was once featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of African-Ameican History and Culture. 
  • Daymond John’s Success Formula rebranded to Next Level Success in September 2019.

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