Life Below Zero Agnes Hailstone Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Net Worth

Have you imagined life below zero degrees Celsius? Well, people like Agnes Hailstone lives life with a smile on their face. Agnes came into the limelight for her dedication and also her mental strength.

agnes hailstone age
Agnes Hailstone is 51 years old.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

Hailstone, as the name suggests, is better known as the TV personality, hunter and brave woman. A lot of people have accolades for her. Today we will only try and add a bit more about Agnes Hailstone.

Agnes Hailstone: Quick Facts

Full Name Agnes Hailstone
Net worth $100k
Date of birth 14th June, 1972
Birthplace Alaska, USA
Age 51 years
Sun sign Gemini
Religion Christianity
Mothers’ Name Unknown
Height 5 ft 3 inches
Weight 55 kgs
Body Measurement 36-27-34
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown
Profession TV personality
Partner Chip Hailstone
Children 7
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence None
Last update on January 2023

Who is Agnes Hailstone?

Agnes Hailstone is an American TV superstar, hunter, actor, businesswoman, and also media personality. She is famous for her work in Life Below Zero.

Who are Agnes Hailstone Parents?

On the fine morning of 14th June 1972, Agnes Hailstone was born in Alaska. Interestingly she was born on the day, the hurricane hit the state. So she has been named after it.

agnes hailstone net worth
Agnes owns a net worth of $100k.
Image Source: Biography Mask

Agnes has not talked about her parents at all. Not only that any data on the siblings are also hard to find. The grit and determination in Agnes do come from her parents.

Age and Body Measurements

Agnes as of 2023 is 51 years old. Although the age is in the 50’s there is hardly any weak bone in her body. The survivor stands at a height of 5 ft 3 inches with body weight being 55 kg.

Regular struggles in life along with the hardships have made her fit physically. She has never failed to talk about her body measurements. They are 36-27-34 inches.

Agnes has the most pleasant smile along with the tattoo on her chin which made her famous immediately. In like manner, she has dark brown hair along with eyes of black color.

Agnes Hailstone Ethnicity and Religion

The TV star, Hailstone was born in the USA which makes her an American citizen. Her parents were hunters who moved from place to place.

The ethnicity of Agnes is mixed. Along with that Agnes is a Christian and follows Christianity to her core. Being born in June her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Early Life and Education

Hailstone was born in a tough family background. From a very young age, she was taught the skills of hunting and also setting traps.

Both her parents were hunters and she was trained well to survive in the tough conditions. Meanwhile, she was homeschooled as a kid. Sources claim that Agnes didn’t graduate in her education paradigm.

Agnes Hailstone in Life Below Zero

A braveheart woman, Agnes  has a rifle and a knife which are used in killing and setting traps. The rifle is a five-shot bolt action, an internal magazine called Mosin Nagant 3 line rifle M 1819.

With the talent and dedication to win tough situations, she was cast for the Life Below Zero series on 19th May 2013. Since then she is the heart and soul of the show.

The show revolves around the people living in the Alaska region who are hunters and earn their livelihood through it. Agnes made good money through the show.

Other main characters in the show include Andy Bassich, Chip Hailstone, Sue Aikens, etc. There have been 12 seasons of the show and the performance has been praiseworthy.

Agnes Hailstone First Husband

The love story of Hailstone has always been the prime focus for fans. This hardworking lady has been married twice which isn’t a surprise.

Agnes Hailstone first husband is surname by Carter. Interestingly there has been no proper name for the man. What’s important to notice is that she was married for the first time at the age of 19.

At the age of 21, things didn’t go too right for the couple. It was key that their relationship would come to a halt. To the sadness of many, they divorced.

Agnes Hailstone Second Husband

The second husband has been the rigid force when we talk about the love life of Agnes Hailstone. She has been blessed to have the hand of Chip Hailstone.

agnes hailstone husband
Agnes Hailstone with Chip.
Image Source: Pinterest

Both Chip and Agnes work together in the show, Life Below Zero. One of the interesting facts is that she met Chip Hailstone before being married to her first husband.

The wedding of Chip and Agnes came in the year 1998. It has been more than 24 years and the love birds have been together with so much love. There have hardly been any issues in the relationship.

Agnes Hailstone Kids

From the multiple marriages to this point in time, Agnes has been blessed with plenty of kids. Talking about it, she has two kids from her first husband.

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Douglas Doug Carter and Jon Hailstone is the name of the two kids from their first marriage. Getting married to Chip has blessed her with five kids more.

Iriqtaq, Quintan, Caroline, Mary, and Tinmiaq are the name of her five kids from the second marriage, Agnes’ kids are all good in academics and also sports.

Agnes Hailstone Grandchildren

It is a funny yet crucial thing to notice that kids in Hailstone family marry at an early age. At the tender age of 21, Agnes’ daughter Iriqtaq has kid.

Iriqtaq is currently studying at the college and has given birth to a son named Wade. Wade was born in 2016 and has added compassion in the family.

What is Agnes Hailstone Net Worth?

The fame of Agnes Hailstone is truly due to the work she has done in Life Below Zero. The exploits of the diva on the show is complimentary.

As of 2023, Agnes Hailstone net worth stands at $100k. This is the result of the show. Along with that she also makes products like knives, hunting instruments, etc which earns her some extra bucks.

Agnes has lived a very simple life of hunting, killing, and trapping. She is not close to the assets and luxuries so there is no data on the assets like houses, cars, and investments.

Agnes Hailstone Jewelry

A lot of the keen fans were interested to know whether Agnes Hailstone jewelry is available or not. Talking about it both Chip and Agnes are known to sell jewelry.

agnes hailstone granddaughter
Agnes Hailstone with her daughter and granddaughter.
Image Source: Anchorage Daily News

It is made from native Alaskan art and has a touch of history in it. The build and also the quality determines the primitive people who live below zero.

Agnes Hailstone Instagram

When you talk about the life of Agnes, she lives close to nature and far from the luxuries of life. Be it the mobile phones or social media, it is very hard to find Agnes. There is no official account of Agnes now.

Interesting Facts about Agnes Hailstone

  • Agnes’ husband Chip Hailstone was prisoned for three years due to false harassment claims.
  • Life Below Zero has been criticized most of the time due to the luxuries it has.
  • Hailstone is an avid book reader. Her favorite genres include drama, crime thrillers, history, etc.
  • She has a custom-made knife both for hunting and household work.


Are Chip and Agnes Hailstone still married?

Chip and Agnes have been married since 1998 and they are still together.

What is Agnes Hailstone’s net worth?

As of 2023, Agnes Hailstone net worth is $100k.

What kind of rifle does Agnes Hailstone use?

The rifle used by Agnes is called a Mosin.

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