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This famous personality is involved in doing various good deeds to uplift society and the upcoming generation. Big Sean net worth is being perfectly utilized.

big sean net worth
Big Sean net worth stands at $26 million.
Image Source: Billboard

From a boy struggling to live to a man continuously working to make other life easy. He has come very far. This is why he has such loyal fans and is loved by them very much.

Today, in this article, we will discuss Big Sean net worth covering all his assets. Let’s dive into the article.

Quick facts: Big Sean

Full Name Sean Michael Leonard Anderson
Net worth $26 million
Date of birth 25th March 1988
Birthplace Santa Monica, California, USA
Age 34 years old
Sun sign Aries
Father name James Anderson
Mothers’ Name Myra Anderson
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 70 Kg
Body Measurement 38-28-35
Nationality American
Ethnicity Multi-racial
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Professional Rapper
Girlfriend Jhene Aiko
Children 1
Marital Status Unmarried
Social Media Presence Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube
Last update on January 2023

Big Sean Net Worth

A boy who loves to do rap battles to a boy who is known to the world, doing the things he loves the most. This American gentleman has come very far.

He started his singing journey in 2007 and is still doing it without a break. Big Sean’s net worth will touch the $100 million bar if he goes like this every year.

big sean house
Big Sean reside in Los Angeles.
Image Source: Wikipedia

So what is Big Sean net worth as of 2023? Answering that Big Sean net worth stands at $26 million. This is quite an achievement for him.

Having this much net worth has made Big Sean purchase pretty expensive items, including houses and cars.

Big Sean House | Where does Big Sean live?

Big Sean has bought numerous houses till now but only lived for a short time in any of the houses. Previously, he resided in an $11 million house in Los Angeles.

This famous rapper bought an $8.1 million house in the same city where he used to reside.

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The house contained a lot of exclusive things to do, along with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The house is built on 10,000 square feet of land.

This house has a French Normandy-style structure; the style attracted Big Sean, who has lived there for a long time.

Big Sean Cars

Big Sean is a huge fan of cars. He has numerous cars on hold in his garage. This famous rapper likes to show off his car collection very much.

From Big Sean net worth, around $2 million has been spent on buying such a luxurious car. If we list all the cars he has are;

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Phantom Drophead
  • Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Ferrari 360 Modena
  • Ferrari F430
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Mercedes-Maybach
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Chevrolet Corvette

Big Sean Business Venture

If you look into Sean’s investments, you will find him doing good deeds to uplift the new upcoming generation.

Sean recently announced holding off an entrepreneur competition, and the winner will be helped with the financial side to bring up their idea to the world.

Highest-Earning Music of Big Sean

Big Sean’s primary source of income from selling copies of his track. He has dropped numerous top music and will continue for a while.

big sean height
Big Sean stands at 5 feet 8 inches.
Image Source: Us Weekly

Therefore, the music sung or rapped by this artist has been appreciated by many. Not only that, but there is always a massive crowd hooting for him while doing the concert.

The top music which made Big Sean net worth go crazy, as well as his popularity, is below;

  • Feels
  • Wolves
  • I Don’t Fuck With You
  • I Know
  • Beware
  • Bounce Back
  • Easy Lover
  • Champions
  • Clique
  • Jump Out The Window

Charity Works

Sean is very determined with charity work. This is why he has his foundation Sean Anderson Foundation whose sole purpose is to uplift the academic and wellness of youth.

This foundation has helped hundreds of thousands of youth and is continuously working day and night.

Being a non-profit organization takes work to maintain. However, Big Sean is doing it with ease. Also, this foundation has donated thousands of dollars to another foundation.


Big Sean net worth has a good impact on selling merch as well. He has been selling merch for a very long time.

You can find various items on the websites, items as caps, t-shirts, music CDs, and many more.

The website you can buy items to support Sean is This is the official website of Sean merch.

Who Is Big Sean’s Wife?

Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo aka Jhene Aiko is the wife of Big Sean. She is a well-known personality throughout the world.

However, she rose more in popularity after Jhene became into a relationship with Big Sean. This famous personality is a singer; she is seen chiefly singing genre R&B.

big sean girlfriend
Big Sean girlfriend name is Jhene Aiko.
Image Source: People

This famous singer was born on 16th March 1988 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She spent her childhood observing the beauty of Los Angeles.

Jhene’s musical career started way back in 2000. She gave her voice to a song from the band B2K. Since then, she has never stopped and has been under contract with several bands and brands.

After several years of singing, Jhene Aiko’s net worth stands at $6 million. This was a massive achievement for her as it was Jhene’s dream to be a great singer.

Big Sean Instagram

Big Sean seems loved by his fans. The music he delivers to the fans is surprisingly unique; this is why he has a massive fan following.

Sean is mainly followed on Instagram, making 15.8m followers on the account. If we sum up all the followers and subscribers he owns, it crosses 40 million.

Instagram: 15.8m followers

Twitter: 14.1m followers

Facebook: 7.9m followers

Youtube: 4.27 subscribers

Interesting Facts about Big Sean

  • On 28th June 2011, Big Sean released his first album, Finally Famous. This album includes songs like My Last, Marvin & Chardonnay, and Dance.
  • Sean has dated celebrities Jhene Aiko, Ariana Grande, Naya Rivera, and many more.
  • After working continuously for years, Big Sean net worth has reached $26 million.
  • Recently in November 2022, Bug Sean and Jhene Aiko were blessed with a child.

Frequently Asked Questions about Big Sean

Where does Big Sean net worth stand?

After several years of hardship, Big Sean net worth stands at $26 million.

Is Big Sean and Jhene Aiko still together?

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko have been dating since 2016; they are still together and recently were blessed with a beautiful child.

Who did Big Sean use to date?

Big Sean has dated many famous personalities, but before dating Jhene Aiko. He had been dating Lil Mama though she is considered his rumored girlfriend.

How long did Big Sean and Ariana date?

Big Sean started dating way back in August 2014; however, their relationship didn’t last long. In April 2015, they broke up with each other.

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